New Twilight

Chapter 37

Speaking To Alice And Holiday Plans

Edward sat on the roof, something he had stopped doing when Harry came into his life, or rather when he accepted the bond and actually began befriending Harry. He stared out at the horizon, it had been a busy month for everyone, and he wanted to do something for Harry to help him relax and just have fun. Three weeks ago Edward had realized who removed the folder by sheer happenstance when Swan had thought about it within his vicinity. It should have been obvious in hindsight, when Bella began asking questions about the area Harry was from. Using a school project as way of excuse.

He had gone to the Swans residence and taken it, of course it was shredded and set fire to afterwards. Then Jasper subtly began to use his gift on Bella, changing her feelings towards Harry. Nothing drastic, just removing the seed of obsession to general friendliness and barely that. As fun as it would have been to throw her under the bus, she hadn't done anything so it wouldn't have been fair. Carlisle believed humans had the capacity to change; it had rubbed off on all of them. With the exception of Rosalie and Jasper, but funnily enough they'd mellowed since Harry came into their life. Unfortunately one couldn't expect miracles, especially given their age, and how much they have to get over.

Afterwards a few good things happened; Harry had passed both his written exams and his driving test. He was legally able to drive now, and Edward had bought Harry a car. Not that his mate knew yet, it was currently being delivered and would take up to five days. It had been his first opportunity to buy something for him, and he hoped Harry didn't get too 'you shouldn't have' with him. He just wanted a chance to spoil him, despite the fact he knew that Harry had gotten everything he wanted growing up. With the exception of a loving family, his parents and siblings. Oh he knew Harry would have given it all up in a heartbeat to have a family. The potter's were diabolical, instead of letting him be adopted by someone and having a family, they'd paid someone to take care of him. On the subject of family, a week ago Harry had finally written to his siblings. Edward had seen how insecure and apprehensive and slightly bitter Harry had felt while writing it.

"Not seen you up here for a while, what's wrong?" asked Alice popping her head then her body out of the window and flipping up and joining Edward on the roof. Crossing her legs, as always managing to look like a graceful ballet dancer no matter what she did.

"Just thinking," said Edward, which was difficult to do with everyone else's thoughts constantly following him. He wished very desperately to go somewhere totally secluded and just sit for half an hour. His thoughts would be his own; it would be so peaceful and serene.

"About what?" asked Alice, just because she could see things didn't mean she knew everything about her siblings or their thoughts. No that was Edward's talent, and his alone. Thankfully he wasn't one to nose in and try to help when it wasn't wanted.

"I'd like to take Harry on holiday, just for a week or two, but I just don't know where. Every time I bring it up he managed to change the subject." said Edward amused. He didn't push not wanting Harry to realize what he was up to. He wanted it to be a nice surprise; considering Harry was unpredictable he wasn't sure how it would go down.

"Harry would love it!" squealed Alice.

"I don't suppose you know where?" asked Edward hopeful, perking up hearing her thoughts. Why hadn't he thought about that before?

"Why not go to Scotland? Let him show you around his home town." suggested Alice, aware that Edward had already heard her thoughts and focused on something.

"He does miss it," said Edward, plus he'd never gone to Scotland in all the places he'd been over the past hundred years. Despite the fact the UK had cold weather; the sun came out too frequently for them to stay. Even Carlisle had longed to visit his own hometown for well, a very long time. Harry had been moved too young to really remember England, so didn't consider it his true home. Although he didn't want Harry bumping into Rebecca, honestly, he worried it would set Harry back to where he was when they first met. "I worry he might bump into people he knows."

"You underestimate how strong Harry is," replied Alice, "He's very strong for a human, and he will make a fantastic vampire."

"Do you see him as one?" asked Edward surprised.

"Oh yes, sometimes." said Alice a grin on her face. He was also a good look human, who was going to be a mesmerising vampire. She couldn't help but squeal, everyone was finally happy, it had been a long time coming. To think in the begining Edward had denied his mate, such a stupid move to make.

Edward rolled his eyes at her.

"Why not take Harry to my Island?" said Esme from the living room where she and Carlisle was watching a movie. They rarely got a chance with everyone there, but Rosalie and Emmett were hunting, Jasper had tagged along with them.

