New Twilight

Chapter 36

The 'Vampire' Talk

The rest of the day went rather quickly, everyone around them gossiping about the fact Carlisle and Esme had been called to the school. When the others had been told, it had made things tense; cautious…who had taken the file? Who was after Harry now? The thought of it being his parents turned their stomachs, it wasn't the first time they'd used a normal person to do their dirty work, Rebecca had been normal. After all they had done, they were showing concern now? There was no other logical explanation for it. Tabby had gotten in touch with her father, basically for confirmation, and they were told what they already suspected. The folder shouldn't have been touched, nothing disappears like that, and so someone had entered the office and removed it.

"What did Mr. Greene say?" asked Harry, as soon as he was in the house. He claimed his seat as Esme cooked dinner. Edward had went up the gone up the stairs, Carlisle had not gone back to work after being called in, so Edward was off to see him. There was stuff he just had to talk to him about; with a bit of luck he'd have some ideas.

"That they are doing all they can to find out, unfortunately it won't be easy they don't have a definitive date and time when it was taken." said Esme shadows of worry lingering in her eyes, she didn't like this. If anything happened to Harry…Edward would be inconsolable. No, she refused to think that way, Harry would be fine, Edward would find out who and why someone had done it.

"I didnie look does it actually huv scratches ti prove it was broken into? Or was it just explained that way because they didnie want to accuse the staff?" asked Harry, scratching at his head curiously, the heavy watch leaning against his neck causing Harry to smile unwittingly.

"It has long jagged scratches, it was definitively something like a knife or some other implement used to break into it." said Esme; they'd tried to smell if anyone had been around it recently, unfortunately the scent of the headmaster had been the only thing there. The rest of the office…was a different matter but they couldn't accuse everyone that had stepped foot in office now could they?

"It's bloody weird," said Harry, why would they want his information, there was only a few things there most of it had been blank.

"It is odd," agreed Esme, it had certainly never happened to any of the others in all the years she'd been alive.

"Ah well, never mind," replied Harry shrugging his shoulders loosing interest.

"Just be careful, and try not to go anywhere without one of us," said Esme cautiously.

"Aye," said Harry in agreement, more to placate her than actually intending on listening to her.

"Is Edward taking you to the test centre?" asked Esme, ducking into the oven and removing the piping hot food without oven mitts. Placing everything on the plate, and passing it over to the hungry teen, especially if his grumbling stomach was anything to go by.

"Aye," said Harry drooling at the food, he had so much homework to do today, they'd piled it on. It was going to be a long night, but thankfully Harry knew what to put down, he'd done something similar at Loretto School. It got to him doing homework the most, that he should be free of school.

"Have you been practising?" enquired Esme, busy cleaning up. Most of the appliances were still new, having never been used so not much scrubbing was really required.

"Nah, not really," admitted Harry, "Just a bit at lunch the day."

"Harry!" admonished Esme, unlike Vampires Harry couldn't remember everything, and his human brain couldn't process everything and retain it.

"I ken I shouldn't have left it si late." said Harry wryly speaking through one side, as his mouth was filled with grilled steak at the moment. "I'll remember enough though." with a bit of luck anyway.

"I hope so!" said Esme sweetly, "You're a smart young man, I have no doubt you can pass with flying colours."

Harry felt his cheeks heat up as he smiled at her.

"Oh he'll pass," said Alice from up the stairs, speaking loud enough for the human among them to hear.

"I dinnie suppose ya can see who has my folder?" asked Harry as he polished of his plate, eating the last roasted gravy covered potato.

"Sorry," said Alice sounding upset, much to Harry's surprise.

"Nah, it's fine, honestly. I mean it, don't worry about it." said Harry feeling guilty.

Esme stared up at the ceiling her eyebrows raising in surprise at what she was hearing.

Hopping off the stool, he put his plate in the sink and began washing it; he turned when he heard the front door close.

"Harry, Carlisle would like to speak to you," said Esme, "He's in his office. Would you like dessert when you come back down?"

"Why does he want to talk to me?" asked Harry suspiciously.

"Nothing to worry about," said Esme, shooing Harry in the direction of the stairs.

Yeah, thought Harry, that's why his stomach had dropped down out his backside then. With dread he reluctantly made his way up to Carlisle's office, his stomach churning. He had a feeling it wasn't just one of the others that had left, but them all. He stood outside the door, debating on whether to knock or just run home! Then Carlisle spoke.

"Come in Harry," said Carlisle his voice sounded amused.

Harry bit his tongue to stop himself responding at how Carlisle sounded, too happy for his liking.

"What is it?" asked Harry staring at the vampire guardedly.

