My first chapter story. I would like to thank my Beta Matt cause he is awesome (and if there are any mistakes its his fault for not catching it!) but thanks Matt. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Noticing

Loki was sitting in the library. Surrounding him were books, staked as high as himself. All of them were written on different subjects, but the ones closest to him were all written on the war. The war on Jotunheim. Many of them were written for scholars hundreds of years older than the fourteen year old, but the young prince read them with ease.

Loki was intrigued by his father's cunning and strategic plans, but also his brutish killing strength. As he read more he noticed the authors point of view of the subject; the writer felt remorse for the fallen Jotuns. It surprised Loki that he, himself felt the same. This was something he couldn't understand, Loki should hate the Frost Giants for stealing his father's eye. He should be angry like Thor always is toward the Jotuns, but he thought of all the innocent Jotuns that lost their lives.

He wanted to stop thinking of his conflicted emotions and the murdered Jotuns, so he grabbed the book closest to him. Its cover probably as old as him; carved in it was "The Day of Victory". It told him about how Odin killed many Jotuns and how he lost his eye fighting King Laufey. He heard so many things about this day, but the one thing that Loki questioned the most was how did he fit into the picture?

The day after Odin came back from Jotunheim, Loki entered the world. There were no stories of his birth or Frigga ever being pregnant with him. He wanted to know why there were books written about Thor's birth but none about his. Was he not an Odinson? Did Frigga cheat on Odin while he was away at war? Or was it that nobody cared about Loki enough to write about him?

Loki wanted to know because Loki was always just a bit curious.