Chapter 10 – The Experiment Part 1

Summary: Booth finds out that Bone's experiments can be a lot of fun (warning hard M)

Spoilers: Up to "Witch in the Wardrobe" In season five, goes AU after that

Rated M: For language and sex (Might be a lot of sex actually) –first time writing smut, but hey I have a pretty dirty mind so I think I can pull it off

Disclaimer: Don't own anything about Bones and am not making a cent.


She then kissed him again and went down kissing and licking his neck and then whispered "To see why I propose an experiment Booth, I think it will be enjoyable for both of us."

Booth frowned "An experiment?"

Bones continued kissing his neck and nipping and licking on his ear "Yes, I will explain the methodology in which we will conduct this experiment, but I will not tell you my conclusions until tonight."

Booth placed his hands around her waist, pushing the sweatshirt up and running his thumbs along the edge of her panties.

Booth was finding it hard to think with Bones working on his neck like this, but he gasped "Ok, I admit I find it good so far, so what do you propose for your experiment?"

Bones looked up and kissed Booth passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth, both enjoying the taste of each other

Brennen broke off the kiss and asked "Last night is what you would call making love correct?"

Booth nodded, but then couldn't help but ask "I thought you enjoyed it?"

"Indeed, as I said it was extraordinary, but for the purpose of my experiment we cannot make love until tomorrow morning."

Booth groaned "Ok, now I don't think I like this experiment so much."

Bones chuckled "I think you will, see for the rest of the day we are going to fuck Booth. The beds, the couch, the floor, even the kitchen table if you want. I don't want you to hold back Booth, I want nothing but your raw passion today Booth and that's what I am going to give you!"

Booth's eyes darkened even more with lust, he shifted his hands to Bone's ass and pushed her core against his cock and started to grind against her. Even through his running shorts he could feel how wet her panties had gotten.

Booth growled "I have no objection at all with fucking you Bones, but I admit I am a bit confused what this experiment hopes to accomplish."

Boones groaned against his neck "I will explain tonight, I promise."

Booth slid his hands under her panties and squeezed her ass, continuing to push her against his cock.

Bones rotated her hips and pressed into him, kissing and biting on his neck.

Booth groaned "Damn I want you Bones; I want fuck you so bad right now."

"You will Booth; I want you to fuck me hard. Do you feel how wet your making me Booth."

"Oh God, yes!"

Bones kissed him hard again, their tongues battling for dominance inside his mouth. She then leaned back and said "First though there is something I have wanted to do for a long time."

Bones grabbed his t-shirt and dragged it over his head and threw it across the room. She then bent down and aggressively sucked and bit on his male nipples, much harder then she had the night before.

Booth threw his head back and moaned "God Bones, your killing me."

She continued her actions across his chest leaving light bit marks on his skin. She then moved back up and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. At the same time Booth continued to squeezer her ass checks with his hands in her panties. Booth then moved one of his hands awkwardly to the front of her panties and started palming her mound, rubbing it vigorously.

Bones moaned into Booth's mouth in reaction to his touch, she could feel herself becoming ever wetter due to the friction he was producing against her clit and pussy lips. She knew she would cum again inside her panties if he continued this.

But before she came she wanted to carry out the first part of her plan today, plus it was one of her fantasies, from an earlier case.

She broke off the kiss and gently grabbed Booth's hand and pulled it away from her body and said "That will come later, but first there is something I want."


Bones smiled and said "Stay here on couch for a few seconds"

Bones reluctantly moved off of Booth's lap and walked a few feet to his chair. She removed the cushions and threw them on the floor before her.

She then looked at Booth "Come here."

Booth looked a bit confused but got to his feet and walked over to her.

She grabbed his head and brought his lips down to hers and she again aggressively kissed him. He responded with equal aggression and thrust his tongue into her mouth ran his tongue along the top of her mouth.

He then decided she was over dressed and grabbed the edge of the sweatshirt she was wearing and brought it over her head baring her breast. He threw the sweatshirt across the room and brought his hands up to her breast, gently squeezing them, running his thumb across her nipples.