Edward smiled at that idea, nobody would be there, apart from the cleaning lady who came by once a week. Which meant there'd be no listening to the entire town's thoughts chatting away in his mind. He'd be alone with Harry and it would be a holiday for both of them. It was a good idea, perhaps he could do both, spend a few days in Scotland then make their way to Esme's Island, if Harry wanted to go of course. "I think that's what I'm going to do." decided Edward his mind made up.

Alice stilled seeing the vision passing before her eyes before letting out another squeal, "Oh he's going to love it!" she cried in happiness. It was the best thing ever to Alice when things worked out, she was constantly happy. The total opposite of her husband of course, which was mentioned a lot but she couldn't care less. In this family she could see most mates were the total opposite. Fun loving Emmett mellowed out bitchy Rosalie, she'd made Jasper less defensive, although Esme and Carlisle were very similar both compassionate and loving. Edward was showing Harry how to love and be loved.

Edward really missed Jasper when he left, Alice was too hyper without him, only with him was she calm but unfortunately never quiet. Grinning wryly at her, he stood up and made his way off the roof, and back in through his open double doors and slid them closed. He didn't want Harry getting sick, even though the heating was on for him.

Staring over at his sleeping mate, he couldn't help but watch him completely fascinated by his dreams. He could only get glimpses of images, just like he could only get some of his thoughts. One thing he'd never get used to, seeing what he looked like through Harry's murky human eyesight. It's something he'd miss when Harry became a vampire, along with his green eyes. When he got happy they twinkled, which was happening more and more recently these days. Shaking off his thoughts, he grabbed his phone, leaving the room and spoke to someone about hiring a jet to Edinburgh airport. As good as they were at resisting blood; it was much too risky getting on a commercial plane. One loss of control would kill everyone in the plane, a bloodbath, and with a human mate - let's just say Edward wasn't prepared to risk it.

"How has he been?" asked Esme from where she was cuddled into Carlisle, speaking to Edward who was walking down the stairs.

"I think writing to his siblings was therapeutic," admitted Edward, if not nerve-racking to begin with. Harry had kept going to the owl before backing away, not sure if he actually wanted to send it. In the end he'd worked up the courage to attach it to the owl's leg. The owl (Hedwig) had flown off before he could try and take it back.

"What did he say?" asked Carlisle also turning away from the movie to face Edward.

"Not much," said Edward, not wanting to reveal what Harry's private correspondence with his brother and sister. As always Harry was extremely private, it didn't matter how fond he was of the others. He wasn't used to anyone being curious about him, or knowing his business. Its how he'd realized a month ago he had made a huge mistake going to Carlisle for help. Not only had Harry been angry but slightly confused and a little put off. "Ask him about it tomorrow if you want."

Carlisle just smiled in amusement and shook his head at his son.

"I hear you decided to take Harry to Scotland?" questioned Carlisle.

"Yes," said Edward staring at his father curiously.

"Remember the weather is cold, Harry will need warmer clothes to keep his temperature from plummeting, it's colder over there than it is here." replied Carlisle, ever the doctor.

"I can go and get him some new clothes!" chimed in Alice immediately flashing down the stairs her amber eyes filled with hope.

"Harry doesn't like showing off," said Edward bluntly, and knowing Alice she would get Harry clothes he was uncomfortable wearing.

"I promise not to go overboard!" begged Alice jumping up and down hyperly.

"Fine, but we are only going to be in Scotland for a few days, and then we are going to Esme's Island," said Edward, and then Harry wouldn't need anything, other than shorts and a few t-shirts.

"Don't worry I'll get him everything he needs!" squealed Alice. "I'll back soon, tell Jasper not to worry."

"Alright," said Edward, knowing Alice would go whether he agreed or not. He just hoped she didn't go overboard, but then again if she did they could buy what they'd need in Scotland.

And then Alice was gone all that could be heard was the screetching of her yellow car as she high tailed it out there.

When Harry woke up the next morning he was surprised to see bags littering the entire floor of the bedroom. His eyebrows shot up as he gazed at the bags, what the hell had Edward been up to? He knew Vampires didn't sleep, but Edward always said he usually just read or played the piano. Not buy out entire shops, out of sheer boredom either that or he'd robbed the places. He was fast enough; they wouldn't catch him on the security tapes after all.

