New Twilight

Chapter 1

Moving Houses across the Pond

Edinburgh, Scotland - Harry's home

Harry Evans sighed as he packed his last box up; it was something he was very familiar with. He was also familiar with living on his own, even though his parents bought places for him they were never there. Harry held a secret, one that he couldn't share with anyone; he was also a shame to his family. Everyone in his rightful world thought 'Harry Potter' had died just after his brother Troy Potter was born. Hell there was even a grave in the Potter cemetery but of course it was empty nobody other than very close family and friends knew that. You see Harry was born into a magical family, a magically powerful family and even before he was born strong expectations had been heaped upon him. Unfortunately for him and his parents, they had proved beyond Harry's powers or rather the lack of them. Harry was what the magical world referred to as a 'Squib' someone without any magical power what so ever. Harry had been one year old to that day when Troy was brought into the world, and that's when Albus Dumbledore (a powerful wizard also the Headmaster of Hogwarts) checked him for magic. James Potter had been utterly horrified that his child was a squib. It was the biggest shame in the wizarding world, without more ado they had checked Troy to make sure and he proved magical. It was then Harry was placed in the Muggle world brought up mostly by a nanny that Lily and James paid for. They didn't abandon him completely they visited him on his birthday and a while on Christmas and sometimes they dropped by to see him over the years it had become less and less.

Harry never wanted for anything, other than the love of his family, he had loved Rebecca though. He had thought she was his 'new' mother for the longest time once not understanding that that just wasn't possible to have another mother like that. He had gone to the best schools, always had the latest gadgets which he had just finished packing. Something he did when Lily and James feared he was close to being detected. Now though they were sending him overseas using the fact a Muggle murderer was going around killing people in Edinburgh to get rid of him. Harry knew the real reason though; he looked too much like James Potter for their comfort. James feared people finding out more than anything else in the world. As if it would make him less a man, less a wizard in the eyes of the purebloods.

Harry knew he had two siblings Violet Lily-Rose Potter and of course Troy James Potter (something that had been decided when Harry was leaving. James had wanted at least one of his 'magical' children having his middle name as tradition dictates). What Harry didn't realize, was that his own brother and sister didn't even know of his existence, but he wouldn't have been surprised.

Harry sighed as he was lifting his belongings and placing them downstairs to wait on the car that would take him to the private jet which would take him to his new home. Yes he had full bank full of money, yes he was free to do what he liked, but it wasn't what he wanted and he would never have what he wanted. As the saying goes we always want the thing we don't have as true as it was; was it right that a boy was denied a family? Just because he was a squib? No it wasn't right but life wasn't fair and Harry had learned that from a very young age.

He had already said goodbye to Rebecca, she was thirty two years old, with two children of her own now and she wasn't coming. For the first time in his life he was truly alone, his parents had gotten him a house of his own when he was fourteen and Rebecca had married and become pregnant. Rebecca's husband did not want to bring up a boy that wasn't even related to them and unfortunately for him Rebecca had agreed. It was rather ironic as they would have only seen him during the summer. Harry never left school during the holidays preferring to stay where he was wanted than bother Rebecca. So in the end she had agreed to make sure he was safe and happy when she could and that had been the way it had for four years.

England Somerset Glatonbury - Potter Manor

"Mum where are you going?" asked Violet curiously she was their youngest and thankfully quite the witch. Their parents never worked during the summer, opting to spend time with their children.

"Yeah?" chimed in Troy not wanting left out of the conversation.

"We have somewhere to be," said James quietly. "We won't be long, only a few minutes in the Ministry before we can spend the weekend together." James was the Head Auror and in charge of the entire department, his best friend Sirius Black was in charge when he was gone for the two and a half months during the summer.

"Alright, I'll get my broom just in case!" grinned Troy wickedly, who was much like his father in looks and personality. He was also Harry's double, which had made things hard for both James and Lily for a while.

Troy was sixteen years old that was how long they had abandoned their child for. Violet was fifteen years old of course and Harry was seventeen year old.

