It Was Always You

I heard his voice travel down the hallway.

"Cassie Bell."

I'd turn, hoping that it was actually him, he was actually talking to me. No such luck. He hadn't talked to me since the 'ceremony', and I couldn't blame him. He was avoiding me like the plague: I'd come towards him and he'd run in the opposite direction. Inside I'd moan, but on the outside, I wouldn't care. I had Ranjit. Isabella had Jake. Life was almost perfect.

Yet I couldn't get him out of my head.

Estelle knew that too, and she'd drive me crazy when she got the chance. I never knew old people could be so annoying!

Maybe, if I thought about him often enough, I'd see him at the end of my bed at night, hear his voice.

"Cassie Bell."

I knew it wasn't him, of course it wasn't, but I still hoped. I still hoped that maybe, maybe he'd talk to me, strike up that effortless charm, give me that winning smile, or a wink.

Stupid, stupid Cassie

If only he knew how I was thinking about him, during lessons when I should have been concentrating, in my bed at night, when I was sneaking around the hallways.

If only he knew.

If only I'd told him sooner.

Maybe it was for the best he'd stopped talking to me. Maybe it was a sign that I should just give up and be happy with what I've got. Maybe. . .

Stupid, stupid Cassie.

It was always him. It had to be. There was nobody else like him.

It was always you, Richard.