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Carlisle's POV

I sighed in relief when the girl was out. I didn't actually know what the strange periods of growth in Renesmee's pregnancy meant. But both the child and Renesmee seemed to be fine. Alice started the process of cutting the umbilical cord and cleaning her up when I heard something. She finished and was about to hand the girl to Jacob, but then froze. The others arrived home then, they were outside. I called Edward in my head, telling him to take the baby from Alice and into the other room.

Once he did so, I turned back to Renesmee. Something in my expression must have let her know something was up, because she started to panic. Suddenly, I knew exactly what was wrong. Everything made a little more sense now. There was more than one baby.

Jacob's POV

Finally, I was looking at my daughter, for the first time. I couldn't be more proud, I felt…felt like…well, a dad. Then yet another reeking vampire entered and ruined my moment. I looked from the now frozen Alice to see Edward…taking my daughter away.

I sprung up, and followed him to the next room, not sure what I was doing. He stopped by a window and was frozen. I waited for him to explain why he had my daughter, but he just stood there. That idiot, if he wasn't holding my child, I would lose my patience and hurt him…of course if he didn't have my child, there wouldn't be a problem in the first place.

"You need to go back," he told me. Something in his eyes made me not roll mine and argue. He wasn't real serious or anything, but I decided to do him a favor and take him seriously. With a little hesitation, I turned around and walked back to the couch.

I wasn't expecting what happened next. When I got back to the room, I was amazed at what I saw. Covered in blood, being cleaned up by Dr. Fangs, was another baby. I was jubilant, until I realized that this one wasn't crying the way my girl was. In fact, this one was very still.

Renesmee's POV

After they had taken Nina (Jake and I had decided that for a girl name) away, it didn't take long for me to find out what Carlisle had looked so confused about. Something was still in me…well, someone. But I barely had time realize that before it was out.

Why the HELL was that so EASY? I screamed inside of my head. I tried to see what was wrong, but I couldn't get the courage to lift my head. My Jacob finally came back to the room at the same time I was nearing hysterics. He didn't even look at me, though. He was staring at whatever Carlisle was now working intensively with.

A single, dreadful choking noise rang through the room that was now dead silent with suspense. It was soon followed by a pitiful wail. Jacob exhaled and I laughed. He came over to my side and whispered "We have a Noah."

Noah. Noah was the name we had picked out for a boy. My thoughts were slower than usual, but I knew in an instant that we officially had twins – a girl and a boy. I was just glowing! I carefully sat up, looking at Carlisle to make sure he didn't object. With a nod, he went right back to caring for Noah.

Dad came in then, holding Nina. Being ever overprotective, he made sure with both me and Carlisle before laying her in my open arms. Even then, he didn't leave my side. Jacob took Noah while Carlisle finished cleaning everything up (there wasn't much, seeing as I don't have much blood) and sat on my other side.

Everyone rushed in at once, Rosalie in front, of course. Mom was right on her heels though, wearing a smile that I had missed ever since the beginning of the pregnancy. Nobody could stop smiling. It seemed liked happily ever after, the end.

Bella's POV

You know, with all of the excitement going on, almost no one noticed Alice break out of her trance. Almost. But as I smiled up at Edward, I saw his grim expression turn to Alice. He swallowed, a habit he always performed before announcing something. Alice, however, shot him a stern look. Seeming to agree he turned and caught my gazing eyes. "Later," he breathed.

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