James was even more sullen as usual, this year he should have been celebrating the trace coming off his first born son. He should have been celebrating his boy becoming a man, officially a free wizard able to use magic. A shot of pain laced through him why didn't Harry have magic? His brother and sister did. A sigh of frustration left his lips; he loved as much as he hated his son at times. As hard as he had tried he hadn't been able to stop loving his son completely. When Harry had first been born, he had been so damn proud, then the first year had been magical watching his son learn to sit up, talk, crawl and walk gain his first teeth. He watched scenes pass through his closed eye lids, as he felt his eyes tear up slightly. At the end of the day he knew he had done best by his son, or rather he deluded himself he had.

The question remained would Harry have been happy growing up in a household as his parents praised his siblings for something he couldn't do? Would he have become bitter and disgusted with the lot of them? Or was it right to leave him in the Muggle world where he in his world. Everyone seems to forget that Muggle born's siblings were quite happy for their brothers or sisters most of the time. Of course there were a few exceptions and one was close to the Potter family (Petunia Evans-Dursley).

Unfortunately for the Potter's it wasn't something they could find out.

They would have to live with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their life.

That was something James Potter thought about all the time and it scared the living day lights out of him.

Forks Washington - USA - Cullen Residence

"Alright, thank you." said Carlisle his face showing a very rare frown as he pushed the end call on the phone. He put the phone down and sat in his office shaking his head in irritation. Half a year ago he had tried to purchase the land next to the land he owned. Alice had given him the thumbs up that someone intended to buy it, so he had tried and failed to buy it. Every one of his prices had been upped until he grew exasperated and let whoever wanted it so badly to have it. The house was similar to the one he currently lived in Esme had loved the house so it's where they had come. They had originally planned on coming here two years ago; instead they had only come a year ago. Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie had just finished junior year and were once again going to be attending senior year. Alice and Edward were next to take the spot of being a junior they had just finished their sophomore year.

"What's wrong?" asked Esme coming in, her delicate looking hands wrapping around Carlisle from the back comforting him as he had done for her countless times.

"The land and house that was bought…someone's moving in." replied Carlisle. Things were about to get difficult for his family, nobody and nothing other than that house was within sight. He had never thought anyone would want to buy it, and now he was paying for his thoughtlessness. That house was within seeing distance twenty five feet to be exact; he was going to have to have blinds installed.

"Oh dear, don't worry Carlisle there's nothing we can do now…you did all you could. We can now just hope for the best we still have at least another five or six years being able to stay yet." said Esme softly, her soft caramel coloured hair pulled up into a loose bun. Strands falling randomly down her back, random it may be but it looked purposeful. She was a small beautiful woman who loved everyone unconditionally and mothered her vampire children.

"We can only hope," said Carlisle offering his wife a smile, Carlisle was the oldest of his family. Even older than Jasper and that was saying something as Jasper was a Civil war foot soldier. Jasper though is thirty years older than Esme in vampire years; Esme was older than him in looks.

Alice and Jasper were bowling, something they liked to do together themselves. It had become quite a tradition to the two vampires; bowling had after all been around a very long time just like them.

Emmett and Rosalie were shopping for a new car. Rosalie had seen a new red shiny car she had taken a liking to. Of course Emmett already had his truck so he was happy. Edward had just 'passed' his driving test and got a Volvo for passing his test. From his parents or at least that's what the world would believe.

Edward was currently out driving, something he liked to do almost as much as playing his piano. They had actually managed to keep that piano for three years without having to replace it. School was starting back up in four days, it was currently September 1st and the vampires were making the most of their free time. They didn't get much of it; they moved did junior and senior years at school. Attended college, then moved to start the circle all over again basically.

Edinburgh Scotland - Harry's house

Harry sighed as he looked around the empty house, for the past six years it had been his home. He lived in Edinburgh, Scotland and had used to attend a boarding school called Loretto in a town called Musselburgh. The school uniform was far from flattering but at least everyone looked the same. Before then he had lived in England and attended a boarding school for children aged 5- 18. His parents had moved him (and Rebecca came as well) to Scotland when he was twelve years old when he started high school.

