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Paris! That's where my life finally started to make sense. It is also where my story begins and where it ends.

Flashback 21st of March 2009

"What, Alice, you can't be serious? I can't just up and move to Paris!" I shouted in disbelieve as I heard Alice humming quietly over the phone.

Alice, my best friend, had moved to Paris four months ago to live with the love of her life Jasper. Now she was offering me the opportunity to move out of this cold wet town to the city of beauty and romance. Yes you heard me right... Paris! Can you believe it? Alice always seems to be ahead of everybody's plans. Apparently she took it upon herself to apply for a nursing position for me in one of Paris's best hospitals. I being a qualified nurse had no problem supporting the role on offer but she had still managed to stun me.

I must have been spaced out for a while as Alice's frustrated tone startled me when it came through the speaker. "And why not Bella? I am deadly serious. You need to face the truth Isabella, there is nothing holding you to Forks anymore. Not after Charlie's death. It's been two years Isabella!" Alice replied sternly.

I knew Alice was right but being here in my dad's home made me feel somewhat closer to him.

"Ali... I ...I... I can't" I shuttered over the phone as sobs broke through my body.

"Oh Bella honey, I know you can. You are the fabulous, selfless Miss Isabella Marie Swan and it is time for you to join your family here in Paris. God knows maybe one day Emmett will return from the war that is stopping you from moving on completely, but we both know that your brother would want this for you. You need to move on with your life Isabella! Just say the words and I will have you here on the next available flight." Alice pleaded as soft whimpers broke through her speech.

"O...Ok Alice I'll do it," I replied nervously, while praying that I was making the right choice for once in my life.

"Really?" Alice squealed in excitement. I could just imagine her dancing around her apartment with enthusiasm behind her every step.

"Vraiment." I answered through my own excitement. I guess I am moving Paris.

End of flash back. Present day.

I will never regret coming to Paris as it bought me to Edward, but one thing is for sure. I no longer saw Paris as the city of beauty and romance. I now glimpsed at Paris as the city of Romance and heart break.

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