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Chapter 3: Forever in Paris.

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Bella POV: Present day

Why does life change in ways we can't explain? Some people can be on top of the world one minute, and the next they could be filled with pain or despair. Life changes in unexplainable ways, some for the best, but some cause your world to come crashing down right before your eyes.

You may ask, how does Miss Isabella Marie Swan have so much knowledge on the subject? My answer would be simple and sweet! Yep you guessed it right, 'been there and done that'.

Even through my life has changed in ways I can't even begin to imagine, I can't bring myself to regret any of my time in Paris or with Edward Cullen.

Paris had opened up so many doors for me. The city had connected me with Edward, even if it was only for a short while. Edward had showed me that my heart could connect to enough if I just opened myself up to explore my emotions and physical desires.

Unfortunately by opening up my heart to Edward, I had left myself open for the illusion of a perfect relationship. Edward had changed, and not for the better. In the last few weeks of our relationship he had become more demanding and tried to pin everything on me. It was like something in him had switched!

But I had been too lost up his ass to notice at the time. I wanted the fairytale I suppose... When I was little Emmett would always read Cinderella to me and call me his little princess. I wanted to believe I could settle down with my very own prince, we would get married and have a bundle of children.

'Well at least I got part of my dream,' I thought contentedly as I wrapped one hand around my small bump which contained my little nudger.

I had been so lost in my own thoughts to realise that the small group of people that had gotten off the same flight had suddenly disappeared and I was standing by the luggage belt all by myself.

'Shit turkey, mushrooms' I thought discouraged as I grabbed my small bag and made my way to the airport exit. It seemed liked years before I finally found it at the far end of the airport. Before I could have second thoughts, I jumped into a taxi and muttered the address that would change my life forever.