Seven hours later, I'm still asking myself the same question. What the fuck?

Emmett is nowhere to be found, so while there are no charges yet, there's also no one to tell these fucking small time cops that I didn't fucking steal anything. Their idea of an interrogation is laughable, and they aren't very thrilled when I do just that. Laugh. But really, I can't help it. It's pretty damned clear this is one of their more exciting days, and they seem to be reenacting every clichéd scene from cop shows they can think of. Until…

"It's about fucking time!" I yell as Bella approaches my holding cell. I'm instantly on my feet.

Yes, she laughs, for once looking every bit the Bella I used to know.

"Enjoying this, are you?" I ask, anger leaving my voice as I watch her eyes sparkle with amusement.

"You gotta admit," she chuckles, "it is kind of funny."

"For you, maybe," I grouse.

"Oh, come on, Edward," she pouts unconvincingly.

"I've been here for seven hours," I say, almost whining.

"Well, lucky for you, I have these," she gloats, dangling a rather large set of keys in front of me.

"Bella…" I say, a warning in my tone. Please tell me you came by these legally.

She rolls her eyes. "Seth said you're free to go," she says, shaking her head.

"I shouldn't have even been here in the first place," I complain as she frees me from my cage. "We were finally getting somewhere," I add quietly. "Did you really not want to talk to me?"

She shrugs, turning her back to me and walking away. I hurry my steps to follow her, nearly having to jog to keep up as we exit the station.

"Bella," I say, grabbing her arm and finally stopping her.

She looks around furtively before finally meeting my eyes. "What, Edward?" she practically whispers.

"Is that it?" I ask. "You didn't want to talk?"

"I don't…I don't know what I want," she admits, guiltily tearing her gaze from mine as she kicks at a crack in the sidewalk.

"Do you… Could you…maybe…want me again?" I struggle to ask.

She shrugs, still not meeting my eyes. "Maybe."

Once again, thank you all for waiting so patiently. Apparently bipolar people don't deal so well with grief. I know...shocking, huh? But I'm getting there, and I seem to be able to write again, so this should be the first step to a somewhat regular posting schedule again.