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Chapter 7

My Story, pt. 3

Reycom began, swollowing dryly as he tried to recall everything as best he could for Kiyo.

"O-Okay...I remember waking up when I noticed that it was...colder than usual. I mean, me being what I am, I thought it was weird. But I...I opened my eyes, and...and I realized that I was...tied down. It was tight. It cut into my wrists when I tried to move, and I couldn't...find my book or my...my partner..."

Kiyo blinked before looking down at Reycom's wrists. He gently touched the wounds circling them, and silently thanked the heavens that Reycom hadn't been cutting himself after all, his original thought when he first saw him.

Even so, he still didn't like where this was going, and wanted to ask Reycom a million questions already, but simply nodded and allowed Reycom to continue, holding back the urge to kill the man Reycom just referred to.

"And then, I...I heard him. It's hard not to recognize a voice like that...I just wish I never had to. He was clearly drunk, and when he came closer, I saw he was...nude."

Reycom whimpered. "And I knew what was gonna happen, and I...I still let him...hurt me..."

Kiyo placed an arm around Reycom's shoulders and pulled him close. "Rey, how long had he beed doing this to you?"

Reycom whimpered before he gave him his answer: "Since...I first came to this world..."

Kiyo hissed between his teeth. That had to have been months, if he and Zatch came around the same time...

"I let this happen...I let him hurt me..." Reycom whispered to himself, pulling his legs closer to his body. Kiyo shook his head no.

"No, you didn't. You just didnn't understand what he was doing to you at the time. None of this is your fault!"

Reycom looked at Kiyo, blurting out the painful truth.

"I let him RAPE me!"

The room fell silent as Reycom stared at Kiyo, partly in shock for saying what he said, and partly for raising his voice so loud. Kiyo blinked as he realized that he finally cleared everything for him.

"He...raped me... I let him do this, I let...I let him lie to me...but he...I...oh god, he wouldn't stop...and I was too afraid to...t-to..." Reycom blubbered as he buried his face in his hands. Kiyo didn't know how to respond.

"...rape..." THAT was almost...too much.

Kiyo mentioned for Reycom to stop talking, and Reycom gladly did so. He clung on to Kiyo like he was his only lifeline- which in a sense, he was. A slight scent of cologne wafted up Reycom's nostrils.

"Reycom...do you remember where Hosokawa lived, exactly?"

At that question, Reycom pulled back, horrified at what was spoken. Then, the earlier question Kiyo asked him came to him, and he cowered under the blankets. Kiyo blinked.


"No... nonononononononono! I can't go back there! Please don't make me!" he cried out. Kiyo didn't get it...until he realized what was happening.

He got a good grip on Reycom's shoulders and shook him a little.

"Listen to me. You are never, ever going back to that madman's house again! Not over my dead body! But I want to know where exactly does he live. I want to pay him a little visit."

Kiyo released Reycom's shoulders. Reycom nodded, still terrified of the thought of Kiyo at the man's nightmare of a house. He wanted to forget about him...and he didn't want to get his friends involved!

Kiyo could sense that something else was troubling Rey. "Hey, is there something else that bastard did to you?"

Reycom bit his lip. After a minute or two, he said, "I...I don't want you to...to get involved in this...to get...hurt..."

Kiyo smiled, and Reycom wondered why he would be happy to meet the man who assaulted and took away everything from him.

"Reycom, you're not getting me involved in anything. I want to meet him in person because you deserve some justice, and he deserves to suffer greatly for what he did to you. You're not from my world, which is why I'm not gonna call the police. But...me and Zatch, we should be able to teach him a lesson he'll never forget." At that last statement, he tapped his chin, a michevious smile slowly spreading across his face.

Kiyo stood up, and held out his hand. Reycom took it, confused and petrified. "A-Are we...?"

"No. You're coming downstairs to have dinner with us. It's time you started to heal, Rey. And I know you're tired of being cooped up in this bed."

Reycom nodded; he was. Clutching Kiyo's hand tightly, he said, "Thank you."

"For what?"

Rey looked back at him, and Kiyo noticed something. He was actually happy for the first time since he came here. That smile... it was truly happy...

So why did it hurt Kiyo even more? Why did his heart feel like it was breaking under the sheer glance of Reycom's smile?


"For listening to me, and taking care of me. For everything." he answered in his soft voice.

"Reycom...you never have to thank me for that. You need to know that there are people and mamodo who you can turn to if you ever need it. You can always trust me, trust Zatch."

Reycom nodded. "Yes."

Just then, both stomachs growled. Reycom blushed, embarrassed, while Kiyo laughed openly.

"How about we go eat now?"


The two walked downstairs, where Kiyo's father and Zatch were already seated at the table. Zatch's face brightened at the sight of his new best friend. Kiyo laughed at him before giving his father a look that told him everything.

"REYYYYYYYYYYYY!" he yelled excitedly, running over and wrapping his small, chubby arms around him.

"Kiyo, can Rey sit next to me? Can he? ?" he begged, pulling Reycom near him already before an answer was determined. Reycom went along, confused and happy that Zatch cared that much for him.

"Well, since you already decided to drag the poor kid against his will, Zatch!" Kiyo laughed, watching the two getting situated. He turned to his father.

"Is it Pizza night?"

His father reached into his pocket and pulled out two fresh 20 dollar bills. "Give them a two dollar tip when they come, okay?"

Kiyo nodded, looking over the two talking boys with a relieved smile. His father followed his example.

"Seems like he's finally trusting us, huh? But I still don't understand what happened to him that night..." his father trailed off, looking at the blue-haired boy with confusion.

