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Touched By A Mamodo

Chapter 7: My Story, pt. 3

After a long bout of silence, it was late late, almost midnight. Reycom sighed before he struggled to find the right words to tell Kiyo what he needed to know.

"He... he raped me..." was all he could settle on. Kiyo immediately froze, gripping Reycom's shoulders and holding him in place.

"What... did you say?!" he hissed. And the fear that Reycom had inside came up full force and he knew he was going to regret this. Perhaps Kiyo thought he was lying, or worse... he'd send him back to that hellhole...

"He raped me..." he said in such a small and weak voice. "He kept raping me and I didn't know how to make him stop and I just... I let him... b-because I said I was a tool..."

"How long?" Kiyo demanded. Reycom didn't reply.

"How long, Reycom?!" Scaring the hell out of the kid, Reycom's being shut down and he hung his head. Kiyo realized he was scaring him and reached out, thumbing away his tears before he apologized for his actions.

"I'm sorry, Reycom. That...that wasn't what I was expecting to hear." He felt his heart drop when he looked into Reycom's eyes and saw they were dull, as if he tucked hims emotions away once again.

"I'm sorry. Please, talk to me. Please."

Reycom was still breathing, and Kiyo watched as he breathed in and out, slow and carefully. Finally, a tiny hand gripped his and held tight, although his eyes were very unfocused.

"Honestly... I can't remember. It was all the same, the pain was all the same..." he whispered, locked in some kind of trance. "It just... hurt..."

"Reycom... I... I don't know what to say..." Kiyo finally spoke. Reycom seemed to snap out of his daydream and looked at Kiyo with a soft smile.

"It's okay. I... I talked to you." he said. "I... think... I should be alright."

Kiyo knew what he really meant. He wasn't up for anymore talking tonight. And that was fine with him. He chuckled and rustled Zatch's hair, who groaned in his sleep before he looked back at Reycom.

"Think you can sleep better tonight?" Kiyo asked. Reycom looked at Zatch and nodded.

"K-Kiyomaro..." That shocked the brunette; Reycom had never said his name aloud before now.


His blue haired mamodo was curled in his arms, a peaceful expression on his face. It was the first time he'd seen that since he was found, and Kiyo was glad he was finally beginning to understand what healing was.

"Hey. It's late. Zatch isn't gonna leave you in here by yourself. I'm right down the hall if you need me, alright?" Kiyo whispered as he slid from Reycom, allowing him to curl in the blankets. Reycom looked at him, a bit tired from all the emotional confessions and breakdown he'd been having, as well as his nightmares keeping him awake every night.

"... yeah. Thank you... for everything."

Kiyo just shrugged and ruffled his spiky hair. "I didn't do anything, Reycom. I just don't want you to feel like you're alone. And I know there's more, but when you feel like you're ready to talk about it... when you feel like it won't hurt you so much to relieve that over again... you come to me. I won't let you get hurt anymore and I mean it. Besides..."

He jerked his head over to Zatch, who had sleepily rolled closer to Reycom and latched onto his arm. "Zatch won't let you suffer alone. None of us will. I'm not gonna tell Megumi or my dad unless you want me to, okay?"

Reycom nodded sleepily. Kiyo could see that and whispered 'good night' before he turned the lights off and left the door open just a crack to let natural light in from the hallways. As soon as he left, he laid on his side, facing the slumbering mamodo that was still keeping him company even in sleep.

"He was right... it feels easier now that I told someone. They've treated me so well here, not like a tool..." Reycom paused as Zatch mumbled in his sleep, more than likely about food again.

"Zatch Bell... you will make a good king. You and Kiyomaro are a good pair and you... you helped me so much, even though you don't know me."

He shut his eyes, his fingers finding Zatch's and holding tight, smiling a little as Zatch did the same. 'I don't have to be afraid or scared. I know it will be hard and I'm always going to be scarred. But I can trust them. I can... find myself. Go home, back to the Mamodo World...'

Reycom felt himself dreaming of a strange world, where he and Zatch were skating like a show Zatch made him watch three days ago. He was shocked- this wasn't a nightmare. He wasn't seeing Zatch lose his playful innocence, but rather gaining a small bit of his back.

Things were looking up now. Reycom felt things finally looking up now. He just had to be strong enough to allow himself to fully take the next step of healing.

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