We all pulled away and Marnie turned to Grandma "Will you do the honours?" she asked motioning to the book Grandma held "Of course dear" she replied putting on her glasses, Grandma read out the spell backwards and a bright light suddenly flashed throughout the entire room,

everyone seemed to be back to normal and I was very relieved about that "Well I don't know who put this all together but uh, let's have a big hand for the best halloween party ever huh?" the man on stage said a little freaked out, everyone cheered and I laughed a little,

I looked around and noticed mom taking off her mask "Mom" Marnie exclaimed noticing her aswell, we both ran over to her and gave her a large hug "Your okay" I said happily before pulling away, she gave Grandma Aggie a kiss on the cheek "Yah know, I don't think we'll ever stop you guys from fighting, but at least you won't have to fight over Indie, or me anymore"

Marnie said "Yeah, because we know you both have things to teach us and now, thanks to Marnie we don't have to choose" I said very happy about the portal being open all the time now "Although I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to teach you, it seems Indira and Marnie know more than I do"

Grandma said "Oh yeah Grandma we better go back to Halloweentown and get rid of the grey spell" Marnie reminded us, she nodded "Quite right, you coming?" she asked looking at mom "Oh uh, I don't think so mom, this is my world, but I guess the kids can come and visit you any time they want now that they have figured their way around the rules"

Mom replied, I chuckled "Then you can expect me for dinner next halloween. You be good sweetheart" Grandma said kissing mom on the cheek "Bye" both me and Marnie said also kissing mom on the cheek "Okay let's get you outta here" I said taking Luke's hand,

he nodded looking very eager to get back to Halloweentown "Please" he said, I giggled and led him back through the portal.

After going back to Halloweentown and undoing the grey spell everything seemed to be back to normal, well as normal as it was anyway, I was sat on a bench watching everybody enjoy themselves when Luke came over "You okay?" he asked sitting next to me,

I shrugged "Yeah, I mean everythings good again" I replied, he nodded and held up the pumpkin necklace that was still dangling around his neck "You want this back?" he asked, I shook my head "Nah you keep it, looks better on you, matches your hair"

I said playfully, he chuckled "Fair enough, so Indie are you going back home now or what? I mean mortal world home?" he asked, I shrugged again "I don't know Luke, I wanna go back home but it feels so much better being here, thing is mom would freak out if I moved here on my own"

I said in thought "Then move in with me" he said, I did't know weather I heard him right or my mind was playing tricks on me "Wait, what?" I asked looking at him, he nodded

"Think about it, were already going out and it's not that different, we just see each other everyday which is completely good in my oppinion, and you don't have to worry about school because you can do it here or in the mortal world, same goes for seeing your family. And I actually live on my own now, besides I love you and I really wanna go further yah know? But if you don't want to it's okay"

he said looking away, I thought hard about this for a moment before deciding "Luke" I said, he turned his head my way "Yes" I replied, he smiled "You serious?" he asked unable to believe it, I nodded and he stood up "Indie this is amazing" he exclaimed, I found it very amusing how excited he was about it

"Yep, were gonna live together" I said also standing up, he hugged me tight and lifted me a bit, my arms were around his shoulders "I love you" I whispered in his ear, he pulled back a little and gave me an eskimo kiss "I love you too, so much" he said quietly, I smiled and kissed him.

AN: Hi readers I'm glad a lot of you liked this story but I am sad to say I won't be doing any more Halloweentown fics, so this is the last one, but I'm glad so many people like it and I had an awesome time writing it. xxBABYLIBBY96