New Twilight

Chapter 40

Meeting The Family

"What if he's not in Scotland yet?" whispered Violet urgently into her brother's ear as they continued flying what she thought could be north. She wasn't one hundred percent sure, what she did know was that she was freezing; they hadn't performed magic since leaving Hogwarts. She wished now she had used a heating charm on herself, and she wasn't getting much body heat from her brother, who had wrapped up warmer than her. She reverently wished she had done the same, but there was no backing out now, they'd been flying for hours. It was dark now making it even more impossible to follow the owl, thankfully Troy had gotten a snowy white owl or they would have had to give in over an hour ago, when darkness had descended. They couldn't use magic outside of school without being caught so that was also out of the question.

"We are still in Scotland," said Troy looking back at his sister, keeping the broom steady. He didn't remain that way for long, staring back around; he had to keep an eye on Hedwig. If they lost sight of her then they would be in trouble, in more ways than one. It was getting very late; he was stiff as heck, trying to keep both of them under the cloak. The broomstick had a disillusion spell woven into it before they set off. Keeping two people as tall as them completely under it was difficult, although truth be told with it being so dark it wouldn't really matter if they were lax. Looking around, cursing silently, he didn't know much of the landmarks; he wasn't used to the Muggle world. They'd been in the magical world their entire life, and if he wanted to work in the Missus of Muggle artefacts office, he really needed to get a hang on it. He was brilliant at charms, hence his desire to work in that field. His father wasn't happy about it, but he'd never openly said anything but Troy knew him. His dad wanted him to join the Auror corps just like him, follow the footsteps of every male in the Potter family for generations. He would have done it, just to make him happy…but now…he wanted nothing more to do with him.

"Look she's slowing down," said Violet perking up gazing at Hedwig inwardly praying that she was right and it wasn't her desperate imagination playing tricks on her.

"She's stopped," said Troy nodding halting his broom letting it float in midair. He prayed Harry would talk to them, get to know them. Otherwise what he said to his parents would be a reality; he would want nothing to do with them. They'd kept his big brother from him, and he was so angry about it. Tonight would be a deciding factor that ruled his future.

"Oh, Merlin!" said Violet flushing bright red, looking away completely mortified at seeing her brother making out with his obvious boyfriend. It wasn't something she wanted to see with anyone that was family or anyone at all really. She should be used to it, it happened often enough at Hogwarts. She'd even caught Ginny making out with Dean a few weeks ago; she hadn't been able to look at him since.

Troy rolled his eyes at his sister, but wasn't surprised by her reactions, for a fifteen year old she was innocent. Most had already begun exploring by that age, but for some reason she hadn't. Not that he wanted to know what his sister had been up to! That's why a big brother would have been welcomed his entire life. Merlin now he was here, he was so nervous, what if he didn't like the fact they were showing up out of the blue? What if he thought they were stalking him? His eyes widened upon seeing the creature, for he knew one when he saw one, a vampire. Harry was dating a vampire? Did that mean he wanted to know the magical world? A new hope filled him.

Troy and Violet jumped upon hearing Harry yell "Get in here!" and open the window as far as he could. Violet tightened her hold on her brother, feeling very apprehensive. She almost wanted to back out, tell Troy to turn around and go back home. He sounded so angry, not at all like the welcome she'd been expecting. She should have listened to Troy, he'd been trying to tell her from day one Harry might not want anything to do with them. Violet squeaked when Troy urged the broomstick through the window, then for the first time in hours they placed their feet on solid ground.

Edward focused on Harry's thoughts, or what he could read of them anyway. The constant chatter was driving him insane, for such a small island it was crawling with people. Their thoughts were irritating; he wasn't used to dealing with people on this magnitude. There was more than one reason they chose to live in small towns, this was one of them. God he couldn't wait to get on Isle Esme.

Edward could sense where Harry's siblings were, their thoughts got louder until he actually heard their feet on the ground a few steps from him. To his amazement they were uncovered from some sort of cloak that turned them invisible. The moment they removed it, he could see it, the simmering material was almost like liquid. He was impressed with all Potions could accomplish, fixing bones, recreating bones, healing burns and taking away cancerous cells, it was awe-inspiring. Edward couldn't help but stare at Troy, he was almost Harry's double apart from his mesmerising green eyes. Of course Troy wasn't as tall as Harry was either, or as filled out. It was no wonder if they just took broomsticks everywhere, they probably didn't get the exercise they should.

Harry stared at his brother and sister, his heart pounding loudly against his ribcage. They'd grown so much, when compared to the photo he had of them. Troy's hair was shorter, Violet's was longer, and they looked troubled, had it really bothered them so much? It seemed to be the case, especially if what Edward said was true, and people didn't have a habit of lying to themselves. It made him feel so bad for keeping his distance if they were willing to disown their own parents on his behalf. He was glad this hadn't happened earlier, he wouldn't have been ready for it. He still wasn't sure he was ready for this if he was honest, but part of Harry suspected if he wasn't confronted with this…he would have always felt unready. He didn't for the life of him know what to say.