Bones moaned with pleasure and briefly closed her eyes.

"I love your tits Bones, they are perfect!"

He then bent down and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking on it, producing more sounds of pleasure from Bones.

Bones gently pushed him back from his sucking on her tits. He looked up with mild confusion.

She took a deep breath and simply said "Later"

Bones then leaned in and whispered into Booth's ear "I have my own fantasies you know, do you remember when I undressed you in the lab, collecting evidence from the Santa bombing?"

"God yes! I remember that Bones."

Bones smiled wickedly "I think you will agree that it had definite sexual overtones, I believe you were talking to your imaginary friends to control your body's reaction to sexual desire?"

"Not imaginary friends Bones, Saints."

She smiled and kissed him "I also found it sexually arousing, did you know that?"

"No I didn't, you acted as if it was simply gathering evidence."

"You know I am good at compartmentalizing, but I always found you an attractive male Booth."

"Good to know Bones."

"I masturbated numerous times running over what I wanted to do to you in that situation, and what I wanted you to do to me."

Bones ran her fingers lightly against the tent that was prevalent in Booth's shorts.

"I would guess you did the same, didn't you Booth."

Booth gasped "Yeah, more times than I could count."

Bones went to her knees in front of Booth on one of the cushions and grabbed and pulled his shorts down to his ankles.

"Did you imagine me doing this Booth?"

"Oh God yes Bones"

"So did I"

She then wrapped her fingers around Booth's cock and slowly stroked it.

"Did you think of me doing this Booth?"

Booth shifted his feet and kicked off his shorts, and then exclaimed "Fuck yeah"

Bones then pushed his cock up against his stomach and took one of his balls in her mouth; she gently sucked on it and rolled it around in her mouth. Booth groaned with pleasure and brought his hand to rest gently on top of her head. She then switched to the other ball and sucked on it.

Bones then looked up and asked "Did you ever think of me doing that to you Booth?"

Booth groaned "Yeah I did", Booth chuckled "But if you did, we would have given poor Cam a heart attack when she walked in."

Bones chuckled also, and then she then ran her tongue along the underside of his cock and then ran her tongue around his head.

"Did you dream of me taking you in my mouth and sucking your cock Booth?"

"You know I did Bones."

She then took him in her mouth and sucked on the head; she could taste his pre-cum and hummed with enjoyment at the taste. She then took half his length in her mouth sucked on him for a minute. Booth's gasps and curses showed he was enjoying her actions."

She then removed him from her mouth and looked up at him "Does the idea of me sucking your cock until you cum in my mouth excite you Booth?"

Booth gasped "God yes, Bones!" But he quickly added "Only if you wish to Bones, I won't ask you for anything you don't like."

Bones briefly thought about it, she had of course given oral pleasure to her sexual partners in the past, but she had never allowed any man to cum in her mouth before. It had always simply been an enjoyable precursor to intercourse. But she found she was not only willing but desired to allow Booth this.

She smiled at Booth and stood up again, kissed him sliding her tongue into his mouth and then biting his lower lip.

"Take off my panties Booth."

Booth guessed she didn't want to suck him off; he had to admit he was mildly disappointed, but he knew some women didn't like that. He mentally shrugged; it was not like there were not many things that would be equally enjoyable.

So he dropped to his knees and began kissing her belly, then he ran his tongue around her belly button and dipped it in, Bones moaned "Booth!"

Booth ran his hand up and cupped her covered mound, moaning when he felt how wet her panties were. He then hooked his thumbs in her waist band and yanked them down.

His nostrils flared when he caught the full force of her scent. He pushed his face in and nuzzled her curls just smelling her arousal. Booth then stuck out his tongue and ran it against her clit, at the same time bringing his hands up to grasp her ass, making Bones gasp.

Bones looked down and saw Booth's face buried in her crotch, nuzzling and licking her clit. The visual was almost as arousing as the physical sensation.

