Emotions of Chemistry

Scene Twenty Five

Nat: Stephen made is way to the college where Frank was waiting for him in Annie and Mary's room.

Stephen: Found anything new?

Frank: Yes I found this in Joey's room.

(Frank handed Stephen a piece of paper)

Stephen: A wage slip!

(Stephen continued to look at the wage slip)

Frank: He worked for pizza hut!

(Stephen looked at Frank)

Stephen: I wonder if the two girls ordered from the same place.

Frank: You could be right there.

(Frank handed Stephen a leaflet)

Frank: This is was in Mary's drawer!

(Stephen looked at the leaflet)

Stephen: A menu for pizza hut!

(Stephen took out his phone)

Frank: The blame always keeps going to either Joey or Wayne.

(Stephen grinned up at Frank as put the phone to his ear)

Stephen: Eva, find out if Joey was working at pizza hut the day Mary and Joey was first brought in.

Eva: Get right on it!

(Stephen put his phone away and looked at Frank)

Stephen: This still doesn't explain how Annie got poisoned.

Frank: And the smell that was in the bathroom!

(Stephen walked towards the bathroom)

Stephen: I don't think the small had anything to do with poison.

(Frank looked at Stephen)

Frank: What are you thinking?

(Stephen turned around to face Frank)

Stephen: Either Annie was lying to us, which I don't think she was. So either Mary smokes without Annie knowing or someone else they invite in here.

Frank: Wayne or Joey!

Stephen: Or someone else altogether!

(Stephen walks back into the bedroom area)

Stephen: Anyway let's concentrate on what we do have.

(Stephen looked at one of the beds)

Stephen: Annie and Mary both ordered pizza.

Annie: Mmm smells lovely

Mary: Yes I love the smell of pizza.

Annie: Me too.

(Annie took a bit of her pizza)

Stephen: Annie didn't like her pizza this time, but Mary liked her pizza.

Annie: Something doesn't taste right.

Mary: What do you mean?

Annie: They must have got my order wrong.

(Mary takes a slow bit of her pizza)

Mary: mmm, my taste's lovely.

Stephen: Mary was the first to be poisoned though!

(Stephen's phone rang and Stephen answered it)

Eva: Joey was working for pizza hut that evening.

Stephen: Did he deliver to Mary and Annie's room?

Eva: Yes he must have done!

Stephen: No time for guessing Eva, I need the facts!

Eva: Well put it this way; Joey worked that night cooking and delivering the pizzas.

Stephen: mmm, interesting!

Eva: He also wasn't alone; Wayne was working with him too.

(Stephen turned to look at Frank)

Stephen: Why I'm I not surprised?

Eva: Maybe they were both in on it.

Stephen: Maybe… thanks Eva!

(Stephen puts his phone away)

Stephen: Joey and Wayne both worked that night cooking and delivering the pizzas.

Frank: Maybe our answer is there!

Stephen: You could be right.

Frank: I'll get right over there.

(Stephen looked around the room)

Stephen: No health scares; unless you found something, but consulate with me first.

Frank: Got it!

(Frank starts to walk out the room)

Stephen: What's this?

(Frank turned back to face Stephen)

Frank: what's what?

(Stephen walked over to Marys bed and kneeled down by her bed)

Stephen: Pass me a tube!

(Stephen took a pair of gloves out of his pocket and Frank walked over to his case)

Frank: What have you found?

(Frank passed Stephen a tube as he put his gloves on)

Stephen: I'm not too sure.

(Stephen shoved some powder off the carpet and into the tube)

Frank: Do you think that could be the drug, or the so called drug should I say?

(Stephen stood back up)

Stephen: Could be…. I'll take this back to the lab, you go on to pizza hut.

Frank: Mmm, I could just do with a good pizza!

(Stephen glared back at Frank)

Frank: Never mind!

(Frank starts to walk out again)

Stephen: Just don't get yourself poisoned as well.

(Frank glared back at Stephen who was smiling at him)

Frank: I'll try not to.

(Frank smiled back at Stephen)

End of Scene Twenty Five

Note: Always something new pops up in this series and keep you guessing to the end. (Well that's exactly what I'm trying to do too) You know what to if you want the next scene.