New Twilight

Chapter 38


"How am I supposed ti explain this if they look inside it? I mean Severus said I wisnie supposed to put it in ma suitcase?" asked Harry, gesturing to the bag the Potions Master had given him. They were currently packing everything they were taking with them. Or rather he was now, Edward was already packed sometimes he envied the vampire speed. He'd given him a set of things to take on holiday, such as stomach soothers, pain reliever's, a salve if he ended up bleeding and something called 'Gillyweed' which would apparently let him breathe under water for an hour. Harry doubted very much he'd be using it; it looked like a bloody rat's tail he shuddered at the thought of it anywhere near his lips.

"They won't be interested in it, he added some sort of charm to it." replied Edward waiting patiently for Harry to finish packing. His life had changed so much, and he was grateful for it. He was no longer alone, it was nice, being able to go somewhere with a partner. Like his siblings had been doing for a long time, and it wasn't including when they went to 'college' as it were. "Didn't you hear him?"

"Nah, I didnie." admitted Harry wryly, must have been when he immersed himself in the potion. Zipping his suitcase up, he had everything he'd need, well other than money, but he could just go to the bank before they go to the airport. No he could just withdraw the money at the airport. He didn't want to risk overseas charges by using his card in Scotland. The irony in the statement amused him greatly, considering Scotland was his hometown - America really should have been considered the 'overseas'. Ah well, that was life, such as it is. "Done."

"I'll get it," said Edward picking it up without even straining himself.

Harry coughed and raised an eyebrow, before sighing and shrugging his shoulders, what the hell? Why get into an argument about who carries what? In a few hours he'd be in Scotland again, he couldn't wait, excitement thrummed through him. Grabbing his new leather jacket that Alice had gotten him, unlike his other one this had padding in it. It would most certainly keep him warm, he'd keep his old one though, and he was fond of it. Harry bound down the stairs, uncaring at the noise he was making, he'd never felt like this in a very long time. Honestly he felt like jumping around the room, squealing just to work off his energy. Harry couldn't remember the last time he'd felt like that.

"Have fun," said Jasper from where he was sitting, Alice as always right next to him. Calm as she was for most part in Jasper's company.

Edward threw Jasper an exasperated look, leading Harry to believe it wasn't just an innocent remark.

"Oh we will," said Harry smirking right back.

"Do you have everything you'll need sweetie?" asked Esme standing next to Carlisle.

"Aye, if not well it's too late eh," said Harry wryly. They had to leave now otherwise they would be late.

Esme went over and hugged Harry, she was going to miss him and her son as well. Two weeks may not be long for some people, but to vampires it was long enough. Once she was done fussing over a red faced Harry, Edward received pretty much the same treatment with one statement. "Try and keep it intact," said Esme. It wasn't easy replacing things on the island, and expensive as well.

"Esme!" said Edward scandalised as everyone laughed in amusement.

"Did you write to your siblings and let them know you won't be available?" asked Carlisle patting them on the back, before wrapping his arms around his wife as she came back. He didn't know anything about this 'magical world' and after the way it treated Harry he had no desire to. So neither he nor Harry come to that, realised the owls could find them no matter where he went.

"Aye, I told em," said Harry nodding. He'd only written to them twice, simply answering their questions. He hadn't asked them anything yet; Harry still wasn't sure how to feel about them. He wasn't a dickhead and didn't want them to get excited, especially if he actually started hating them for having something he didn't. It wouldn't be their fault of course, but Harry knew emotion didn't think logically, you couldn't help how you feel.

"Rose and Emmett say to say goodbye," said Alice reading a message on her phone, "They aren't going to be back for ten, fifteen minutes."

Harry grinned in amusement, poor Emmett, he hated shopping with Rosalie.

"We best get going," said Edward, cocking his head to the side listening to Carlisle's thoughts, Harry's car was here, it must have come when they were at Severus' house. It was in the garage so he didn't have to worry about Harry seeing it until he was back thanks to his father. He certainly didn't want to begin their holiday with a fight and Harry being stubborn. He'd learned over the past few months that Harry was stubborn to the core.

"Cya later, guys." said Harry moving off towards the door, opening it so Edward could pass by with the suitcases. Thankfully they weren't that big, it was women who liked to try and take two suitcases filled with things they wouldn't use with them. Or that's what he had learned from Jasper and Carlisle when he was asking for a suitcase (with Alice and Esme scolding them like children afterwards much to his amusement). His suitcases had been ripped when they moved his stuff at some point between Edinburgh and America. He'd only realized a while ago, now they were in the bin.