The boxes were gone now; the movers had put them in the truck the car was waiting. Unfortunately his parents had gotten him a limousine and a driver, he would have preferred just a small car to get to the airport in he hated standing out. Standing 6' 2" he was slender but muscular. His low cheekbones but strong defined jaw line, straight nose only slightly crooked. Thanks to a football game that went wrong, but it had mostly set right again. Thin but not to thin lips, right now half a smirk resigned on Harry's face. Something he automatically assumed so nobody thought he was unhappy or put out. It was actually a defence mechanism, a strange one but one none-the-less.

"Harry!" shouted a voice familiar but very unfamiliar to him.

Turning around he arched an eyebrow and replied "Aye?" his Scottish accent thick and noticeable compared to his parents 'proper' speech.

"We just want to wish you well," said James awkwardly, and all meetings went like that. The day they see him on his birthday (July 31st) only for an hour, as Troy's birthday was the same date. Yes they were born a year apart to the exact date; Harry had been three months old when Troy was conceived. It was just as awkward on Christmas; they usually visited later on at night normally at eight o' clock. By then he had already gotten the card with the money receipt in it.

"I'll be fine, I always am." said Harry staring at them no emotion showing on his handsome face. He had learned to be emotionless around them years ago; his…James couldn't hide any emotions if he tried it. In reality it wasn't hard to be emotionless around them he felt nothing in regards to them. If he did he had buried it so far down that even he doesn't realize it.

"Take care of yourself," said Lily softly.

"Will I ever see ya again?" asked Harry, he wasn't sure he wanted the answer to that question but he stood stock still, staring straight ahead at them. Starting to feel stuffy in his leather jacket. He knew how to speak properly, after growing up in England but he liked to talk how his pals had spoke.

"We aren't sure,"

said James looking at his wife almost as if he was asking for permission or confirmation.

"Right, well, I gotta get goin' I have a plane to catch, it won't wait even fur me…" said Harry clearing his throat.

"Goodbye Harry," said Lily softly, watching her son nod jerkily, sliding into the car and watching him leave in the limousine. Lily knew her son was handsome, more handsome than James had been at that age. Then again it might have something to do with the clothes and not seeing him in cloaks and school uniform.

It had been hard to let her son go, but she knew herself first hand just how bad jealousy could get. Petunia had begun beating her up, sneering and snarling at her all the time. It wasn't something she wanted for Troy and Harry or any other child she had. She didn't want Harry wishing he was magical just because they were, pining and wishing for something he would never have. There was nothing wrong with the Muggle world, it was more advanced and it was his world. It's where he belonged and to live there he needed to go to school. Plus the way James had reacted, she couldn't, wouldn't choose Harry over her husband and Troy.

"Come on let's go home." said Lily eventually coming to herself.

James' brown eyes watched the motor driving his son away with a tortured look on his face. He wondered silently what Harry would have been like growing up with him with Troy, Lily and Violet. Would he have been exactly like Troy? Fond of flying? Cheeky, cocky and headstrong? Demanding but with a good head on his shoulders? His brown eyes darkened in self disgust he would never know. He shook his head no point in pondering, no point in torturing himself nobody could find out Harry was a Potter. It would stain his family name. It was a shame he wasn't a more loyal man.

Will Harry truly be a squib? will he have powers locked away? will Voldemort be a part of the story or will all Harry have to worry about it parents who dont care? find a family in the Cullens and gain magic? have the Potters try and win him back? I dont normally make the Potter's redeemable (i know i know so not like me) so ... will they be reedeemed or not? will Violet and Troy survive? or die tragic deaths leaving the Potter's hollow? how will the Cullen's meet Harry? will edward be able to read Harry's mind? will alice see his future? is it a bleek one? will he have a vampire stalker in the end with the name Tom Riddle? turned into a vampire he tries to rule the vampire world instead of the wizarding one? having no magic left tom hadnt had a choice? so many directions this story can take and you my people will determin it Read and REVIEW please!