Bill's Pov

Two years later

My lips met Harry's in a frenzy of unresolved arousal; my erection was straining against my tight jeans. I relished in the sound of Harry's moans and sighs before biting at his neck, the mark was fading but I closed my mouth over the spot and bit down harshly. Harry cried out softly as I began to suck and nibble at the sensitive spot. After a moment I leant back and looked at my creation. On the right side of Harry's pale neck, there was a large red bruise forming. A feeling of possessiveness washed over me and I tried to sneak my hands under the tight blue t-shirt he was wearing.

"Bill," his whine still held a hint of a purr in it. I smiled as he blushed; my hands grew more heated as I tried to get the clothes off. Harry's purring always got to me, sometimes I think he does it on purpose only for me to lose control. It was absolutely divine how in the morning Harry's would be making breakfast with a limp. It always brought a satisfying smirk to my face.

Harry gasped as my cold hands roamed over his chest. But before I could go any further, a hand stopped me.

"Harry?" he looked at me with lustful eyes but his resolve strengthened.

"Bill, we need to go or we're gonna be late," his whimpered. Realization set into his features and he continued, "Bill—"

I sighed, "I know. But you're gonna pay me back tomorrow,"

Harry smiled and unwrapped his arms around my neck, "Of course love. Tomorrow, you can do anything you want with me," he finished in a husky whisper. My eyes gleamed and I let go of my lover to lead him outside to the cab that was waiting for us.

"Okay, do we have everything?" I nodded in response. The driver helped us with our luggage and I opened the car door for Harry to get in. Once settled, we told the driver we're going to the airport and Harry leaned his head on my shoulder. My heart warmed and I pecked Harry's scar chastely.

"Love you," I mumbled.

"Love you too," he responded back. I placed my hand on Harry's shoulder and started rubbing in circles. Harry purred lightly and I chuckled softly, "Oh yeah," Harry said a bit louder, "Hermione told me it was a girl,"

"Really? Did the healer say?" He nodded.

"That's nice," I murmured. After the whole cat ordeal, we told my family about Harry. It was a day full of hugs, kisses, and tears from the hormonal women. The public was more complicated; we had Luna help us with getting only the truth out to the wizarding world, not Skeeter's lies.

The savior of the wizarding world of course was awarded an Order of Merlin and all was well. But my love wasn't fully content; he talked with me and said he wanted to travel. The foolish Gryffindor was almost in tears thinking I wouldn't want to come with him but I hastily reassured him.

The Weasley family reluctantly accepted Harry's choice and we decided to leave right after Hermione and Ron's wedding. It turns out Hermione got pregnant pretty quickly. Harry doesn't know this but I could clearly see the look on longing in his eyes. I wanted a family too with my mate. I can't wait for Severus to get back to me with that potion. At first, we were thinking we could adopt a child but if Harry desires it, Severus brewed us a potion that could give us a child of our own. Maybe I'll ask Harry on our anniversary.

I relaxed and closed my eyes.

Whatever my Harry wants.

At the airport, we had to wait a while and I would be lying if I said we didn't do anything while in the bathroom. Obviously, neither of us could wait for the next day to touch each other. The poor elderly man was probably scarred for life considering we forgot a silencing spell.

Because of the thoughtless Dursley's Harry has never been on a plane before so we chose to travel the muggle way. It was certainly exciting despite the stupid homophobes who had the audacity to glare at us when we held hands. But there were also really nice people, such as this sweet couple we met at the airport. They had a child and I almost cried at how happy Harry was to be playing with the little girl.

A nudge brought me out of my thoughts, "Hey, you alright?" I gazed down at Harry and hugged him close. Resting my head on Harry's, I looked through the glass and saw the airplane take off. The roaring of the plane engine filled my ears, "We should be boarding in a few minutes," I nodded and kissed the mop of messy black hair. Our hands clasped together and I looked down.

I grinned as I fondled the ring on Harry's finger. Then I looked at the matching ring on mine and embraced my husband ever tighter.


Sorry i took so long getting this out. I can't believe how fluffy this is but oh well. So i finally finished my first multi chapter fanfic, yay! It's not my best but i feel proud. :) Hope you enjoyed reading!