"Should I go?" asked Edward speaking solely to Harry.

"I dinnie hink si!" said Harry adamantly, he wasn't going to go through this alone, he couldn't. All his life he'd been alone, mostly out of fear, times had changed. The thought of being alone actually terrified him if he honest and it wasn't because of his siblings. This was awkward enough; he needed some sense of familiarity around him. No, he needed Edward with him.

"Alright, I'll stay." said Edward firmly, not that he'd planned on going far or leaving the rooms. Just enough to give the siblings some resemblance of privacy. As if something like that was possible around him, he did have access to every thought in their heads. "Why don't we take this into the sitting room? I shall order some more room service." knowing neither Troy nor Violet had, had anything to eat or drink since this morning.

"Err…aye, o'rite." said Harry reluctantly acknowledging they couldn't remain standing, truth be told he didn't want to either; his feet were still killing him. He needed to get all the rest he could before the Military Tattoo tonight, which he was deeply looking forward to. He'd seen it twice, once on TV and the other he had actually attended, but with just cheep tickets. The only reason he'd bought the expensive ones was to spare Edward the agony of sitting in close contact with so many humans and keep the unaware humans from becoming his snack. Yes Edward didn't drink from humans, but as he'd said accidents happen.

To say the guy delivering more food to the room was curious would be putting it lightly, but Edward simply took the trays and closed the door. Not giving him money, but his mind was currently occupied, and he had just given him five pound not too long ago. He gave one each to Troy and Violet who were sitting on one couch, looked half impressed half worried since Harry wasn't talking. Once he had given them theirs, he sat next to Harry, and placed one next to them. Edward placed his arms possessively around Harry, so Harry knew he was here for him.

"This tastes brilliant!" exclaimed Violet licking her lips to remove the mustard and tomato sauce from her lips.

"You've never hud a burger before?" asked Harry staring at her oddly.

"No," said Violet, it must be a Muggle thing; she'd never had anything like it before at home or at Hogwarts.

"Weird," said Harry digging into his own food, leaning against Edward comfortably. She was right though, they were good burgers, and half the one he'd been eating before was still in the bedroom. To think he and Edward could have been having fun…oh well, there would be other times.

"So…how are you?" asked Troy awkwardly, Merlin he felt extremely out of place, but he would do it all over again just to see his big brother. Would he ever be as tall as him? He had their mothers eyes, what would it have been like growing up with him? Having someone to talk to? He'd never know unfortunately, and it turned his stomach something awful with that knowledge. What his parents had done…was so very wrong, but at least he felt bad - whereas their mother didn't feel remorseful at all.

"That's wot you've came all the way ti ask mi?" asked Harry wryly.

Troy bit his lip, unsure of how to respond, then there was his Scottish accent, he wasn't used to dealing with that. Seamus was Irish and his accent had been funny during first year, but he didn't know anyone Scottish or with such a broad accent. Not that he cared, the thing that was bothering him was the fact Harry didn't seem to want them here.

"Do you want us to go?" asked Violet wide eyed, and worried. How would they get back to Hogwarts? It was getting really late and would be next to impossible to navigate in the dark. They hadn't really thought this through, when they'd received the letter from Harry they'd all but jumped on the broom and began flying. Avoiding those disgusting flying, squawking, pooping seagulls, the metal Muggle contraptions they called Aeroplanes.

"No," sighed Harry, she looked as though she was about to cry, and he wasn't used to dealing with crying females the closest he'd come to having to deal with one was Bella Swan when he kept shooting her down. Rebecca had always been calm and composed when dealing with him, more like a friend than a guardian/mother as he'd thought of her when he was younger. "Nah, I don't want yas to leave."

"When did you find out?" asked Edward joining in the conversation.

"Five months ago," said Troy, "Since then I've searched everything I could to figure out what they did to make people think he died." speaking honestly and frankly.

"What did he tell them?" asked Harry curiously, he knew about this so it didn't shock him, he'd told Edward as well so thankfully he didn't freak out. Flicking a chip into his mouth, he was starving but he didn't want to eat too much otherwise he wouldn't have enough room for the three course meal he'd have at the castle.

"Everyone believes you died from SIDS, I'm not sure what da…James did afterwards," said Troy bleakly.

"SIDS? And everyone believed that? It usually occurs between two- four months old…it's extremely rare that a one year old child would die from it." said Edward scornfully, how stupid were the people in the magical world? "Then there's the fact he shouldn't have been allowed near the investigation, what about an Autopsy? How did he get around that?"

"Autopsy?" asked Troy blankly.

"It's how we find out if someone was murdered, the body gets cut open and they search for clues to how they die." said Edward, they didn't do autopsy's in the magical world. "Exactly how is a death dealt with in the magical world?" he was completely disgusted with what he knew so far, how easy it could be to get away with murder.

