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Chapter 1

Cries of sorrow were heard from every wizard and witch as they helped cover the dead bodies of their friends and family in a pale white sheet. The healthy were burying the dead and assisting the wounded. In the middle, there stood a group of people with red hair huddled close together. They are the Weasleys.

Ron was kissing a bushy haired witch chastely but with love, trying to dry away her tears. Molly had a hand on Ginny's shoulder trying to giver he love and comfort. Fred and George, usually the one making jokes and pranks were also looking depressed helping their father tend to the sick. Charlie was nowhere to be found, he had just returned to the burrow a month ago and the last that was seen of him was him defending the school from the oncoming Death Eaters.

As you can see, the war between the dark and light side had just taken place at Hogwarts, everyone willing to fight had the finest training and when the warning from Dumbledore came, everyone got ready to fight to their deaths. The battle wasn't as long as suspected, but there were many casualties from both sides and the original beautiful Hogwarts was no more. The astronomy tower had fallen and there was boulders and rubbly surrounding the once stunning castle.

There was no one that was outside of Hogwarts. Who knows what danger lies beneath the pile of rocks or who is hiding in the shadows of the Forbidden Forest?

However, if you look beyond the castle and towards the Black Lake, you'll see a red haired man staring dejectly out into the Lake. This man was Bill Weasley, the oldest of the Weasley kids and was a prominent part in the Order of the Phoenix.

Anywhere you go, you could hear children softly crying into their mother's shoulder and friends encouraging their injured friends to hold on but, no matter where you go or who you ask, the person will get a faraway look in their eyes and walk away if you dare to ask them about Harry James Potter. Where was he?


I looked out towards the Black Lake and blew a lock of hair out of my eyes. Not a lot know this, but Harry and I were good friends during the time while I was in the order. We often conversed with each other and I learned to trust and respect him. Eventually, I've found I had a little crush on Harry. Honestly, before Harry I would have never thought myself as gay. During my school days, I only dated girls, such as Fleur which ended right before I joined the order. We just fell out of love and since the war was coming, Fleur decided to go into hiding because she didn't want to be involved in the war, she was scared of death and I don't blame her.

Anyway, fear of rejection was the reason I never really brought it up to Harry, I could tell that Harry also had some kind of attraction to me. I still remember all the times I've made him blush, I never got the chance to see how far down the appealing rosy blush would go. But the part I loved most was his eyes, they were so green and it felt like he could make you spill all your deepest secrets just by looking at you.

There were some flirting between us but I was always afraid to take it too far. I remember how my heart would clench painfully at the look of sorrow on Harry's face whenever I refuse to acknowledge his advances. Nevertheless, he always greeted me with a smile that constantly sent my heart racing.

Now, I will never see that smile again.

Daily Prophet


As you well may know, yesterday was the day the final battle between Harry Potter and he-who-must-not-be-named commenced. However, it comes to my attention that the public never did see the-boy-who-lived after the dark lord was vanquished. Witnesses of the battle of Hogwarts said they saw a bright light enveloping Hogwarts the minute you-know-who was killed at the hands of the wizarding world's savior, Harry Potter. But, this begs the question where is Mr. Potter? No one saw him at all, and the residents of Hogwarts refuse to say anything. Have they got something to hide? Did our golden savior decide to abandon the Wizarding world? As soon as new information is discovered, I will immediately share it with you, the public.

-Rita Skeeter

Bill Weasley threw down the Daily prophet away in disgust, a scowl on his face. It was a week after which Harry disappeared and in the burrow, the family plus Hermoine was getting ready for breakfast.

"Morning, Bill," Grunted a disheveled Ron holding hands with an also disheveled Hermoine.

"Dear, call your sister down, breakfast is ready," requested Molly who was swirling and flicking her wand to get the plates placed on the table.

At last, the entire family was seated and there was an uncomfortable silence settled upon the redheads.

Finally, Arthur decided to attempt to make some conversation.

"So…Bill, are you going back to Egypt?"

"Not sure yet, Dad, I mean Charlie is already gone…"

Arthur looked away at the mention of his deceased son.

"Actually, I think I'm going to stay, I was offered a curse breaker position at Gringotts and I get to stay in Britain,"

"Oh, that's great dear, we have an extra room now tha-"

"No thanks, I was gonna rent a place somewhere else,"

Molly's mouth opened in a silent oh and gave a short nod in agreement. Once again, nobody spoke and the silence was so strong you could effortlessly hear the clinking of silverware and shuffling of feet.

"He's not dead you know,"

Nobody moved. Everybody held their breath.

"You mean…Harry?" asked the twins simultaneously.

"Who else could it bloody be? I know he's not. There was no body," But the excuse sounded feeble even to Bill's own ears.

Ron snapped his head and started to say, "He's going to have a fune-"

"I know! Damn it!" The table shook from the force at which Bill hit it. The chair screeched as he got up, and a feeling of gloom settled on the rest of the Weasleys as Bill's footsteps echoed around the room until it disappeared upstairs.

I hastily wiped stray tears away. I'm tougher than this; I'm not going to cry. A few minutes passed and my anger at my family was ebbing and I felt bad at yelling at them, I know it wasn't their fault. But….they gave up so easily, I know Harry's still somewhere out there, I don't know how I know it but I do! I won't believe he's dead until I see it with my own eyes.

I squinted my eyes as I gazed up at the sun through the small window. It's a beautiful day, I thought. Maybe I should take a walk outside. Harry always loved the outdoors.

I silently crept out of the house; I'd rather not talk to anyone right now. I don't know where I was going, my feet were in control and it led me to this gorgeous meadow deep in the forest.

I remember this place, I thought, this was Harry's favorite place.

Harry lied down on the slightly wet grass and took his glasses off. His eyes were a beautiful shade of green which matched the nearby trees. He raised his head up and yelled, "Hey Bill, hurry up,"

The redhead sat down next to Harry and whispered a quiet greeting. The chirping of the birds were so soothing and the two boys were just content being next to each other.

Voldemort was getting stronger so everyone's moods were foul. But Harry still looked the same with the same reassuring smile.

"Bill, you okay?"

"Yeah, it's just everybody's been so gloomy and sad lately,"

Neither spoke after that but instead just enjoyed the comfortable silence. The silence was broken by Bill, he asked the question so quietly Harry wouldn't have heard it if he wasn't paying attention.

"Aren't you scared?" Harry didn't talk for about five minutes but to Bill, it felt like a century. The red haired man was getting nervous, thinking he shouldn't have opened his mouth and asked such a stupid question.

After what seemed like forever, the black haired savior finally replied.


Harry sat up and gestured the Weasley to sit up too. "But you know what? Everything is going to be ok; I'll take care of it." The oldest Weasley opened his mouth to protest but the feel of Harry's hand on his stopped him. "You know, this place, it's gonna be our place. And whenever, you feel like giving up, you come here. And I'll be here waiting for you."

Taking pity on the redhead's poor confused face, Harry stopped talking and just led them back inside.

That was the best day of my life. I'm here Harry, at this very spot.

Where are you my Harry?

So lost in my own thoughts I didn't notice the rustling sound until it was getting closer to me. I shook myself out of my memories and stealthily crept forward. The crunching sound was coming from a small bush. I used my hands to get rid of the leaves in my way.

If anyone asks about this incident in the future, I will tell them that I swear my heart literally stopped beating as I looked into the shabby bush and then spotted a pair of emerald green eyes that strikingly resembled the Avada Kedavra Curse.