"Alright, this is bloody ridiculous!" said Harry swinging out the bed, trying to find one bit of floor not currently covered with clothes. "What poor store have you put out of business until they order everything again?"

Edward laughed as he entered the room, "That was pretty much my reaction." commented the vampire coming into the room. Picking up the bags so Harry could get out of the bed, and placing them on top of the others.

"Alice?" guessed Harry.

"Who else?" replied Edward grinning in amusement. He just couldn't bring himself to be annoyed; he'd know Alice would go overboard. He just hadn't anticipated how overboard she'd go.

"Are ya getting rid o' your auld wardrobe?" asked Harry curiously, stifling a yawn.

"Do you think this would fit me?" asked Edward wryly, picking up the t-shirt and putting against his body. Harry was bigger than him, making the T-shirt look baggy against him.

Harry stared at Edward drolly. "Oh rite whats goin' on?" he asked bluntly, beginning to feel suspicious.

"I thought since school was on holiday, we could go on holiday, just the two of us." said Edward gauging Harry's reaction.

"Really? Where?" asked Harry curiously. That's the one thing he hadn't been able to do, go on holiday with the others at school when they went to France or Germany. The only thing he'd been allowed to go on was field trips in the country other than that he'd been denied. Rebecca hadn't let him go; he wouldn't put it past being something Lily and James demanded.

"Two or three days in Edinburgh, I want to you to show me around. After that I'm whisking you of to a fortnight of seclusion in Esme's Island." said Edward. "Severus has agreed to let you come today to get a lesson in Potions since you'll miss two."

"Esme's Island? Where is that? Or do ya mean the island actually belongs to Esme?" queried Harry, sitting back down on the bed.

"Isle Esme is an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro." explained Edward. "Carlisle gifted it to her."

Harry whistled impressed, "I bet that's a gift that's hard ti beat."

"So you aren't against it?" asked Edward surprised.

"I'd luv ti go," said Harry feeling excitement thrumming through him.

"You already have everything you'll need." said Edward gesturing to everything on the floor.

Harry's eye twitched as he looked around, picking up one of the bags reluctantly, and removing the clothes. "Damn,"

Edward grinned in amusement "Nothing to say?" he asked innocently.

"She hus got gid taste." acknowledged Harry bemused. He had nothing to say, he liked them, it's the sort of stuff he'd buy himself.

"She does, Alice mostly gets everyone's clothes, with the exception of Emmett and Rosalie. That's only because she and Rosalie mostly go together, and it's Rosalie that buys Emmett's stuff." Confessed Edward, "They pay for it if anything gets ruined as well."

"When wiz the last time you went shopping?" asked Harry out of curiosity.

"Three years ago, we split up when its 'college time' before moving." replied Edward.

"Did ya live alone?" asked Harry zipping up his new black jumper, and then sliding into his skinny legged jeans. There was absolutely no room to manoeuvre; it was a good thing the jumper was long.

"Sometimes not all the time," admitted Edward.

"Alright, Potions then packing. Ya coming?" asked Harry leaving the room but as always, Edward was right beside him.

"I'm driving!" shouted Harry grabbing the keys before Edward got a gist of what he was up to, by reading his mind.

Edward couldn't wait until the Mercedes Guardian got here; somehow though he had the feeling Harry wasn't going to be as happy about it. It was a lot more money than just going on holiday to Scotland and Rio de Janeiro. He would stick to his guns though, he needed Harry safe, and he'd spare no expense when it came to doing it.

There we go Bella has been dealt with and kindly too i didnt want it taking over the story :D so will harry see his siblings while he's in edinburgh? his brother and sister apparating to see him? or shall that be a hit and miss? i see you want Harry to be an obsorber okay i think thats what we might do but will he only be able to control one at a time? or be able to collect as many as he wants? but remember it wont be very powerful he will only be able to use one particular gift at at time, like reading minds...empath...using magic...etc... will Harry keep whats left of his core or will he be unable to brew potions when he's turned much to Harry's sadness? R&R PLEASE!