She then gently pushed Booth away and said "Stand up"

Booth again looked a bit confused, but did as she said.

Bones again kneeled down and grasped Booth's cock. She gently stroked it with her fist enjoying the feel of it in her hand. She then ran her tongue along his head and kissed his tip. Booth groaned with pleasure "Damn Bones that feels so fucking good."

Bones then looked up at him "Booth I am going to suck you off, just like you want."

Booth was breathing hard, but he felt he had to say "Bones, it's what you also want that matters, there is a lot we can do besides that."

Bones grinned "Who says I don't want to do this, I also was effected when I undressed you during that case." Bones then got a wicked look in her eye "I find the idea extremely arousing in fact, but I want two things in payment."

Booth groaned "Hell baby whatever you want!"

She let the "baby" go by without comment; she actually found Booth's endearments satisfying, although she would not let him know that.

"First you will reciprocate and eat me until I cum at least twice."

"Hell I was planning on that anyway, I love the way your pussy taste. What is the second thing?"

"I don't want you to hold back Booth; I want you to lose control with me. I know you won't hurt me and I trust you, I want you to trust me as well, I will let you know if there is something I don't like Booth. But I want you to give me everything, do you understand?

Booth looked at her for a second, he always kept a part of himself in control, he knew his naturally aggressive. He had worked all his life to find outlets and maintain control, to ensure he never became like his father.

"You let me know the second I become too rough Bones?"

"I will, I know you always want to protect me, but I am not made of glass Booth."

"Hell I know that Bones, I will try, I promise."

Bones smiled at him and said "Now let's get started, I am extremely aroused and I love the way you taste."

She then leaned down and ran her tongue along his length, then slowly licked around his head, running her tongue along his slit, which was already leaking pre-cum. She then took his cock in her mouth and sucked on the head.

Booth laid his hands on her head and ran his fingers through her hair. All the time he watched her perfect mouth pleasure him. He felt like he was in heaven.

Bones took half his length in her mouth and moved up and down for a few seconds, and then she slowly started taking more and more of his cock into her mouth. She relaxed her throat and pushed his entire length into her mouth, her nose was nestled in his pubic hairs. She could smell his scent and she could feel her pussy beginning to leak juices.

Bones moved her mouth back up and sucked on his head, then moved one of her hands down and began playing with herself, then slide two fingers into her channel. She could feel her cream covering her fingers and she then extracted her fingers and brought them up to Booth's cock and smeared her juices up and down his shaft.

Booth moaned at the visual "Fuck Bones that is so damn hot!"

She smiled around his cock and began again moving up and down, her tongue flattened against the vein on the underside of his cock and her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked on his shaft.

She found she enjoyed tasting herself on Booth; it gave her a sense of possession. It was not rational but she did feel possessive towards him and she felt powerful giving him pleasure in this method.

Booth began to lose control, one of his hands grasped her hair, not pulling, but holding it as an anchor and he massaged her scalp with his other hand. His hips began to pump forward and back, driving his cock into her mouth.

Bones moaned encouragement, he was not being overly rough, but was showing his passion toward her. The experience was exciting and was increasing her own passion.

Booth knew he wouldn't last much longer but the sight of Bones on her knees before him sucking his cock and how good it felt made him want it to last longer.

He moaned "God Bones, I won't' last much longer"

Bones smiled around his shaft and sucked even harder as his movements continued to trust his cock into her mouth. All the time she looked up at his face, her eyes shining with pleasure.

She could tell booth was about to climax, so she brought her hand up and circled his cock at the base, forcing his trust to be shallower. She wanted to taste his seed when he came.

Booth cried out in pleasure as his legs shook with release.

Bones felt his cock expand then tasted his cum as it shot into her mouth in a series of squirts, covering her tongue and the sides of her mouth. She hummed her encouragement and squeezed his cock forcing another squirt of cum to shoot into her mouth. She then swallowed his seed and licked his cock clean.

