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Chapter Two - Trouble falls

Ed fummed angrly ready to punch someone in the face. Al walked out of the room he shares with Ed and sighed. "Brother! Your too loud you're causing a scene!" Al repermended. Allen walked out of one of the two rooms that they were using "Eh... Kanda? Edward?" Alled groaned Lavi popping up behind him. Kanda 'tch-ed' and started to walk away leaving behind a angry blond. The small group that gathered around were mummering lightly confused as to what had happened.

There was a loud crash down stairs and a yell. Ed was the first to respond running down stairs he ran in front of the falling door so it wouldn't hit the little girl standing there out of surprize. He looked around seeing a table had fallen and the henches on the door broken. He heard the others coming down and moved the door from on top of him.

The little girl was crying. Ed sighed and knelt in front of her. "Wahh!" she balled rubbing her eyes. "Its ok.. Don't worry your safe." Ed tried to comfort her. "B-But.. Mister aren't you hurt?" she sniffled out. He shock his head and pulled the sleeve of his right arm back. "See? The door didn't hurt me." he smiled lightly.

Allen saw the gleam of metal from Eds arm and blinked. 'A metal arm? What happened to him?' Allen thought walking closer Lavi, Kanda, and Alphonse following. Ed looked up after getting the girl to stop crying and telling her to find her mother. He sighed and stood straight "Guess I have some explaining to do.." he sighed saying that.

Allen nodded "We also want to know why you younger brothers body is a empty suit of armor." Lavi nodded agreeing being the one to have told Allen. Ed sighed slightly and rubbed the back of his head. "Well its a long story.. Lets go to mine and Als room." he said walking to his room with everyone following. Once everyone was in the room he shut the door. "Take a seat." he told everyone and they listened all but Kanda. "Me and Al grew up normally in a small town called Resmbool, at a very young age my father walked out on us." He started taking a breath before continueing. "When I turned five my mother died.. Al was only four, But we started studing Alchemy more intense after the death of our mom.. We didn't know what else to do. It wasnt much over a year when we met our teacher she trained us for two years before sending us back," he shivered. "We were eight and thought we had a flawless theory, It was but we made a mistake in trying it. We tried to bring our mother back to life.. Al lost his whole body and I lost my left leg.." he paused staring at the shock of them all(inculding Kanda). "I gave my right arm to call his soul back and seal it to the armor, I had almost died from the blood loss..." he stopped seeing Allen raise his hand. "Yes?" he asked quietly. "Did it work?" he asked the question wieghing on his friends minds. "No.. It failed.. The thing we creatated wasn't even human anymore." he sighed shaking slightly. "My Brother a year after getting automail joined the military.. And from then on we've been searching for a way to get our original bodies back." Al finished. Allen, Lavi and even Kanda were surprized by the new information. "Whoa.." was all Allen could say.

-Time Skip-

It was two day since the trio arrived in the country called 'Amestris'. They were being taught of what to wear to fit in at the moment but nothing went right. Kanda 'tch-ed' and complained about stupid stuff. Ed thought he acted more like the Colonel for his liking even sounded like him too. Al sighed he was the only one really reading into the ancient texts while his brother was helping the new comers.

For the most part Allen and Lavi enjoyed the break from fighting Akuma, not knowing this worlds 'demons' yet. "Uh.. I have a thing to do in town... Just hang out here or something, if I don't come back my teacher either showed up or a Humonculus or a Chimera attacked." he said thinking they would understand. Ed left grabing his red coat and walking out of the inn.

"Hey Alphonse?" Allen asked. "Huh? Yes?" Al looked over from his reading. "Whats a Humonculus and Chimera?" Allen asked tilting his head back.

In the Black Order

Komui sighed for two days three of his best Exorcists were missing. Lenalee wasn't coping well either she missed her friends not even Krory or Miranda could cheer her. Komui laid his head down tiredly pushing some old chipped papers away. He sighed ever so lightly his head on the soft wood of his desk.

"Chief!" Reever called opening the door to the office seeing his boss asleep... Again. "Chief Lenalees getting married." he stepped aside as papers flew as the Chief stood. "NO! LENALEE!" he yelled and grabbed a hidden drill from under his desk. "Where is he?" he yelled looking around. "Dont worry... She not getting married!" Reever yelled to stop his crazied boss.

Komui sat down then hid the drill again. "What do you need Reever?" Komui asked as if he didn't almost go out on a killing spree. "We found some unlikely readings near the area that Allen, Lavi and Kanda disappeared. We believe its possible the Noah are involed in the disappearinc." Reeve sat down the folder the rest of them put togather. "I see... Thank you Reever." Komui nodded and dismissed him.

Main Story

Edward was walking the streets of Central. He walked toward the Central Second Branch Library. He hated how the fate of the First Branch was and hated the facted that even if he used Alchemy on the ashes it wouldn't return the whole thing. He stopped in front of the burnt building before carrying on. "Oi! Fullmetal Pipsqeak!" a voice rang out. Ed turned quickly seeing the spiky green headed Humonculus Envy there. "Envy.." he muttered and got into a fighting pose.

Kanda, Allen and Lavi all left to find Ed on a requist from Al. They heard someone yell 'Fullmetal pipsqeak' and went to investigate. When they arrived they saw a burnt down building and Edward fighting a man who could have been a palm tree fighing. The palm tree man shifted his body taking form of a pretty woman with long brown hair and the mother feel. Ed stopped and glared. "Edward.. Why couldn't you put mommy back togather?" the 'woman' said shifting into a mass of blood, bones, and organs. Ed screamed and clapped his hands togather. The trio of Exorcists were stunned not sure what move to make. The thing moved forward toward Ed who fell soon after making a blade with his arm. "Ed...Ward..." the thing moaned out grabbing Eds foot. He tried to kick it off shaking his head trying to regain his calm.

Kanda was first to act drawing his sword and running at the thing that had scared the blond. It transformed back into the palm tree thing to avoid the attack. "Tch.. More fools?" it muttered then smirked toward Ed. "I should go.." the palm tree muttered running away. Kanda knelt by the trembling blond and helped him stand. "Come on.." he muttered.

Everyone shocked. Kanda was for once being nice.

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