Emotions of Chemistry

Scene Twenty Seven

Nat: Stephen makes his way back to the hospital and on passing through reception he made his way into intensive care.

Stephen: How are things going?

(Miles looked up from Annie's bed)

Miles: Very quiet at the moment.

(Stephen walked over to Annie's bed)

Stephen: That's good I suppose!

(Stephen picked up Annie's chart from the bottom of her bed)

Stephen: I see Annie hasn't woken up yet.

(Miles joins Stephen at the bottom of the bed)

Miles: No she hasn't, but she has had some breathing problems in her sleep.

(Stephen looked up at Miles)

Stephen: Why haven't you reported it on her file?

Miles: I was just about to when….!

(Annie breathing starts to sound hasty and Stephen and Miles both turn to face her)

Miles: … It has only just started.

(Stephen handed the clipboard to Miles and walks to the other end of the bed)

Miles: And it seems to be every couple of minutes, then this seems to last for about….

(Annie's breathing starts going back to normal)

Miles: … A minute!

(Stephen lifts his head and looks up at Annie's breathing monitor)

Stephen: Have you tried turning up her breathing mask?

Miles: Has I said it had only just started before you came in.

(Stephen looked at Miles)

Stephen: Well that's one of the first things you should have thought of start away.

(Miles just stared back Stephen)

Stephen: Well….. Step to it!

(Miles nodded his head and rushed over to the breathing monitor and started turning it up)

Stephen: Slowly now!

(They both look down at Annie's face)

Miles: Itseems to be helping.

(Miles walks back to the bottom of the bed and started writing on the clipboard as Stephen started checking Annie's breathing mask)

Stephen: If this starts up again, you must inform me start away.

Miles: will!

(Miles puts the clipboard back down and Stephen walks back over to him)

Stephen: How about the other patients?

Miles: Well Mary hasn't woken either but Wayne has woken once or twice and just keeps staring at Annie.

Stephen: Does he now?

(Stephen looked over at Wayne who was indeed looking at Annie but then he slowly closed his eyes)

Stephen: There seems to be a lot of hatred coming from him towards Annie.

Miles: I wonder what Annie did to cause that.

Stephen: I assume it as something to do with Mary.

(Stephen looks over at Mary)

Miles: Do you know something new?

Stephen: Just a few things Frank and I saw, but still nothing official yet.

Miles: The only thing that seems odd to me is….

(Stephen looks back at Miles)

Miles: ….Wayne's parents.

(Stephen slowly looks over at Wayne's parents)

Stephen: I know what you mean.

Miles: Not sound from them, they have shown no illness, not like these other three.

Stephen: And they were admitted after Joey and Mary.

Miles: Where do you think these two fit into this story?

Stephen: The only thing I can work out is they weren't given as much as the other three or maybe they were the first to get this.

Miles: If they were the first, wouldn't they be…. With joey I mean.

Stephen: Maybe….. Or maybe not!

Miles: You must be on to something.

(Stephen turns back to face Miles)

Stephen: I'm not too sure myself.

(Miles continued to look at Stephen as if waiting for him to continue)

Stephen: I need to think about this some more.

(Stephen looked back at Annie)

Stephen: Let me now if her breathing gets like that again.

(Miles nodded his head as Stephen walked past him)

Miles: Do you think that maybe….

(Stephen turns around to face Miles's back)

Miles: …. Since Wayne's parents are not as bad as the other is because they were given this poison first. As Wayne said maybe it was just to get revenge on them.

(Miles turns around to face Stephen)

Miles: Maybe Annie did recommend what her brother did and Wayne used that on his parent.

(Stephen starts to look a little annoyed)

Miles: Maybe Wayne wasn't lying and well the rest they….. Well they just…..

Stephen: …Get to the point Miles!

Miles: Let's just say the chemistry set went wrong after that, maybe they ran out ingredients or just decided to add different things to this poison; you know what students are like!

Stephen: There just might be some prove in what you say.

Miles: Maybe the rest of the revenge went wrong, and they all wanted to get back at each other, so somehow they got poisoned in the end.

Stephen: Don't get carried away Miles, you were on to something, but from what I've seen that ending seems a bit far-fetched.

Miles: Well that's from only seeing and hearing from this side.

(Miles turns back to face the patients)

Stephen: Well…

(Stephen walked back to Miles and placed a hand on his shoulder)

Stephen: ….. Very good work, you have done a good job, and that's without seeing things from the outside.

(Miles turns back to face Stephen who has a small smile on his face)

Stephen: but none of us know if this really is true or not, and you know in how line of work we have to go on facts.

Miles: Just thought it might help.

Stephen: Well you won't hurt if you do your own digging from this side; maybe you might just get some truth out of this lot.

(Miles smiles back at Stephen)

Miles: I'll see what I can come up with.

(Stephen nodded his head at Miles and turns to walk away)

Stephen: Just remember their still patients and you're their doctor!

(Stephen walked out of Intensive Care)

End of Scene Twenty Seven

Note: Hope you enjoyed that scene with Stephen and Miles; with Miles doing his part of the investigation too. (Could he be right or not?) Reviews are welcomed!

Note: This scene was dedicated to Sandysea17: who wanted more of Miles so I involved this scene around him. (I hope you enjoyed Miles giving his point to Stephen)