"Sit down Harry," said Carlisle a strange smile on his face, one Harry wasn't used to from the vampire. Sort of like the cat that got cream and a canary to boot. He was always so compassionate, he seemed to convey that through his smiles, that and sympathy too.

Harry sat down his green eyes observing the 'Sire' of the coven with trepidation; he said nothing just waited on the other shoe dropping.

"Harry, there are some things you need to understand about vampires when it comes to sex." said Carlisle.

"Oh, hell no!" said Harry standing up, his cheeks going red in mortification he wasn't going to sit here and talk to Carlisle about sex. He was going to murder Edward; he couldn't believe he'd asked his dad to talk to him about something like this. Oh, Edward was going to be in big trouble, he wasn't going to touch the vampire with a barge pole.

"Harry," said Carlisle the same smile still on his face. "It needs discussing."

"Ha! He should have told me himself, don't worry I willnie be touching him." said Harry crossing his arms, shaking his head in exasperation.

"It's not easy resisting the urge to claim your mate, the rest of us were lucky indeed, since they were already vampires." said Carlisle. Chuckling slightly, "We couldn't bear to be around Emmett and Rosalie for months after she found him."

"Too much information," said Harry gagging at the image in his mind.

"All I'm saying is go easy on him, it hasn't been easy for him." said Carlisle sombrely. It was obvious Harry didn't want to sit down and discuss it. Humans were funny when it came to discussing sex education, even when their doctor asked them a few questions about how regular they were. They were reluctant to tell them, he couldn't say he understood, it hadn't been discussed when he was a young boy, but he'd seen his father with people often enough. Mostly he just figured it out on his own, perhaps because he hadn't had a mother. His father hadn't exactly been warm and welcoming or around, preferring instead to run around after people he suspected of being vampire and witches.

Harry just snorted, oh Edward was going to regret this big time, and he'd never been more embarrassed in his life. He'd already been given the talk, at school sex education class. He hadn't been the only one embarrassed beyond belief, so it made the entire thing more bearable. His entire class had been there, most of them had been red or pale and clammy by the time the teacher finished, with the exception of him of course. Or so he convinced himself.

"Maybe." said Harry, "Can I go now?"

"Of course," said Carlisle smiling again.

"Thanks," said Harry wryly before making a bee line for the door, barely refraining from slamming it shut.

"Don't, just don't." he said to Esme who looked bemused, as he made his way back down stairs. This had been completely mortifying without knowing everyone had heard it.

"Here you are," said Esme placing dessert on the table, jam roly poly with custard, she'd made it herself and Esme hoped he liked it.

"Ta," said Harry sitting himself down again, looking at his dessert without looking at her.

"I hope they get back soon, otherwise you will be late." she said rubbing the worktop down with a wet cloth then ran to the other side of the kitchen to finish the rest off.

Harry didn't even blink used to the speed vampires could move at. Strange really, just a few weeks ago he wouldn't have been let in on their secret. So much had changed; he understood all the odd quirks the family had. Nobody eating, or drinking come that and how everything was always so clean and tidy. It wouldn't take Esme to clean the entire house if she wanted to.

"Is it easy pretending to be human?" asked Harry.

"In what way?" questioned Esme standing beside him her kitchen completely clean.

"Well acting normal, it seems to easy rushing around...if I could call it rushing," said Harry.

"Oh, I see what you mean, it is difficult to begin with, its so natural for us to go fast, not blink, standing still, as natural as it is for you to breathe. We have to consciously think about doing these things." said Esme.

Harry nodded thoughtfully. "Even now?"

"Oh its much easier now, but we do like to stop once in a while." replied Esme smiling sweetly at him. "It's why we like to buy secluded spots; to we don't have to hide at home."

"I bet you were annoyed when my place was bought." chuckled Harry at he ate.

"Concerned, not annoyed." said Esme fibbing slightly, not wanting Harry to think badly of them.

"Uh-huh," said Harry green eyes sparkling knowingly.

"Edward just wants what is best for you Harry," said Esme changing the subject.

Harry didn't reply, a few minutes later the door opened emitting the others who all couldn't meet Harry's eyes.

"You ready to go?" asked Edward coming in as if nothing had happened or changed between them.

"Don't ya dare touch me Edward Cullen!" snapped Harry much to the vampires mortification.

The others were barely able to suppress their amusement.

"It's no funny!" cried Harry his cheeks heating up again.

"We've all been through it," said Emmett grinning from ear to ear.

"We have to go," said Edward, attentively.

"This so isn't over," said Harry stomping of towards the car exasperated.

"See you later," said Edward tail tucked between his legs as he went after Harry, unlocking the car as he went allowing Harry to get in. "Do you want to drive?" hoping to get into Harry's good graces again.