"Why didn't you just have one of them come? Take the car back home? Save money that way." asked Harry as he climbed into the Volvo.

"It will be fine," said Edward starting the car.

"O'rite," said Harry putting his seatbelt on, unlike Edward he wasn't indestructible.

"Funny," said Edward deadpanned. He knew Harry wasn't like him, and it was killing him every day that Harry remained human. Each minute he wasn't with him he worried like a bloody new mother over him. He never thought he'd be saying this, but he couldn't wait until Harry was no longer human, but a vampire like himself.

"Well don't read my mind then," replied Harry realizing quickly why he'd said 'funny' honestly having a mind reading boyfriend took the fun out of everything.

"Where do you want to go to first?" asked Edward as he drove faster than the allotted speed limit fearlessly.

"Ever been ti Scotland?" enquired Harry curiously, realizing he'd never asked before.

"No," said Edward.

"We wouldn't huv met then, if I hadn't moved here I mean." mused Harry thoughtfully.

"One never knows," said Edward, "I think my father has wanted to go back to England for a while now."

"Scotland isn't England." said Harry biting his tongue painfully.

"No, no it isn't." said Edward smirking in amusement, "It doesn't have you or your accent."

Harry felt himself blushing a bit, feeling satified. This vampire wanted him, not anyone else, and it did make him feel undeniably smug. "Have ya ever read about Scotland then?" he asked hastily changing the subject.

"I know a great deal about every country, I read a lot." said Edward.

"You're avoiding the question," replied Harry observing the vampire curiously.

"Not really," said Edward slightly sheepish.

"You dinnie ken anything other than the wars di ya?" observed Harry smirking in amusement, no doubt most of which he'd got from Jaspers mind. Edward preferred music, languages and learning things mostly to do with the mind or medical. Edward had two medical degrees, from different college and university. That wasn't counting the others he had. Edward had his passions and he stuck to them, Harry had to wonder where the passions came from. He wasn't a passionate man, never had been, until he met Edward he hadn't had a reason to be either. He had been a robot, just taking it a day at a time, without any feelings whatsoever. He'd been through the ringer three or four times since moving here.

"Not much," replied Edward.

"Dinnie worry, by the time I'm done you'll be an expert." said Harry smugly. He's show him around all the interesting tourist spots. "The Tattoo will be on while we are there, I could book us tickets."

"The Tattoo?" asked Edward curiously.

"Aye, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, I went once its pretty cool." said Harry. "It's a show put on in Edinburgh Castle it's got music, dancing, ceremony and theatre." He knew Edward would like it since the vampire loved music.

"Sounds interesting," admitted Edward slowing the car down when he saw they were hitting traffic.

"Done," said Harry booking it on his phone, slightly surprised there were any tickets left.

"How much?" gaped Edward reading Harry's thoughts.

"Will ya stop doin that?" asked Harry exasperated.

"Four hundred and sixty pound to see a dance?" asked Edward surprised.

"That's pocket change ti you, don't think I didnie see the bag full of money under ya bed." said Harry wryly. "Plus I picked the Jacobite package. You get welcoming drinks, three course meals, backstage access, and outdoor arena to see everything without being in close contact with everyone else there…hundreds of people go to see this thing…I thought it would be easier for ya."

"Thank you," said Edward gratefully.

"Kent that wid shut ya up." said Harry grinning widely.

Edward just grinned in amusement as he accelerated finally back on a stretch of road that didn't have traffic lights every five seconds.

"Maybe even go do the tour o' the Castle during the day before the Tattoo begins," suggested Harry.

"Sure," agreed Edward, then he would have Harry truly to himself on Isle Esme. Thank god it was only two or three days in Scotland. Shifting in his seat, he regained his composure before he dented the steering wheel.

"I'm glad ya suggested this," said Harry honestly.

"You know what? I'm glad as well." said Edward turning into the parking bay at the airport, all they needed to do was get the car seen to then get on the private jet and be on their way.

I still dont know how to turn Harry into a vampire every way has been overdone and i'm not sure what to do...he has no enemies nobody wants to kill him...unless he gets hurt by a normad vampire? and Edward in an attempt to keep him safe turns him? or just have them decide to turn Harry feeling like its the right time? ahh i dont know obviously didnt think that through...R&R please!