Spoiler based on preview for 7x10. Dean angst.

Okay, so I couldn't help myself.. I mean I didn't even look at the word this week until about half an hour ago and then this drabble flew into my brain. Didn't have much time to look it over so I hope it doesn't suck entirely. :)

"Hold up."

"I can't… I need a…"

He stops.

"I need some air."

He fidgets.

"A.k.a. you need a drink."

"Lay off. This shit with Bobby is enough without you riding my ass."

"Fine, go ahead. I'll text you if he dies."

He slams him to the wall.

"Don't. You. Dare."

He storms away, fists clenched to hold the shakes at bay.

"Dean! Wait, I..."

He steps out into the night, pulls the flask from his jacket and downs the contents in record time.

The burn travels through his icy veins and his lips curl to form an unhinged smile.

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