So the last time I was in Halloweentown I was 14 years old and dating a Troll called Luke, here's what happened since then, Mom decided she couldn't do it and demanded me back home, and she also said I could bring Grandma for Marnie's training, when I found out I had to leave Luke I was devastated, but in all honesty we spent every moment until then together, also I gave him my pumpkin necklace as a promise to return one day, I checked and he hasn't taken it off since, and while were on that note my appearance spell wore off when I left, apparently said witch has to be around for it to work so he turned back into a troll, he isn't complaining and neither am I, he turned into a good looking troll.

Anyway tonight was our family's Halloween party, and I was dressing up as a good witch, yah know white gown and everything "Hey Indi you ready?" Marnie asked peeking her head through my door "One sec" I said, I clicked my fingers and my costume came on and my hair was done "Awesome sis" Marnie said high fiving me, I giggled and we went downstairs into the party,

we walked over to grandma who was using bagpipe to give the little kids brooms "Ah there you are girls you got here just at the right time, now perhaps you'd like to take our little party goers for a little spin around the house" Grandma said excitedly, I clicked my tongue "Uh grandma I don't think that's a very good idea" I said hinting, she looked peeved "Oh fiddle I can't let you're mother ruin my fun every day of the year" Grandma said, I sighed "Mother, I spend all of my time trying to make sure you don't turn my own daughters agains't me now you're gonna corrupt all the children in the neighborhood"

Mom said "Mom were not going against you" I said "Gwen dear if you want to reject you're heritage that's you're choice, but someone has to take my place as the head of the Cromwell line, maybe 2 somone's" Grandma said smiling at me and Marnie "what do you mean?" I asked "Well there have been some witches that travel in 2's, and I know you and Marnie have just the stuff "Grandma said hugging us "What about me? I'd be good too" Sophie said,

I chuckled "Alright dress ups over, we have bobbing for apples right over there, oh yes it's fun go play" Mom said ushering the kids way "I hope you're happy" Grandma huffed before walking off, she and mom went separate ways and I looked at the girls "I'll take grandma" Sophie said "I'll come too" I said following her.

We stood in grandma's doorway for a minute watching her look through the crystal ball "That's Gort right? He's the one who steals the socks" Sophie said as we walked in "Oh he doesn't steal them he's more like a junk man, everything in the universe that gets lost, that other sock, the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle, the earring you put down for just a second, they all end up in Gort's front yard"

Grandma said, I giggled "Not that he's willing to part with any of it" Grandma added, she waved her hand and the scene changed to Benny "Oh look there's Benny, why don't you go back to Halloweentown tonight? While the portals open, I know you miss Astrid and Benny, and all you're friends there" Sophie said, Grandma pulled Sophie onto her lap "After a year away, going back for just a few hours, is harder than not going back at all"

Grandma said sadly "No I'll just wait until next Halloween, and then I can take Marnie and Indira for the year" Grandma said "But won't a year in halloweentown feel like 100 years to them?" Sophie asked "Oh becoming the head of the Cromwell witches take's commitment Sophie, they can't live in both worlds, they have to choose" Grandma said, I turned back to the ball and saw Luke, I sighed and rested my head on my hand "Oh look there's Luke, he's become a fine young goblin hasn't he" Grandma said, I noticed Sophie was looking around nervously "What's wrong Soph?" I asked "Somebody's coming" she said "Who?" I asked "I don't know, come on"

she said pulling Grandma up, they started walking out and I took one last look at the glass with Luke in it "I will come back" I whispered before waving my hand and switching off the glass ball.