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My parents are Renesmee Carlie Cullen and Jacob Ephraim Black. My mother is half human, half vampire, and my dad is a shape-shifter.

They did the necessary…the way of reproduction. I mean sex.

And so, 5 months later, I was born.

Carlie Isabella Black Cullen.

I grow slower than my mother did, however, I'm sixteen now, and I look 18. I love it. Anyway, I've stopped growing.

The Vulturi visited us again, and according to dad, the same vampires came to support us. The Vulturi visited us when I was 4 years old.

I had found a member of the Vulturi guard intriguing. Alec, as my granddad put it. Alec.

He was handsome…same as all vampires. But he seemed nice.

I am half vampire, half human and half werewolf.

I am complicated.

I have my mom's bronze hair and her chocolate eyes, which, as they tell me, belonged to grandma before she turned into a vampire.

And yes, my whole family, the Cullens, are vampires.

We are the most powerful coven now.

With a mind reading vampire granddad, a doctor great grandfather, a nice great grandmother, a very good fighter aunt, uncle, a future seeing aunt, a shape-shifter alpha who has contacts with other shape-shifters as well,a half vampire, half human mother who can transmit thoughts, a grandmother mental shield and me. My power is to borrow gifts when I touch people, they keep their gifts, and I borrow a tiny portion, but nevertheless powerful. I get to keep them too.

I've got Grandma Bella's gift, Benjamin, Kate, Granddad Edward, Aunt Alice, Zafrina, Eleazar, Maggie, Jasper, Mom, and Charles. Hopefully I'll get more.

Anyway , the Vulturi are coming. Again. They were informed of my gift.

In a month.

Everyone is coming. Again.