The Emotions of Chemistry

Note: I have only seen a few episodes of Medical Investigation, so I may go out character on the stars of this show. But this is my play that I have come up with involving the NIH team.

Summary: This scene comes in six months after the end of the first series. The team are called to an island just off the coast of Florida, where a few people are dropping like flies. (Something slowly making the people too weak to even stand or lift a finger) This involves the team trying to solve what started the outbreak and getting emotional involve in the solution too.

Scene One

Nat: The sun was just starting to go down on the beach where there was a group of young adults gathered together near the shoreline.

Mary: Hey joey!

(Joey turns his head towards Mary)

Mary: Now is your chance.

(Joey looked towards to girl next to him then back to Mary)

Joey: What are you on about?

Wayne: Come on man, you know very well what she means.

(Wayne turns Mary's head around to face him and kissed her)

Annie: Mary will you explain yourself.

(Mary turns her head back to Annie and Joey)

Mary: Don't you play all innocent either.

Wayne: You're both as bad as each other.

Joey: Come on Annie, let's go for a walk and leave these two lovebirds to their own minds.

Annie: Yes I'd like that.

Wayne: Anything to avoid the main point here.

(Joey stands up and helps Annie up)

Joey: No, I just could do with stretching my legs, they have gone all stiff.

Wayne: Whatever man! You don't know what you're missing.

(Wayne lied back on the sand and pulled Mary down with him as they started making out)

Joey: Those two get worse.

(Both of them walked alone the shoreline)

Annie: Their in love!

Joey: It's more like lust to me.

Annie: I love to have their sort of love; someone to devote over me.

(Annie stood still and turned around when she realised Joey was following her and saw Joey looking down at his hand which was down at his side, Annie walked back over to him)

Annie: What's wrong Joey?

Joey: My arm!

(Annie looked down at his arm)

Annie: What's wrong with it?

Joey: I can't feel it.

Annie: What do you mean? Of course you can.

(Joey looked up at Annie)

Joey: Believe me Annie, I can't.

(Annie saw Joey's arm starting to shake)

Annie: What's wrong with your arm?

(Joey fall down to his knees and started screaming)

Annie: Joey!

(Next minute Annie heard Mary screaming too and turned back to Mary and Wayne and saw Mary saddling Wayne's hips and slowly falls to the sand with Wayne holding Mary's arm)

Wayne: Help me! SOMEONE HELP ME!

(Annie went down on her knees beside Joey as Joey fall against her)

End of Scene One

Note: At this point the beginning credits would role and introduce the NIH team.