Here we go, fluffy one!

The title is from Invincible, Muse. Not really linked with the story but I could not find a proper title and then I was listening to that wonderful band so... Why not ?

Thanks to my beta goblindreamer, who really did a wonderful job with this one.

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Let's use this chance to turn things around

1- Welcome home

When the television turned on and off a few times without any reason to explain it, Amy knew that they would have some visitors. She sent Rory out to buy some wine and she began cooking. She was peeling apples to make a pie when the time vortex light shined in her living room and, after a few seconds, her daughter appeared in the kitchen.

"Hi Mum!

"Hi Honey!"

River kissed her mother's forehead and sat on the bar. Amy watched her daughter lift the lids of the saucepans and tasting what was cooking in. She wore jeans and a plain black t-shirt. She was a bit dirty and perhaps a bit tired, but she looked happy, as she probably had just come from one of her very exciting adventures. Amy thought that she looked young, very young. It might be the very beginning for her. River licked her lips and then looked at her mother, before asking.

"So, when are you Mum?"

"Far away in your future, I'm afraid."

"How could you..."

"I'm your mother. I just know."

They smiled smiles of complicity. Whenever they met and whatever they did, they were not only mother and daughter, they were friends. They had known themselves from their childhood and had grown up together, it had created strong links between them.

"And you, when are you exactly?

"The fields of Rognivera."

"First case on your own, congratulations!"

"Yes, thank you."

She was still smiling, and Amy could see her daughter's pride, but she also knew that her joy was not completely perfect. Someone was missing. She had thought he would come, but he did not. She had to be on her own, for the first time. And nobody to see her, to see how brilliant she was. That was one of the reason why she had come home, where she knew she would find her family, to listen to her and share her happiness; and, sometimes, when she was lucky and when time was fine with her, she would also find him.

"Do you know if…"

"I'm sorry River, I don't. Maybe, maybe not. None of you ever tell me when you're coming."

"Yes, yes, of course, you don't."

She bit her lip. It was not her mother's fault; and she had to be less emotional. She shook her head to banish her thoughts from her mind.

"Can I do something to help?

"Well, maybe you could lay the table? In the garden, please."

It was the beginning of the summer, the day had been warm and sunny and the night promised to be mild. River took three plates off the cupboard and went off the kitchen, and Amy heard the back door slammed as her daughter went out.

She had not been alone an entire minute before she saw some blue lights coming out of her oven, and she understood what that meant. She stood up, anddried her hands to take another plate and follow her daughter.

"River, sweetie, I think that—"

She could not finish her sentence. The well-known sound of the TARDIS echoed from her garden, and she opened the back door just in time to see the blue box appearing in her terrace. Her daughter tried to contain her joy as the Doctor came out, holding a bouquet of flowers for River.

"Honey, I'm home!"

Amy smiled. She knew what came after, she knew it was a game between them, but when her daughter and the Doctor were there, in her house, with her and Rory, she believed that they were a family and, in a way, they really were home.