My winning entry for the Iron Pen Writing Challenge. The secret ingredient this month was to write from the POV of a piece of clothing.

Thoughts of a Gentleman

Waistcoat/Vest's POV

1903 Glasgow, Scotland

Entering with a spring in his step, and a click of his cane along the marble floors, we arrived at The Willow Tearoom, 217 Sauchiehall Street. Having been here only once before since its opening four months ago, Edward and I had grown incredibly fond of the small place.

It was classy, it was high-end, and it was the perfect place to meet up with the girl we would be marrying. I say we because she would, in effect, become part of my life, too. Under no circumstances would I allow my Edward to marry anyone who would make him unhappy.

Thankfully, the man had found the perfect girl.

After being shown to our table, Edward removed his top hat, and placed his cane against the side of the table. From there, we waited. While he spied the other patrons, I spied the other waistcoats.

This was where I got to show off. I was a rarity among the pack, you see. Fashion had changed since King Edward VII took the thrown. Single breasted waist coats were becoming all the rage, and double breasted, like myself, were being dismissed like trash. It was scandalous.

Like many of the others, I expected to be thrown out, but my Edward cared too much. Either that, or it was the fact he spent half his months wages on me. I was no casual waist coat, I was special. I was made of dove linen, had eight marvellous buttons, and was steel grey in colour. To many, I looked dull, but if anyone took the time to know me, they'd see I was special.

As it turned out, I didn't have much competition in the room. My rivals were all single breasted and only had four buttons at most. Nothing to worry about.

Feeling a pull of my material, I noted Edward taking out his pocket-watch, once again, to check the time. He played with it, like a young boy, constantly opening and closing the lid. It drove me insane, and the other patrons. They were casting disapproving looks his way, but Edward never noticed.

With a sharp inhale, and a push against my magnificent buttons, I searched for the source of my owner's surprise. She was here, and she was making her way towards us. As elegant as ever, Miss Swan smiled charmingly, and Edward all but fell out his chair.

He rose quickly to his feet, bowed his head slightly and helped Miss Swan sit down, nervously talking the entire time. I wanted to tell him to be quiet, she was already smitten with him, but alas, I was not made to speak.

"Miss Swan, thank you so much for agreeing to meet me," Edward gushed, falling back into his chair.

Thankfully, Miss Swan didn't seem to notice his buffoon behaviour.

"I'm very thankful that you asked, Dr. Cullen." Even her voice was lovely, and I couldn't help but be charmed even more by her.

"Oh please, call me Edward, it's only fitting." I could feel Edward getting incredibly warm, and it was not pleasant. I knew he was nervous, but he needed to calm himself.

The weight in my other pocket was growing heavier by the second, and I'm sure Edward felt that way too. I had been there when he bought it, and I believe it to be the best in the store. Having met Miss Swan on many occasions, I knew this to be the day things would change.

"Fitting how?" Miss Swan asked, looking rather curiously. My buttons beamed with pride at Edward, he was a smooth man, after all.

"Well, Miss Swan, today is the day I intend to ask for your hand in marriage." Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew the ring, and gently held it out before her. "Will you marry me?" And with that question, Edward's heart flew into overdrive, and my stitching became frazzled.