Booth staggered backwards and collapsed on the couch, his eyes almost blank with shock from the force of his climax. It felt like the woman had sucked his spine out of his body.

Bones smiled at his reaction, she had found the experience even better than her numerous fantasies had been. She would be more than willing to give Booth this pleasure again.

Booth eyes showed that he was slowly coming back from his orgasm, so she slowly crawled over to the couch.

Booth watched her approach, he just had a mind blowing orgasm, but the sight of her crawling toward him catlike with an almost feral look in her eyes spiked his desire again.

She got to him and kissed him slipping her tongue into his mouth, Booth responded eagerly tasting himself on her lips and tongue. The thought of tasting his own seed had never been remotely exciting to Booth before, but with Bones it just seemed right.

Bones then broke the kiss and laid herself out on the end of the couch looking at Booth sitting at the other end.

"Did you enjoy that Booth?"

"God Bones, you know I did, it blew my mind."

Bones smiled "I am glad, I found it enjoyable myself. In fact I greatly desire release myself."

She then opened her legs and gave a clear view of her sex. She ran her hand down and began playing with her clit, all the time watching him with half closed eyes. She then slowly dipped her finger into her channel and pumped it in and out.

Booth was breathing hard again and could feel his cock beginning to recover from Bones' extraordinary blow job. He could see her slit glistening with her juices and he could see her finger was covered with her excitement.

Booth moved towards her and grabbed her hand, pulling it away from her pussy. She moaned at that loss and then moaned again when he brought her hand to his mouth and sucked her juices off her finger. He then bent over her and kissed her passionately.

Booth felt almost wild at this point and moved his mouth down to her tight nipple. He brought his own hand down to her pussy and ran his fingers along her slit then circled her clit. Bones gasped in response.

Booth released her nipple and looked at her "Bones do you want to cum?"

"Fuck Booth you know I do!"

Booth kept lightly rubbing her slit but not penetrating "Do you want me to finger fuck you baby and make you cum?"

She hissed "Yessss!"

"After I do that I am going to eat your pussy Bones, and give you the two orgasms I promised, you like the sound of that?"

"Just fucking do it Booth, please, just do it."

Booth smiled at her and then slide two fingers into her channel, he then bent down and started to roughly suck on her nipple, he gently bit it, then ran his tongue around it, then switched to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment. As he was doing this he was sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy roughly.

Bones lust clouded mind realized that his touch and actions were rougher than last night, but his touch came across as passionate versus painful, in fact she loved it. His larger fingers felt so much better than her own.

She also knew that while she had controlled the first part in their sex this morning, Booth had taken over and was now in control. She figured it was only fair, considering they both were alphas.

She was close, the excitement of sucking Booth off and then playing with herself had put her on the edge. But she tried to prolong the experience, because what he was doing to her felt so fucking good.

Booth could feel her juices increasing around his fingers and he could feel her pussy clinch. He growled "Let go Bones"

She was panting by now and then pleaded "More Booth, give me more"

Booth slid a third finger into her and pumped. At the same time he continued to suck on her tits. When he felt she was about to cum, he worried her nipple with his teeth then sucked on it with force.

The sensation sent Bones over the edge, she screamed "Oh God Booooth!"

Booth moaned against her flesh when he felt her cream all over his fingers.

Booth kept his fingers in her body, while she came down from her orgasm. Once she started to blink and come back to the world he slowly slid his fingers out of her body, with the intention of tasting her again.

She surprised Booth by grabbing his hand and bringing his fingers to her mouth, licking her cum off his hand. Booth moaned at both the sensation and the sight "God Bones do you know how sexy you are!"

Bones smiled at him and said "Thank you I needed that"

Booth chuckled "Well it was my pleasure, and there is more to come."

Booth kissed her and then slowly started kissing down her body. When he got to her breast he simply kissed both nipples and the valley between her tits.

He then kissed down to her stomach and kissed her belly button then stuck his tongue in it. This produced a giggle from Bones, which caused Booth to raise his eyes in surprise. He rarely ever heard Bones giggle.

