Emotions of Chemistry

Scene Twenty Six

Nat: Frank shuts his case up and starts to walk out of Annie and Mary's room. Stephen turns to look back at the floor by the bed.

Stephen: Hold on a moment!

(Frank turned back to face Stephen who was now kneeling on the floor)

Stephen: Looks like we have a secret compartment down here.

(Frank walked back over to Stephen and placed his case back down again)

Frank: There's always something important in secret compartments.

(Stephen was leaning forward and reaching his arm between the bed and the bedside cabinet and pulled out a small draw)

Stephen: What do we have here then?

(Stephen held up a photo of Mary and some other girl about her age but the face was all scribed over)

Frank: That looks like one of the girls.

Stephen: Yes Mary.

Frank: Who could be the girl next to her?

Stephen: I could be wrong, but it looks like Annie.

Frank: Their not as close as though they were then.

Stephen: Could Mary have done this or someone else?

Frank: Well that seems to be Mary's bed.

Stephen: Yes I guess it is, what with a photo of Wayne on her bedside cabinet.

Frank: Could someone else of known it was there?

Stephen: I take you mean Wayne.

(Frank nods his head as Stephen put's the draw back without the photo)

Stephen: I do know that Wayne was trying to convince me that Annie was behind all this.

(Stephen stood back up again)

Frank: There is no evidence that Annie was behind all this, now Wayne on the other hand…

Stephen: ….Yes I know, almost everything seems to lead back to him.

Frank: Except it is Joey chemistry set.

Stephen: And Joey was very jealous of Mary and Wayne; he wanted that with Annie. The only thing that doesn't make sense is where do Wayne's parents come into this?

Frank: If Wayne is behind this, why would he want to hurt Mary?

Stephen: No idea! I better get that thing back to the lab.

Frank: I'll check out Pizza Hut and if there is no luck there, the answer to solving this must be here.

Stephen: Try talking to some of the other students around here.

Frank: That's just what I was thinking.

Stephen: Keep me informed of anything new. I'm going to see how Natalie and Eva are getting on.

(Frank took a step closer to Stephen)

Frank: You're a very lucky man!

(Stephen looks confused)

Stephen: What are you going on about?

(Frank smiles at Stephen)

Frank: You may be able to fool everyone else, but I've known you a lot longer.

Stephen: What are you getting at?

Frank: Natalie!

Stephen: What about Natalie?

Frank: That you have had a soft spot for Natalie for years now.

Stephen: Not you as well.

(Stephen glares back at Frank who made him drop his smile)

Stephen: Look, just get on with your work and keep your nose out.

(Stephen turned his back on Frank and started to walk towards the door)

Frank: Hey, I'm not you enemy here!

(Stephen stood in the doorway with back still facing Frank)

Stephen: No you're part of my team, so get on with what you're paid to do.

Frank: I'm more than just a part of your team. I'm your friend!

(Stephen slowly turns back to face Frank)

Stephen: I know you are.

(Stephen walks back over to Frank)

Stephen: I'm just not ready to speak about Natalie yet.

Frank: Well you know where I am if you do.

(Stephen slowly nodded his head and placed his hand on Frank's shoulder)

Stephen: Well I best get back.

(Frank nodded his head back at Stephen as he turned around and heading back towards the door)

Frank: Stephen!

(Stephen turned back around to face Frank)

Frank: Don't forget the powder evidence.

(Frank held out the bag with the powder they got off the floor)

Stephen: Of course.

(Stephen walked back over to frank)

Stephen: There is just so much my brain can remember.

(Frank smiled at Stephen and passed him the bag)

Frank: That's what love does to you.

(Stephen glared back at Frank)

Stephen: If you say so.

(Stephen's lips turned into a smile)

Frank: I had it when I first met Alisha.

(Stephen starts to laugh)

Stephen: Yes I remember.

(Stephen stopped laughing)

Stephen: No time for that. Come on work to be done, people's lives to save.

(Frank picked up his case)

Frank: Nothing new there then.

(Stephen grinned at Frank as they both started to walk out the room)

Stephen: You love it though.

End of Scene Twenty Six

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