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Lastly, like I mentioned many years back, this is NOT a yaoi by any means (regardless of them being mamodo, these are still KIDS. Underage sex is definitely NOT my thing.) There is child abuse in this story, however; let me know if you guys thing T rating is safe. I try not to make it too explicit.

Well, that's it! I'm bringing this story back, and I hope you guys still enjoy it!

Touched By A Mamodo

Chapter 1: My Suffering

Reycom shuddered as he pulled his thin, wiry blanket around his naturally cold body, feeling colder than he's ever felt in his life. His head spun and his body hurt in all the wrong ways.

He wanted it all to stop, just for a moment, but then he wondered why he should bother. After all, didn't he tell him that he was a tool? Something to be used for whatever he deems fit?

'Yeah...I said that...' he thought, lost in his dazed thoughts. He was a tool, but not for someone as... messed up as Hosokawa. Not for anyone like that...

Hosokawa's staggering footsteps could be heard coming toward him, and Reycom whimpered, tears already rolling down his cheeks before he could even see the man's shadow at the door.

'Please... no more... no more...' Reycom whimpered. 'I shouldn't let this happen, but... he controls me. I let him... because I'm a tool...'

His thoughts halted when a drunk and partially nude Hosokawa came into Reycom's little holding cell. Without a partner to allow him to use his spell book, Reycom left it where it was on the ground below, scooting as far back as he possibly could.

Hosokawa advanced toward him, dropping his drink on the ground. It caused Reycom to jump in his skin, but he struggled to stand his ground and appear stronger than he felt.

Before a word was uttered, Reycom summoned whatever energy he had and lunged at Hosokawa, punching him in his face. That gave his adrenaline like he's never felt before and he fought, punching, kicking, biting, trying anything to knock his captor out and flee.

A rapid pull and toss and a momentary dizziness brought Reycom back to reality, and the energy he suddenly gained left just as rapidly. He laid there confused, hearing Hosokawa cursing as he wiped the blood off his face, and then left abruptly, saying nothing.

Reycom knew at that point he was going to die. There was no way he could get away- his head was spinning and there was a ringing in his ears. His vision slowly swam and he hoped that he would finally, finally black out.

Hosokawa returned a few moments later holding a lighter and a belt. The expression he wore only confirmed what Reycom knew was going to happen. He was about to die...

"You piece of shit...why would you do that?" Hosokawa asked, sounding drunkenly playful as he stroked the leather belt and set down the lighter. He looked at Reycom, grinning a bit mad as he saundered towards the cowering child.

"You REALLY should'nt have done that, boy." He felt drunkenly pleased as he hit Reycom with the belt. Over and over again, ripping the flesh apart and earning pain-filled screams and cries from the small mamaodo. The old wounds that had already littered the eight-year old reopened with the fresh ones, blood quickly covering him.

What had he done? Why was Hoskawa doing this? Before, he didn't care...but now...he was abusing his power...he was abusing Reycom...and for what? He got him everything he wanted, and more! He was quiet, he stayed out of the way, so why?

And isn't this Reycom's fault as well? He spoke those words...he told Hosokawa that he was a tool that he could use to his will...

'Not like this... n-not like this...'

"Fucking BASTARD!" More whips, more name calling, and Reycom eventually stopped feeling and screaming altogether, just allowing Hosokawa to have his way with him.

'I... let him... do this...'

"Why are you resisting, Reycom? Wait... you like this, don't you?" he laughed as a cold, uncaring hand roughly explored the trembling mamodo, pinning his tiny wrists above his head.

Reycom winced at the pulled skin and didn't try to free himself. He whimpered when a tongue lapped the blood that was running down his arms and tried his best to focus, even when darkness danced so close to his consciousness.

"...p-please... stop..." he breathed, having no energy to do much else.

"Why? You know you deserve this, right?" he breathed, roughly kissing him, forcing his wet tongue down his throat. Reycom didn't reply. Maybe he was right... maybe he did deserve this...

"Don't stop, Rey...you know you want it..." Hosokawa mumbled. Reycom shuddered when lips touched his neck, moving down his small frame. He tried to cry out for him to stop, but he couldn't seem to find his voice.

'I... I deserve everything he does... don't I...'

Finally, Reycom let the tears trace his face when Hosokawa raped him once again. He didn't face his rapist and he didn't scream like before, having gotten numb to the pain from the attack. He just stared up at the ceiling, very much aware that the tears were the only thing letting him know he could still feel what was happening to him again.

'Please... just let me die...please...'

"Ah, Reycom...you're finally learning, aren't you...hmmm..." Hosokawa sang as he finished before getting up and licking his hands. He looked down at the now sprawled-out, broken mamodo, who was simply staring at the ceiling, quiet tears drying on his face.

"Bitch. You're mine now...and that's just how it's gonna be." He turned his back and grabbed his lighter. Hosokawa proceeded to leave his mark of the day, next to several just like them. Still, Reycom did nothing, so numb to the pain he didn't care anymore.

'It's so cold... and I... I'm so tired...'

Once Hosokawa left and locked the door, Reycom finally pulled his legs to his chest, crying out in pain from the movement. He felt sticky and sick to his stomach, but also told himself that he desereved this. He asked for this. He was built to be a sex toy, not a Mamodo King.

'I can't... ever get away..'

Reycom curled next to his spell book, wishing Hosokawa would have burned it so this pain could end. His eyes drifted closed and he didn't feel anything at all as darkness finally swallowed him whole.

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