Booth then went further down and kissed the points on both her hips, then ran his tongue along the edge of her curls. He then kissed both her thighs, and then licked her inner thighs. He again could smell her arousal, making his mouth water with anticipation.

He slid his hand under Bones lower back and gently lifted her up to his waiting mouth; Bones eagerly raised her hips in anticipation.

Booth brought his tongue down and ran it from the bottom of her slit to her clit, he then brought her clit into his mouth and started to gently as he could suck on it. Bones moaned in response bringing one of her hands down to run through his hair.

Booth slowly began increasing the pressure of his sucking motions on her clit, at the same time he slid a finger into her channel. This produced louder moans from Bones; she instinctively pushed her hips forward in an attempt to get closer to Booth's mouth.

Booth was now sucking harder and added a second finger to pumping in and out of Bones' channel. She was now almost pleading "Booth, almost there, please more…"

Booth brushed his teeth gently against her clit, causing Bones to gasp, then began sucking even harder on her. The increased sensation sent Bones over the edge and she shattered.

Booth leaned back and gently lowered Bones hips back on the couch; he extracted his fingers and licked them clean. Bones was breathing hard and had her eyes closed, with a look of almost bliss on her face. Booth slowly ran his hands up and down her thighs in a soothing motion while waiting for her to recover.

Bones slowly looked at Booth staring at her, she sighed "You are really good at that." He grinned in response and chuckled, he had to admit to himself he felt a bit smug about making Bones come unhinged like that.

Bones seemed to recognize his mood and gave him a mock glare "Don't let you ego run away with you Booth, you still owe me another orgasm with your mouth."

Booth grinned at her and bent over and kissed her "I have every intention of doing that Bones, trust me."

Bones grinned at him and kissed him back "I know you are a man of your word"

Booth leaned down and began kissing her neck then ran his tongue along her throat. He then kissed her collar bone and kissed down to her breast. He ran his tongue along the tops of them and then kissed in between them.

Bones felt her desire rising again; damn she loved his mouth on her.

Booth took her nipple in his mouth and sucked gently, figuring he would give a few minutes before becoming more forceful.

Bones ran her fingers through his hair moaning with pleasure. Booth switched to her other breast and again sucked on her nipple gently, at the same time he ran his hand lightly up and down her torso.

Bones found she was breathing harshly again, and decided to get things back to some raw sex. She found she loved when Booth was gentle like this, but she also wanted to have another orgasm … soon!

She grabbed Booth by the sides of his head and brought it up so he was looking at her. She smiled and said "You can tease me later; I really want your mouth on my pussy again."

Booth moaned with pleasure at the idea. He was hard again, but he loved tasting Bones. He thought a second and then said "Ok Bones, let's try something a bit different."

Bones raised an eyebrow "What do you have in mind?"

Booth grinned and got up and grabbed the two cushions she had grabbed earlier and laid them on the floor about a foot or so from the couch. He then laid down with his head on the cushions and said "Come down here please."

Brennen was a bit confused but did as he asked. Booth then grabbed her leg and swung it over his body so she was straddling his chest on her knees. Booth then ran his hand up her legs, ass and back, just looking at her with at what she could only identify as a combination of lust and affection.

Booth then grabbed her ass and dragged her forward until her pussy was above his face. She realized what he planned and she growled with lust. He was defiantly not a prude!

Booth could again smell her arousal and growled himself "God I love tasting you Bones, it turns me on like you wouldn't believe!"

Bones leaned forward with one of her arms on the edge of the couch and moaned "Believe me Booth, I find it equally enjoyable. Please fuck me with your tongue!"

Booth moaned, he found he loved it when Bones talked dirty. He pushed her down to his mouth and sucked and liked along her folds, priming her for the main event. He could already taste her juices that were escaping her body.

Bones groaning with pleasure, she had a clear view of Booth's eyes as his mouth worked on her sex. The visual was extremely exciting and he had just begun. Her core felt like it was one fire with desire.

