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Chapter 5: Mother's Words:

Frigga was in her garden as usual, tending to the wide variety of plants she kept. She was just watering her Rose; a Midgardian plant that Odin had brought to her some years ago. She loved her Rose, not just because it was pretty, but because Loki helped her plant it.

She heard a crash. As she looked up, she saw a window had been blown out, of Loki's room. Her expression changed from serenity to horror, and she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. What was wrong? Had he and Thor have another brawl? Or did a prank go wrong? It didn't matter. She ran past the guards and servants, not caring about the looks she was getting or the whispers she heard. The only thing she cared about right now was Loki.

As she reached the large door to her youngest son's room, she heard sniffling and what sounded like sobbing. The next thing she heard was a grunt of anger and a crash of a vase shattering. She then had enough of this and barged into the room without knocking, because it might give him warning to put on his mask, hiding his true emotions.

As she looked around Loki's room, she noticed that it looked like an army of Jotuns had war in there. She saw books scattered, pages everywhere. She noticed vases smashed with the flowers spread out across the floor. The window was broken with the curtains flying out in the wind. Her eyes focused on her son on the ground, sobbing. She walked over to him and sat beside him, and she took him into her arms and hugged him.

Loki did something unexpected: he opened up to her. He told her about all the questions he had. He told her about how he felt like an outcast; even Odin treated him as such. Loki went on to ask one simple question, "Am I Asgardian?"

Frigga was caught off guard. She was worrying about how her son felt. Outcasted. Alone. A freak. She couldn't tell him what he truly was because Odin would be furious with her for ruining his perfect lie. So she had to lie to Loki, she told him he was as Asgardian as the land itself.

She tried to stop his tears by telling him everyone was different. Some born different have advantages others don't. While Thor might be a fine warrior, he wasn't as cunning as Loki. He replied with that the other Asgardians are more warrior driven and none can do magic. She told him that magic was a gift only certain people in the nine worlds can perform as naturally as him, and that some favor knowledge in Asgard, like the scribes.

Loki had calmed down from his outburst of magic. Frigga wiped the tears from his red, swollen eyes and picked him up off the floor. They both surveyed the damaged room; Loki was awestruck by the force of power he unleashed upon his room. He then apologized to his mother, and she didn't mind. Too much. She then left the room, telling Loki to clean up, and she will send servants to help with the mess. Frigga walked down the halls, for her next target was her husband.

Odin was sitting in his grand hall, upon his golden throne like he did every day. Frigga strolled in and walked up to him. She told him that this was something personal, so he dismissed the guards. As soon as they all left and the door clicked shut, Frigga turned to glare at Odin.

She told him she was sick of the lies. They were hurting their son, and he didn't see it. She yelled at him that he was degrading Loki to make Thor look better. She argued that he needed to pay more attention to Loki and love him just as much as Baldr and Thor, or they might lose him to jealousy and anger. They needed to tell him the truth about Loki's true origin before it comes back to haunt them.

As Frigga finished her long rant, she was out of breath, and a tear was running down her face. She cared for Loki; she felt closer to Loki then to Thor. Blood didn't matter, she was the mother Loki called for when he fell, or when he had a nightmare. Love makes a mother, not blood.

She waited for Odin to respond. He looked at her surprised; he didn't know what to say. So he made a promise which he didn't keep, and a lie he tried to make his guilty mind believe. He told her he would spend more time with him and try not to idolize his other sons too much. He told her that he loves Loki like a true son. He tells her that the reason he brought Loki back from Jotunheim he felt sorry for the abandoned princeling.

After Frigga left happy with the promise Odin made, but soon forgot. Odin was left in his throne room alone to ponder his own thoughts. The real reason that he brought Loki back wasn't because he cared for him. It was for two reasons that he wasn't proud of: one, to make a treaty with the frost giants and, the second he wanted to make Thor shine. He knew a frost giant would grow up differently than a normal Asgardian. He would make a contrast to Thor. Loki was the dark to Thor's light.

Loki was a magic user and a trickster; both were frowned upon in Asgard. Thor was a warrior and a noble person; well liked among the citizens. The people will love Thor and want him as their king, and Loki only made him seem more and more like the golden child of Asgard. Odin felt guilty for even thinking about this idea so many years ago, but he had to keep it this way.

In a flash of emotion, Odin felt like he needed to give Loki at least some emotional support. Odin arose from his throne and started to walk to his son's room.

As he reached there, the door was open. Loki stood alone performing some incantation, and a vase that was smashed near him, picked itself up and fixed itself. He then heard Loki sigh as he put the vase back on a table. Odin noticed the damage that was done to his son's room. It was cleaner than what his wife depicted earlier, but still a mess. Loki turned around, and he was surprised to see Odin standing in his room.

Loki bowed to his father and greeted him. Odin felt bad, Thor wouldn't have greeted him as such, but Loki was distant from Odin and treated him more like a king than a father. Loki asked him on why the King was in his living quarters. Odin replied with a simple "We need to talk".

Odin put his hand on his son's frail shoulder, not knowing the weight of it was a strain on Loki's tired body. Odin then noticed what Frigga was talking about. His son looked worn, the rings under his eyes purple and his eyes red from tears. He told Loki he was sorry for over reacting earlier and lied to him, saying that he was worried Loki's magic would react with the Casket. He looked at Loki a small sign of a smile on the verge of coming upon his face.

He then pulled Loki into a hug and promised to treat him more like a son and more like an equal to Thor. However, he knew he wouldn't keep this promise. They walked down to the feasting hall together, like he did with Thor on occasion. Loki was thinking too. He felt so happy to finally have the respect that Thor got. He was finally being treated like his equal.

Odin felt for once he can show love towards his son, but he knew it couldn't last. He needed to keep to his plan; Loki will be the dark to make Thor shine brighter. He didn't know though, that years later this will cause Loki's madness. This will lead to war within the family, and cause more damage than good.