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Morgana stumbled into her abandoned cabin, the image of her uncle's still body refusing to leave her memory. Whatever she had been planning to do once she got to the cells, killing Agravaine was not it. In truth, Morgana was still unsure why she had gone to visit him in the first place. All she knew was that hearing of Agravaine's illicit activities from her spies in Camelot had sent her into a spin.

Sinking onto the small cot in the corner of her hovel, Morgana continued to replay the scene in her head. Agravaine's shamelessness and threats had grated on her immensely, but what Morgana resented most about her uncle's actions was the fact he thought he was doing it for her. Secrets and lies were at the root of what destroyed Morgana's life in Camelot and, yet again, someone who was meant to be protecting her had cast her aside for their own selfish reasons. Uther had convinced himself hiding Morgana's birthright would be better for her in the long run, but all he really wanted was to save face. It pained Morgana that Uther had ultimately rejected her and left Arthur as his sole heir. To add insult to injury, Morgause had told her Arthur was born of magic – requested, no less, by the man who apparently abhorred it.

Morgana's stomach lurched at the thought of her half-brother. There was once a time – and it seemed so long ago – that she thought they would marry. Of course back then it was unknown to her that Uther would have forbidden it, so Morgana had flirted with Arthur, enjoying the attention. Over time he lost interest in their flirtations and became attentive and thoughtful – to the point where she thought Arthur had been enchanted. In a way he had. The moment she realised Arthur was in love with Guinevere signalled the end of a promise Morgana was unaware she had hoped for. From then on, she had been forced to watch Arthur as he expressed his devotion to Gwen time and time again. Morgana would give anything to have known they shared a father before she had imagined them to have a future.

Morgana hated him. She hated that Uther had brought him into existence when she had been disowned as if she was something to be ashamed of. She hated that Arthur had chosen Gwen over her, even though he had had no idea they were related. Most of all she hated that for the most part, Arthur was kind, good-hearted and undeserving of her hatred. Furiously brushing aside bitter tears, Morgana lay down and willed herself to fall asleep.


The voice sent a chill down her spine. Sitting up abruptly, Morgana surveyed the room, noting that although it was incredibly small, it was empty apart from her. Concluding that the distressing nature of her thoughts had affected her sanity, Morgana settled down again; her body tense.


Somehow the voice was resonating in her mind. Morgana knew that if there were indeed others here, they would not have heard it. Somehow the voice was only meant for her to hear.

"Who's there?" Morgana called into the darkness, cursing the fear that was evident in her tone.

Let me in Morgana…I can only help you if you let me in.

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