Booth licked her clit briefly then slid his tongue into her channel moving it slowly in and out of her body. He moaned at her taste and soon began to thrust it in faster; he used his upper lip to stimulate her clit at the same time.

Bones instinctively reached down and grabbed Booth's hair, pulling his face against her pussy. She started grinding against him moaning "Fuck I love how it feels with your tongue inside me."

Booth growled against her, the vibrations making the pleasure heighten. She then felt Booth drag his finger along the crack of her ass and run it around her anus. He didn't penetrate, but moved his finger around the opening in a massaging motion. She found it extremely erotic.

Booth could tell she was getting close; he sucked on her flesh and then started driving his tongue in and out of her quickly, tasting more and more of her juices.

Bones felt the tingling in her spine and then fell, screaming as she released into his mouth. She could feel him sucking her juices out of her body as she came.

Afterword she collapsed with her head on the couch, breathing rapidly. Booth ran his hands up and down her back and licked her thighs. Her entire body was shaking from her release.

Bones disengaged herself and slid down next to Booth, breathing hard as if she had ran ten miles. She laid on her side and looked at Booth and gasped "I will need a few minutes after THAT."

Booth grinned "Enjoyed that didn't you?"

"God yes, it was amazing."

Booth smiled at her, he knew she had to have enjoyed it if she forgot herself and used the word God. He gently pushed the hair from her face and said "Take your time Bones, I can wait."

Bones looked at Booth, his hair messed up, his face covered with her cum, but the tenderness in his eyes made her want him again.

She smashed her mouth against his and forced her tongue into his mouth mapping out the surface. She moaned at tasting herself again on his skin and started licking and kissing his face. At the same time she moved her hand down and ran her fingers against his length. She could feel how hard he was for her and she felt an almost animalistic desire to have him in her.

She swung her legs over his waist and grasped his cock in her hand, causing Booth to grunt. She then ran his tip along her folds and her clit, covering him with her juices. Then without any more preparation she slid him inside her channel and settled her body down to acquire his entire length. She placed her hands on his chest, to gain her balance and let out a satisfied moan.

Booth's eyes rolled back in his head at feeling her surround his dick. He gasped "Fuck Bones give a guy a bit of a warning."

Bones growled "I want you; I want to feel you sliding in and out of me now Booth!"

Booth groaned and bucked his hips against her, causing Bones to sigh with pleasure. She started gently rocking her hips against him enjoying to slow start. She brought her hands up and squeezed her breasts, enjoying both the physical sensation and the hunger it brought into Booth's eyes. She pulled on her nipples making them even harder.

Booth sighed "God you are so damn sexy Bones."

She bent down and put her hands on either side of Booth's head. She then whispered to him in a husky voice "I love feeling your cock inside me Booth, you fit me perfectly; I want to fuck you so hard. Do you want that Booth?"

Booth brought one hand to her hip and the other reached between them and squeezed her breast, while tweaking her nipple with his thumb.

"I would love that Bones."

She kissed him hard again and then started sliding him and out of her pussy. She quickly picked up speed at the same time Booth put both of his large hands around her waist and started bucking his hips, meeting her half way.

She continued to kiss and lick Booth's face and neck as she rode him. She kept moaning "Fuck Booth, yes that feels so damn good!"

"Damn you're so fucking wet and hot Bones."

Bones was panting now, if her brain was working at this moment she would have been surprised at how out of control she was. Her only goal was to feel him inside her and to reach orgasm. She increased her speed even more gasping "Oh Booth" over and over again.

Her orgasm hit her almost unexpectedly and she again felt a strong sense of possession and marked Booth's shoulder with her teeth as she rode out her pleasure. She could feel herself gushing her juices all over his cock.

Booth moaned, but had not cum yet. Bones' blow job earlier had increased his stamina he guessed.

He enjoyed the feel of her pussy squeezing his cock as she came down from her orgasm.