Violet and Troy both looked at Harry, wondering how he'd deal with the magical world being brought up by his boyfriend so casually. They were surprised to see he was actually curious…maybe he really did want to know about the magical world. It was just too bad he wasn't getting the better version, but unfortunately, given their parents actions it couldn't be avoided. Maybe one day Harry would come to the magical world, see it first hand and how beautiful it was. Although they didn't have the guts to ask him yet, maybe some other time. If there was another time, since Harry was only visiting Scotland right now. Soon he would be back in America; they might never have another chance to see him.

"I'm not sure how it happens," admitted Violet, she'd been very sheltered.

"The bodies either go to the Ministry to await burial, or the family can request the body stay with them…a process that's old in our world…to keep the body safe and give the family time to grieve. Especially if it's a child, they are…well precious in our world since there aren't many of us. Most families only ever have one or two children, with the exception of the Weasley's who usually have between three to seven." said Troy.

"What did they do to Harry to see whether or not he had magic?" asked Edward his amber eyes piercing. He was asking all the questions Harry had wanted answered since he was a young boy.

"It's a simple spell; nothing bad…" said Troy. "The man who performed it is our headmaster, professor Dumbledore. He tried to stop James from going through with it. I think he would have adopted you if he could, he and his partner Mr. Grindelwald adopted three children."

"I see," said Edward.

"Where you adopted?" asked Violet, replacing the metal plate coverer over the empty plate. The food had been delicious, then again anything would have - she'd been so hungry. Putting it on the table, staring at Harry beseeching him, she just wanted to know him. She and Troy had noticed Harry only ever answering some of their less personal questions; he'd never written anything about him or given her that picture she'd asked for. She had been thought though; Harry did look like Troy, and their father which he probably didn't like.

"Nah, I was placed in a boarding school from the age of five. Rebecca, the woman who was paid to look after me took me in during the holidays. I huv been living on my ain since I was fourteen. That's when she got me a flat o ma ain." replied Harry bluntly.

"They were wrong to do that," said Troy angrily, shaking his head it seemed every day that went by made him more furious instead of understanding. Not that there was any way he could understand what his parents done, to him it was unspeakable.

Harry stared at Edward, the vampire nodded at him, Troy was being truthful, and then he turned to stare at Troy. "Huv ya ever been in the normal world?"

"No, we haven't had the chance." said Troy. "I've always been curious about it, that's why I want to have a job that deals with the Muggle world."

"How about you?" asked Harry, speaking to his sister. HIS SISTER! He felt as though he was dreaming if not for the cold emanating from his boyfriend, sitting next to him.

"No," she said almost shyly. If it meant getting to know Harry better she'd take everything the Muggle world had to offer her though. The warmth in the room was finally seeping into her cold bones, having been flying for hours for that she was eternally grateful.

"Won't you get in trouble for being out of school?" enquired Harry.

"If we get caught yes, but I've got Ron covering for me, since it's the weekend nobody will know until Monday at the very least." explained Troy. "Ron's a year older than me but he's a good friend."

"You aren't on holiday?" asked Harry surprised.

"No, the American holidays must be different from ours." said Troy shaking his head.

A new silence stretched over them, but it wasn't as strained as the previous one. So they were at least making some progress as little as it may be.

"Did you know about us? I mean that you had a brother and sister?" asked Troy after ten minutes of silence.

"Yes," said Harry speaking properly.

"You knew?!" gaped Violet wide eyed, hurt shining in her blue eyes.

Harry narrowed his eyes at her, curbing the remarks on his tongue by simply replying "Aye."

"Why didn't you write to us?" asked Violet, "Didn't you want to know us?"

"Vi," groaned Troy rolling his eyes, she was also so quick to jump to conclusions and mostly the wrong ones. He knew he had better get her to be quiet before Harry lost his temper. Judging by how cold his eyes had gone, he knew it would be coming to the forefront pretty darn quick. "He had no way of getting in touch with us, for all he knew we knew about him too!"

"Oh," said Violet the hurt she had been feeling drained away leaving her feeling sheepish. "Sorry." she added, hoping Harry couldn't get mad at them and tell them to go away.

Edward tightened his hold on Harry, letting him know no harm had been meant by her comments. "Would you like to join us tonight? We are going to see a show?" asked Edward. Perhaps letting them spend time together without the awkwardness and silence may be better. Harry turned to look at him, closing his eyes with selected curse words chosen in his mind, well aware that Edward would get at least one or two of them. Edward just suppressed a smirk, he really shouldn't be meddling, and the last time Harry hadn't spoken to him for days afterwards. It was mostly out of embarrassment on Harry's part, not actual anger.

"I'd love to!" said Troy immediately, staring between the two looking for any sign that Harry didn't want them coming. He didn't want to interfere with Harry's relationship, not since they'd pushed themselves on Harry by coming here unannounced.

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