Hi! This is my very first Zatch Bell fanfic, as well the very first Reycom/Zatch fanfic! Yay!

I don't know where the idea came from, but...I hope you like it.

Summery: After suffering repeated abuse by his partner, Reycom frees himself, and in turn, meets a mamodo who shows him the good that still exists in the world. Reycom/Zatch friend-shipping. Nothing inappropriate. Rated T for safety.

Disclaimer: Zatch Bell and all characters, etc. belong to their rightful owners. Plotline is entirely mine.

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Touched By A Mamodo

Chapter 1

My Suffering

Reycom shuddered as he pulled his thin, wiry blanket around his naturally cold body.

This time...this went too far...but he doesn't understand why he should bother.

After all, didn't he tell him that he was a tool? A tool to be used for whatever he deems fit?

'Yeah...I...I said that...'

But he never wanted this. He's only a child...a mamodo child...

Hosokawa's staggering footsteps could be heard coming toward him, and Reycom whimpered. That wasn't giving him much time to decide what to do.

All he had to keep him company was his spell book, which was useless unless Hosokawa told him what to do...after he...he...

'Please...let him stop tonight...' Reycom thought, his head already spinning. He pulled his legs as tight to him as he could.

'I can't let him...do that again...but what can I do? He controls me...'

His thoughts halted when a drunk and partially nude Hosokawa came into Reycom's little holding cell. Reycom didn't have the energy to fight off his partner, and dropped his spell book on the ground.

Hosokawa advanced toward him, slamming his drink on the ground. It caused Reycom to jump, but he stood his ground.

If he was going to be violated, he was going to fight like hell before that.

Summoning whatever energy he had, he lunged at Hosokawa and punched him hard in the face. And suddenly, renewed energy coursed through him. He fought and kicked like there was no tomorrow. For him, there probably wasn't going to be.

A rapid pull and toss and a momentary dizziness brought Reycom back. He laid there confused, hearing Hosokawa cussing as he wiped the blood off his face, and then left. Reycom knew.

'I'm going to die...I'm going to die...'

Hosokawa returned a few moments later holding a lighter and a belt. The expression he wore only confirmed what Reycom knew was going to happen.

"Piece of shit...why would you do that?" Hosokawa asked, drunkenly pleased as he hit Reycom with some kind of belt. The old wounds that had already littered the eight-year old mamodo reopened with the fresh ones, blood quickly covering him.

Reycom didn't answer; he just screamed. Unable to get away from Hosokawa's tight hold on him, he screamed as the harsh leather came into contact with his skin, tearing and breaking the skin wide open.

What had he done? Why was Hoskawa doing this?

Before, he didn't care...but now...he was abusing his power...he was abusing Reycom...and for what?

And isn't this Reycom's fault as well? He spoke those words...he told Hosokawa that he was a tool that he could use to his will...

'B-But...I wanted to become stronger...I didn't want this.'

"Fucking BASTARD!" More kicks, more attacks...all the while his spell book laid untouched nearby.

'It's because...because I'm a tool...for him to use...'

Reycom's legs gave way, and he collapsed to the floor in a heap. He looked at Hosokawa, his vision slowly drifting away as he smelled his owner's vodka breath near his face. He whimpered again, knowing that he couldn't get away.

"Why are you resisting, Reycom? You like this, don't you?" he whispered huskily in his ear as a cold, uncaring hand roughly explored the trembling mamodo, pinning his tiny wrists above his head.

"Please...please don't do this...it hurts..." he whispered, trying to turn his head away.

"Please...I'm begging you...just...just stop it. Please...Hosokawa..."

It was because he wanted to become the best. He wanted to show the Mamodo World that he was going to be King of the Mamodo World.

But why? Why was his partner, the one who was helping him achive that goal...becoming so cruel? So heartless?

And why was he so upset? Why did it hurt him this much?

Reycom looked past Hosokawa, trying to fpush it away...maybe it will be nothing tonight...just the verbal and physical portion.

He could not be more wrong.

"Why? You know you deserve this, right?" he breathed, roughly kissing him, forcing his wet tongue down his throat. Rey tried to fight him, but was stuck.

"Don't stop, Rey...you know you want it..." Hosokawa mumbled. Reycome shuddered when lips touched his neck, moving down his small frame. He tried to cry out for him to stop, but he couldn't seem to find his voice.

Finally, Reycom let the tears trace his face when Hosokawa raped him once again. He screamed and cried, unable to move.

"Ah, Reycom...you're finally learning, aren't you...hmmm..." Hosokawa sang, getting up and licking his hands. He looked down at the now sprawled-out, broken mamodo, the latter looking up at the ceiling.

"Bitch. You're mine now...and that's just how it's gonna be."

Hosokawa produced his lighter and produced to leave his mark of the day. Reycom couldn't summon any more strength to fight it. At the same time, he couldn't find the energy to cry or scream at him, either. It was like...he was numb.

'I don't know...why...I just...'

The last thing Reycom saw was Hosokawa walking away. After making sure he couldn't hear him, he weakly struggled himself up. Curling up into a tight ball, he reached out and let his hand briefly brushed his spell book nearby.

'I have...to get away...from...here...'

His hand dropped, his body went lax, and he blacked out.