He decided to become a bit more assertive and grasped her body and flipped them so she was on her back, making sure he got her head on one of the cushions. All the time ensuring they stayed connected.

He pulled himself up to his knees looking down on her as she recovered, enjoying the act of simply being inside her.

Bones opened her eyes and realized she somehow had gotten on her back. She could still feel Booth's hard member inside her.

Booth looked down at her and ran his hand down her body. He then asked "What do you want Bones?"

"Fuck me Booth, fuck me hard."

Booth growled and started pumping into her body, his hands grasping her hips. He quickly picked up speed and was soon driving his cock in and out of her pussy, he could feel his balls slapping against her ass.

Bones eyes looked at him with hunger and she was panting "Yes, fuck me Booth, harder, just fuck me Booth."

Booth lost the control he usually kept himself in and was slamming in to her body with force. Growling "Yes, Bones, god I love this, fuck, your mine!."

Bones did not mind his possessive term; she had been thinking the same about him since last night.

She did not think she could reach another orgasm this soon, but was simply enjoying the sensation of Booth losing control with her. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around his thighs, rocking her hips to increase the force of their connection.

She brought her hand down and ran a finger around her clit then moaned "Come inside me Booth, cum inside my pussy."

That drove Booth over the edge he screamed her name and shot into her body. Instinctively he threw his hands on either side of her head and nuzzled her neck.

She was surprised when feeling Booth shoot his seed inside her made Bones moan and shake again with another orgasm.

Booth moaned against her neck "God I love you"

Bones wrapped her arms and legs around him on hearing his words and moaned with pleasure.

Booth stayed inside her as long as he could, when his dick shrunk and slid out of her, as with last night both of them moaned at the loss of connection.

Booth was exhausted but he didn't think falling asleep while lying on top of Bones on the floor was a good idea. So he kissed Bones, slid his hands under her and carefully stood up, Bones kept her arms and legs around him kissing his neck as he stumbled the few feet to the couch.

He dropped on the couch and lay down with Bones on top of him. She sighed and rested her head on his chest.

"You ok Bones?"

"Yes, I just need to regain the use of my body."

Booth asked worriedly "That wasn't too rough was it?"

"Hardly, it was extremely pleasurable."

Booth chuckled "For me too"

Bones yawned and mumbled "I think we both could use a bit of rest after that."

"I know I am bushed."

Bones looked up and grinned at him "You're not done for the day yet."

Booth grinned back "Didn't think so."

She smiled then rested her head back on his chest. Booth grabbed the afghan he kept on the back of his couch and covered them both and drifted off to sleep.


Bones woke up slowly still laying on top of Booth. She glanced at the nearest clock and guessed they had been asleep for around two hours.

So far her experiment had shown some interesting data, she had listed last night as the best sex she had ever had. She didn't know if today had been better so far, the animalistic quality had made it different, and she had to list the experiences of both last night and today far greater than with any other sexual partner.

The problem was she still felt hunger for Booth and she decided she would not make any conclusions until the end of the day. It was not like this experiment was not extremely pleasurable.

She slid her hand down and fondled Booth's cock, gratified to find him already half hard in his sleep state.

She grinned to herself and made the decision to wake Booth up in a unique way.

She slid down throwing the afghan from their bodies and slowly began to lick his cock, Booth moaned in his sleep and shifted slightly. She then took him in her mouth tasting the combination of his and her juices, making her hum with pleasure.

Booth slowly woke up and saw Bones sucking on him. He moaned "Damn Bones."

She grinned around him and began increasing her suction, again finding it enjoyable to pleasure him this way.

Part of her would have minded continuing to suck on him, but she decided she wanted him in her again.

So once he was to full hardness, she slid him out and said "I want you again Booth."

Booth reached down and grabbed her head and gently pulled her up to his face, he then kissed her and said "I think I am more than open to that Bones."

She kissed him back "I desire you greatly Booth."

Booth smiled "How do you want it Bones, ladies choice."

Bones got a thoughtful look on her face and then decided to try a position she had never done before, but had fantasied about with Booth.