"No," said Harry immediately, arms crossed staring straight ahead.

"I'm sorry," said Edward admitting that wasn't easy at all.

Harry just snorted as the car started and Edward drove off into the darkening night.

Tightening his hold on the wheel, Edward thought about how it was best to patch this up, he'd made an enormous mistake asking Carlisle to talk to him. That was pretty obvious, Harry was a very private person - he'd royally screwed up.

"Can you remember how hard it was going through puberty?" asked Edward deciding it was best to do it this way.

Harry remembered alright, he'd gone through it alone, with nobody to ask questions, secluded from the world. Not for long through, because books had always been his best friends, he'd read about it all. It didn't help that he'd already gone through several of the changes by that time. His voice changing, constantly growing, his clothes had never fitted him long during those two years. Then of course there was the fact he was becoming sexually active, a very frustrating time if he was honest. He didn't get why Edward was bringing it up. "What about it?"

Edward was saddened by Harry's thoughts, he had been himself as well, he'd never have dreamed about asking his father Edward Senior for or about anything. He'd been very emotionally distant, nothing like his father Carlisle. Yes he'd been allowed whatever he wanted, from piano lessons best educations…all the books he wanted other than the love of a father. His mother had played the mother and father role during his human life. He'd loved her more than anything else, and she had loved him too. Till this day he often wondered if she had known what Carlisle was, was there even the slightest possibility she'd been magical? Severus had said magical beings could detect them. He'd always been able to read people, maybe his magic had manifested differently? He'd never know, because venom wiped out the core, and his mum was gone. "Do you remember how little you had control over your responses?" asked Edward.

"Obviously," said Harry, wondering where he was going with this.

"This is ten times worse, vampire emotions are extreme, and I've gone my entire immortal life never feeling like his. Not even for a second was I attracted to anyone physically or emotionally…until you came along. If I were to give in to my urges Harry I could kill you, we are so strong compared to humans…I could crush you within seconds." explained Edward. "You aren't helping matters either." he ended exasperated.

"I haven't either," said Harry indignantly.

"Never?" asked Edward surprised.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Fine, I'll stop."

"I don't want you to," admitted Edward quietly, so softly that Harry had trouble hearing it.

"You can't have your cake and eat it too buddy!" said Harry.

"I know," said Edward his lips twitching into a smirk.

"Well the quicker you turn me the better then," said Harry smugly.

Edward stiffened just hearing that, his body agreed with Harry's assessment but Edward's heart didn't.

"What now?" asked Harry frustrated.

"I always wanted to marry someone before sleeping with them, it was tradition in my time…it isn't so easy to let go." admitted Edward as he parked the car outside the test centre with only three minutes to spare before Harry's appointment.

Harry groaned, as he climbed out the car, not even wanting to think about the statement at all. "You coming?" he asked peeking into the car.

"Yes," said Edward getting out the car beeped closed as they left it behind.

"Harry Cullen, I'm here for my written exam." said Harry.

"Of course, stall two," said the receptionist.

"Good luck," said Edward grinning smugly, glad he didn't have to retake the test every time he 'moved'.

"Ha-ha-ha," replied Harry moving away.

Will we see Harry bonded to Edward with just a small selection of people there? the snapes and the cullens? or will it be a proper wedding with everyone they know attending? will harry invite his siblings? and use it as a means to get to know them? or have them come a week before the wedding/bonding and harry liking their company enough to invite them to stay for it? harry is a lot now than he used to be and less suspicous so it wont be so difficult to know his siblings if you want it that way...if not its cool either way i'm not fussed i can write it any way i like :D thats why i love writing. so yes or no to liking his siblings? wedding or bonding? how about both? just remember harry has enough magic he just cant access it so it will allow them to bond on the basic level maybe even severus pouring enough magic into it so they can feel the bond? without either of them being magical and able to feel it more when harry is a vampire too?

I have decided against making Harry magical, while it was what i orignally planned when i first started it...I realized it WOULD be to cliched, but it woudl be funny tho a big screw you to the Potters :P i think i'm going to have him with a gift. So it's either an elemental, an absorber, able to take other vampires gifts and use them as his own (either temporarily or for good which would make him actually really formidable in his own way...especially with all the cullens and denali gifts maybe even a WIZARD's magic ;) haha ok i;d admit too cheesy but would be cool yes or not? ) OR teleportation able to go wherever he wanted whenever he wanted with blocker added in so nobody with tracking abilities could find him or those within close proximity of him. harry spent his entire life worried about being it does make sense for him to have that. READ AND REVIEW PLEASE GUYS!