Kiyo's expression suddenly darkened, his grip suddenly tight on the back of his father's chair. "Dad...can I talk to you later on tonight?"

Kiyo's father looked up at his teenage son, and noticed the dark, angry expression in his face. "Yes. Is this about...the child?"

"Yeah. And I don't want Zatch to hear about it just yet." he said, watching the two boys laughing and Zatch attempting to explain to Reycom how to eat using a fork.

"He won't understand. And quite frankly, despite everything that he told me...I don't even think Rey himself understands. Hell, I don't even understand!"

Mr. Takahime nodded. "Very well. We'll talk later on tonight."

The doorbell rang, and Zatch's eyes lit up. "Kiyo, the pizza's here! Can I give the guy the money? Pleaseeeee?" he asked, running up to him.

Kiyo trusted Zatch to do, as he'd done it many times before. After what Reycom told him, though, he wanted to be a little safe.

"Hey, why don't you and Rey go and get the pizza? You're still to small to carry two boxes by yourself."

Zatch pouted for just a moment, but the thought of his best friend coming with him sounded like a great idea. "Okay! Come on, Rey!" he called, running to the door with the forty dollars.

"May...May I be...excused?" Reycom asked quietly.

"Of course, Reycom. Go on, before Zatch tries to carry the hot food by himself!" Mr. Takahime laughed. Reycom smiled, a light blush growing on his cheeks.

"Thank you."

After the two left, Kiyo sat down, placing his head in his hands. "I don't know what to do, Dad. I really don't. I want to kill that bastard so much... sorry..." Kiyo sheepishly apologized for his bad language.

His father waved it off. "I see. But he seems so polite, whatever could have happened?"

Before Kiyo could answer, the door slammed shut. Mr. Takahime looked at his son and said, "We'll talk later, alright? I think our food has arrived." Reycom looked amazed when everything was placed on the table. There were two piping hot boxes of cheese pizza, a box of bread sticks , and a box of chicken wings.

As Kiyo made plates for Zatch and Reycom, Zatch turned to his friend and asked, "You've had pizza before, Rey?"

"N-No...I haven't. Is is good?"

Zatch passed a plate to him, and grinning widely, said, "Try it! It had extra cheese!"

Reycom touched it, pulling his hand back when he felt how hot the piece was. He watched Zatch literally devour his slice, cheese and sauce all over his face. Kiyo and Mr. Takakhime were eating their wings and chatting.

Looking down, Reycom realized that he was never treated this kind ever, neither in this world or in the Mamodo world. He wondered if anyone back home missed him...if anyone even cared...

"Hey...Rey, you alright? You're quiet. Is the pizza good? Do you like it?" Zatch shot one after another, looking extremely worried.

Reycom smiled softly. "No, I'm alright. The pizza's just hot, that's all." he explained quietly. "I'm alright."

Zatch smiled widely, sauce all over his mouth. Reycom returned the kind gesture before picking up his pizza and eating. Kiyo watched Reycom, a worried expression on his face.


Later on that night, when the two were asleep, Kiyo walked into his father's room to talk about what Reycom had told him earlier.


Seitaro looked at his son before meintioning him to sit of his bed. He himself sat in office chair. "Dad, I need to know something. Do you know someone by the name of Hosokawa?" Kiyos asked. Seitaro blinked in surprise.

"I don't believe I do, but what is going on with the young child?"

Kiyo calmed down, knowing that anger now was going to be bad later. "Dad, I got Reycom to talk to me. And from what he told me... he was assulted. As in, raped."

Seitaro let out a small gasp of surprise. "Raped? Are you sure?"

Kiyo nodded. "I didn't make him tell me too much, just what he could remember or what he felt comfortable telling me. But he... dammit, he's just a kid! A child, Dad!" he exclaimed.

"I understand." Seitro said quietly, now seeing for the first time since the child got here why he kept far away from him. He made a mental note to have a chat with him tomorrow.

"Kiyo, I understand. But why do you need to find this... Hosokawa?"

Kiyo looked at his father, a creepy emotion glowling in his chocalate brown eyes. "Because I want to make sure he pays for what he did to Reycom. I want him to suffer in the most unimaginable of ways. I want him dead, honestly." he said coldly.

Seitaro was starting to worry for his son. "Kiyomaro, now you know that's a horrible thing to say, and what if you do kill him? Then what?"

"... I don't know, actually. But that man is lower than dirt to me, Dad."

"Listen to me, Kiyomaro." Seitaro said firmly, standing and placing equally firm hands on his son's narrow shoulders, holding him in place.

"Reycom has already been hurt by this evil man, and as much as I would like to see justice be done for him, that's not the way to go. Think about it, Kiyo. We don't know who he is, what' he is capable of...and I will not lose my only son to this! Do you understand what I'm saying?" he explained, trying to bring Kiyo back to reason.

Kiyo stared blankly at his father. "Reycom would never be able to live with himself if he knew you and Zatch almost died for his sake. Please, Kiyo... don't so anything to put yourself, or the rest of us, in jepordy. We'll figure out some way to get the justice Reycom deserves, but not like that. Never like that."

Kiyo shook his father's hands from him, turned and headed for the door, but not before stopping and looking back at him with a smile. Seitaro looked closer, and noted the strange expression was completely gone from his face, as if it was never there. Maybe what he said got through after all...?

"Don't worry about me, Dad! I'll be okay. I'm just hoping Rey will, too..."

With nothing more to add on, Kiyo said good night and left to go to his room. Seitaro mused over what his son told him, and that death stare. What exactly was his son going to do?

"Kiyomaro, don't do anything rash... be careful..." he said with a sigh.

"Be careful..."

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