She stood up and grabbed Booth's hands, almost dragging him up to a standing position. She kissed him hard then broke from him.

She grabbed one of the cushions and knelt on it, bending over and bracing her hands on the couch. Booth groaned at the erotic sight of Bones on all fours.

She then turned her head to him and said "Take me Booth, take me hard again."

Booth growled with desire, he knew that Bones offering this position was a sign of trust on her part. That made it even sexier to Booth that she was willing to be almost helpless with him like this. He was determined to make it enjoyable for her as he sure it would be for him.

He went behind her and grabbed another cushion (a throw rug on hardwood floors was hard on the knees). He bent down and kissed both her ass checks and then ran his tongue up her spin. He reached down and slid his fingers along her folds and found she was already extremely wet. He kissed and gently bit along her shoulders and neck, causing Bones to moan.

He gently slid his cock into her pussy and gave her a few moments to adjust to his size. Booth started by slowly thrusting in and out of her body while gripping her hips. He then spread her ass cheeks open and got an unobstructed view of him sliding in and out of her, his dick was glistening with her juices. It had to be on his list of one of the sexiest sights in his life.

Bones stated rocking back to meet Booth's thrust groaning "Take me Booth, just take me."

Booth began to thrust harder and harder into her, surprised how excited he was having Bones like this. She was moaning for him to fuck her, which even made it more exciting.

Booth was going into her hard now and moaning himself.

"Fuck Bones this almost a dream come true."

He then decided to up the stakes a bit; she had seemed to enjoy it earlier when he tired it. So he reached his pointer finger down and wet it with her juices. He then brought his finger and slowly dragged the crack between her cheeks and massaged her ass.

Bones froze for second on feeling his finger against her ass, and Booth was worried he had overstepped her comfort level. But Bones then started rocking back faster.

She then gasped "Do it Booth use your finger."

He obeyed and slowly and gently slid his finger into her ass to the first knuckle. She gasped with pleasure and then moved her own hand down to pinch her clit.

The combination of Booth's cock inside her, his finger in her anus and her own fingers on her clit drove Bones over the edge causing her to scream Booth's name with pleasure.

Seeing Bones come undone did it for Booth, he trust twice more into her hard and came hard.

Both of them were panting with both exercitation and excitement as they came down from their pleasure.

Booth slowly extracted himself from Bones and kissed her back.

Bones rolled over with her back on the couch and said "That was extremely arousing."

Booth looked at her for a second "Yeah, I would have to agree, in fact I would call it mind blowing."

Bones snorted at his use of words. She then decided to share something with Booth, attempting to make him understand what they had just done.


"Yeah Bones"

"I have never done that before."

Booth looked at her for a second then asked "You mean with the … uhh … guy behind?"

"Yes, I never trusted anyone before to allow that."

Booth felt his chest tighten at that then leaned down and kissed her then whispered "Thank you Bones that made it even better."

She gave him what he only could identify as a shy smile for a second, which was both weird and heartwarming. Bones was not usually shy about anything.

She stood up and stretched a bit, trying to work out a few kinks from her sore muscles. Booth simply sat there enjoying her naked form.

She then stated "I think we need substance to regain some of our energy."

Booth chuckled "Ok I will throw some lunch together"

Booth then asked "Uhh Bones let's put some clothes on for lunch."

She was planning that anyway, but couldn't help teasing "Why Booth, do you not like seeing me naked."

Booth snorted "Just the opposite I just don't want to lose control and jump you half way through cooking lunch and burn the apartment down."

Bones laughed and then smirked at him.

Booth was already putting on his shorts and looking for where his tee-shirt had landed earlier. Bones grabbed Booth's sweatshirt she had worn earlier and dragged it on, then straightened her hair as best she could. She then looked around and spotted her panties; she walked over to them and picked them up.

She actually blushed when she felt how wet they still were.

"Uhh Booth"

"Yeah Bones"

"Could I borrow a pair of your shorts?"


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