Cards on the Surface

Chapter 1 – Rationalism versus Emotion

Summary: This is how I wish season five had finished versus what we saw on TV. While this has many characters POV, it mostly deals with how I think Booth and Brennen reacted to Brennen's rejection in the 100th episode and how I personally wished they had worked it out.

Spoilers: Up to "Witch in the Wardrobe" in season five, goes AU after that

Rated M: For language and eventual sex (Might be a lot of sex actually) -first time writing smut, but hey I have a pretty dirty mind so I think I can pull it off

Disclaimer: Don't own anything about Bones and am not making a cent.


Temperance Brennen was sitting at her desk reviewing a report on their latest case, ensuring all the experiments and findings done by her internes and herself was properly documented for the federal prosecutor. As a scientist and someone that had worked in the judicial system for many years she keenly understood the importance of proper documentation.

Unfortunately, she was finding it difficult to concentrate.

Ever since the night outside Dr. Sweets's office when Booth had stated a desire for a romantic relationship and her subsequent rejection of that concept, Brennen had noticed a difference in how they interacted, and found she disliked it immensely.

While Booth and herself still worked extremely well together professionally and had maintained a friendly personal relationship on the most part, Brennen had noticed an increased distance between them and found she was missing the closeness they had once had.

They no longer had late night dinners together and the only time when they shared drinks at the Founding Fathers, it was with the entire Jeffersonian team. Brennen had also noticed that in those groupings Booth no longer sat next to her, as had been his habit in the past, but usually would sit in the back of the group.

Booth also was less inclined to speak about personal matters with her, although he was always extremely private, now he was even less willing to discuss his own personal issues. If Brennen asked his advice on something personal he would usually listen and provide advice, but he no longer attempted to pry into her personal life. While logically she should be grateful for this change, Brennen actually found she missed it.

She recognized that Booth's prying had led to her reconnecting with her father and her brother. Plus it had opened her up to having actual friends. Before Booth her only friend had been Angela, who had basically forced Brennen into establishing the friendship. Brennen had never thought friendship important but now she had many people she considered friends, and she found pleasure in having those connections.

Brennen was finding this current situation with Booth both frustrating and confusing.

This thought process was not conducive to finishing the work she needed to get done. Brennen forced herself back to reviewing the case documentation, but after five minutes her mind returned to her "Booth" problem.

Brennen had to admit to herself that when Booth had made his desire for a romantic relationship known that night, she had been both happy and scared shitless (to use one of Booth's colorful phrases).

As most cases when Brennen felt fear she took a step back and used rational thought to address the problem. Her rational mind knew that Booth and she had too many differences to be an optimal couple. So in response to Booth's arguments why they could work she listed the rational reasons it wouldn't. Booth had finally surrendered and said he would have to move on, which illogically caused Brennen to feel a shot of almost physical pain.

She would be lying that she never looked at Booth as a possible mate, he had many qualities that were desirable, intelligence (although not as intelligent as she was of course), physically healthy, a strong sense of morals, and sexually appealing (the last quality was extremely difficult to resist at times).

Ok to be honest way to many times, she lost count of all the times when Booth went alpha male on a suspect in the interrogation room, or when he wore his stupid shoulder holster, or when they bickered, or gave her one of his "guy" hugs, or especially when he pulled his firearm where she had to forcefully stop herself from knocking him to the ground and fucking him silly.

She was sure that Sweets would give some soft science explanation on why she found Booth with a gun sexually arousing, some crap about a weapon being a phallic symbol. But all she knew is that numerous times seeing Booth on the range or pulling his pistol on case had actually made her wet. During their second case together, when they argued on the firing range she had been of two minds, part of her wanted to punch the arrogant son-of-bitch in the face and another part of her wanted to rip his clothes off and have him take her against the wall of the shooting cubical.

Brennnen took a deep breath to calm her reaction to those memories.

Ok this thought process was unhelpful for both accomplishing her work, and even addressing the problem of Booth. Her hormonal reaction was getting in the way of looking at this rationally.

The problem was that her rational mind couldn't answer why she had been initially hurt when Booth had been reluctant to slow dance with her at her high school reunion. Then when he did she had been both sexually aroused and felt emotionally content in his arms. Brennen understood the sexual arousal; she had always found Booth attractive, even when she initially did not like him. But the emotional feelings she felt defied logic.

In addition, the fact that she was feeling jealousy due to the fact that Booth was actually "moving on", made no rational sense, considering she had told him they could not be romantically involved. Booth had gone on at least a couple dates with Dr. Bryar and she had even given him a stupid tie. If Brennen had to guess she would assume that they had not engaged in sexual relations yet, but she figured it was only a matter of time. Dr. Bryar was a good choice for Booth to be involved with, attractive, intelligent and all that shit, so why was she so pissed about the issue.

Of course she had to be honest; she had "moved on" before Booth, having started dating Andrew again. Despite what she had told Angela when she first started dating Andrew about having sex with him she had decided not too at this point. Andrew was on paper an excellent match, intelligent, successful, and charming. But had been the case for years, Brennen had a habit of comparing sexual partners and romantic interest to Booth and finding Andrew wasn't what she wanted.

No she thought, she had to be rational and not be emotional on this issue. The work Booth and she did was too important and the fact was that despite the sexual desire they both shared for each other, they just were too different.

Then she heard "Hey Bones".

Fuck just what she needed right now!


Authors note – I realize this part of the story might come across as a bit slow to some people, but I think I needed to establish the internal conflict Brennen was possibly going through. The next chapter will have more dialogs I promise. I appreciate any constructive feedback.