3- Behind the window

Moments like this one made her really feel like a mother. She was looking at her young girl and her husband behind the window, hidden by the curtain, checking if everything was okay. And it looked like it was.

They were standing now and having a walk in the garden. Watching them, she really felt like she was looking at two children flirting and falling in love with each other for the first time. She knew her daughter was young and still discovering her life with the Doctor, but he was older and had lived with her for hundreds years now, but however he still acted with her as if it only was the beginning.

They were close to each other but not really touching yet, until they finally stopped and he bent over to pick up a daisy and put it in her hair. He stood back so he could see what she looked like, his hand still holding her curls. Then, he slowly moved, his fingers going down River's cheeks and stopping on her chin. His thumb raised her lips and he slowly went close to her.

Amy thought he was about to kiss her daughter but he did not. Actually he lowered his lips toher ear and whispered something to her. When he pulled back his wife answered him and they both began to laugh, and Amy could almost hear it, a clear and impulsive laugh, from some private words that they were the only ones in the world to understand.

When they stopped, they stood still a few seconds, just looking at each other, and that look was far better than words. At that moment, Amy knew that everything her daughter had once told her was true. He would take care of her, all his life, whatever it takes. She could see it, in his eyes, the way he looked at her, he loved her and would never let anybody or anything hurt her. He would do the best he could to protect her and to give her all she deserved to.

Behind her window Amy sighed. She had never really doubt, from the first time she had met River, that day far away in the Byzantium, that those two, it was to happen. But then she learnt that River was her daughter and the Doctor once lost her, her baby... And there was that silly Rule 1, that he used very often, that River used too, and Amy sometimes wondered how that story would end. Never meeting in the right order and one day she knew that her daughter would met her husband and he would barely recognize her, perhaps one day he would meet her and would not have a single idea of who she was... Would that Doctor take care of her as much as the one who was in the garden, his fingers strongly entwined with her daughter's, so in love that Amy could almost hear his hearts beating from her place?


She turned back and saw Rory. He came to her and opened the curtain a bit to follow his wife's look.

"Are you spying our daughter?

"No, I'm not. I'm just checking everything's right."

"And, what do you think?"

"Well, it looks very right."

She smiled. The two shapes outside were only one now, mixed in a passionate kiss. The Doctor got his hands around River's waist and she was holding on him, her fingers tightly clasped on his suit. When they separated she stayed close to him, her forehead against him, and she played with his bow-tie, biting her lips. When their eyes finally crossed he smiled and took her hand, carrying her through the garden to his blue box. They entered it and the TARDIS disappeared a few seconds after the door was closed behind them.

Rory opened his mouth, looking at the empty space in his garden.

"Are they leaving?" he asked.

"Yes, I think so."

"And they didn't even say a proper good bye."

"They'll come back."

She took a look outside, at the stars shining on the sky, and thought about her daughter that may be somewhere walking in one of them, and wonderedwhat kind of story she was living.

"Yes," Amy whispered, "they always do, don't they?"

The end

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