New Twilight

Chapter 41

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Harry was surprised to be able to get them tickets so late, since nearly all of them sold out in advanced, not nearly all, all of them did. People from all over the UK and world came to see the Tattoo. Unfortunately that meant he couldn't use an excuse, he wasn't sure what the hell he felt for them yet. Edward was pushing it and them on him, and honestly it was exasperating having a boyfriend who was so insistent on making everything right. What he failed to understand was it couldn't be put right, what had happened to him had happened…he would never really get over it. He would though continue on to the future, with his new family and friends, which surprisingly or unsurprisingly with however one chose to look at it, Severus Snape. It was because of him that Harry had a better outlook on magic and on the magical world in general. He loved Potions, they were utterly fantastic and he could read about them forever. He just wished he hadn't signed up for school; he'd had enough of school here without doing it again in the USA. He was thinking of leaving after completing his junior year, it just depended on how things went.

"Did ya no bring a jaikit wi ya?" Harry asked his sister coming back through to the living room.

"Did I not bring a what?" asked Violet blinking in confusion.

"A Jaikit," repeated Harry gesturing to his own thick warm jacket.

"Oh, no I didn't bring a coat." said Violet shaking her head negatively. She wished she had though, it was so cold here. Truthfully she hadn't realized how long it would take for them to get to Harry...she'd been stupid and thoughtless. At least Troy had a thick travelling cloak on.

Harry grumbled under his breath, but walked back to his bedroom, raking in his bags for the warmest jumpers he could find since he'd only brought one jacket with him. Troy couldn't go and attend this thing with a bloody cloak on it would raise eyebrows and Violet couldn't attend with just her thin top she'd freeze to death. Well it might have been an exaggeration on his part, and even worse Harry didn't understand why he even cared! Alright he must care even if it was only a little bit, must be a big brother thing that was ingrained on all first borns. Finding two, he wandered back through flinging them at the both of them.

"Put em on," said Harry sternly. "Take off the cloak." he added to Troy.

"Why?" asked Troy but regardless unclipping it and putting on the jumper realising just how small he was compared to his brother with so much room in it. He turned to Violet and bit his lip, she looked as if she was trying on their fathers Auror robes again, like she'd done a few years ago. They'd practically been hanging off her, or rather they had been actually, and back then things had been what he'd call ignorant bliss.

"Normal folk dinnie wear hings like that." said Harry sardonically. "How can ya no ken about stuff like this? I thought Lily wiz fi a normal family?"

"She is a Muggle born," agreed Violet.

"What about your Muggle grandparents? What happened to them?" asked Edward rejoining the conversation.

"They died before our mum finished Hogwarts," said Violet. "Mum doesn't like talking about them though; we don't even have a picture of them."

"We do have an Aunt though, something else she didn't tell us until a few months ago," said Troy darkly. "Apparently they didn't get on very well." which was why she'd chosen to abandon her son was left unsaid but heard as if it had been screamed.

"Widnie be hard ti find out where she is," said Harry thoughtfully.

"You want to see her?" asked Violet wide eyed.

"Dunno," shrugged Harry unbothered, it would be nice to know he had some blood out there that didn't care about him not having magic. "I huv ti wonder why she didn't give mi to her, I mean she obvious doesn't have magic." would he have grown up with a family? Surely she had one of her own maybe? Still having a family was better than nothing at all.

"It is curious isn't it? But they didn't get on so I doubt she'd ask her to take on her kid." said Troy cautiously.

"I'll get Emmett to investigate," said Edward quietly, typing away on his phone. Now that they knew more about the family, it wouldn't be tough to find the Aunt. Although he wasn't sure what to think of Harry suddenly wanting to be in touch with his entire family, it was a dramatic turn to say the least. Either way, he would be with Harry through it all, no matter what happened.

Harry grinned at him; Emmett would be over the moon for something to do.

"We better go, otherwise we will be late." said Edward looking at the time on his phone, if it had just been them he could have taken them in three seconds flat.

"Aye, orite," said Harry, "Lets go." feeling excited, he loved the Tattoo it was so much fun.

With that they exited the hotel, and began walking in the direction of the castle. Which wasn't that far away, unfortunately Troy and Violet didn't agree at all.

"How can you put up with this?" muttered Violet, as she trekked up to the castle. It never took them long to get anywhere, well with their parents anyway. Apparating or using the Floo to get to their destination they didn't have to walk far. It was the first time they'd used the broomstick to fly so far, thankfully Troy was skilled at flying being a Quidditch player. She had never tried out, she had been the ultimate girly girl, preferring to gossip and such and actually watch the games. Her feet were killing her! She'd never walked so long before in her life! Not even to get to the Astronomy tower for classes.

"Up wi what?" asked Harry turning back, finding her lagging behind, so was Troy come to that but not as badly. Edward who was beside Harry just chuckled under his breath, he'd hit the nail on the head earlier, they didn't get enough cardio in this magical world. Harry threw him a curious look but nevertheless shook his head in exasperation; well it was his bloody idea to invite them.

"Vi!" sighed Troy in frustration. "We're nearly there stop grumbling!"

"Fine," sighed Violet, her feet were going to be all blistered she just knew it. Too bad she couldn't use magic to help her, she couldn't wait. Too bad Troy couldn't but he wasn't seventh year yet, although it was coming around quickly. "It is beautiful, not Hogwarts beautiful but beautiful."

Harry stared at her drolly not amused, he'd always found Edinburgh castle extremely beautiful.

"I'll have you know, Edinburgh Castle is situated on Castle Rock. Castle Rock formed after a volcano erupted over 340 million years ago. The first castle that existed on the rock was known as The Castle of the Maidens. According to legend, the castle had been a shrine to the Nine Maidens, one of whom was Morgan le Fay."

"Morgan le Fay?" gasped Violet very familiar with her; the look she supported became one of pure adulterated awe.

"Castle Rock had been a military base and royal residence for centuries. However, the edifice that is known as Edinburgh Castle was built during the 12th century by David I, son of Saint Margaret of Scotland. The tensions between the English and Scottish monarchies nearly always centred on Edinburgh Castle. He who held the castle held rule over the city of Edinburgh and, therefore, over all of Scotland. Consequently, the castle was almost constantly under siege. The first major battle the castle witnessed was during the late 13th century when Edward I of England attempted to seize the then vacant Scottish throne. From 1296 to 1341, the castle bounced from English to Scottish hands several times during the First and Second Wars of Scottish Independence." said Harry as they continued to walk, now at a slower pace.

"Wow," said Troy and all they learned about was goblin wars.

"From the late 18th century to the early 19th, Edinburgh Castle was used to hold military prisoners from England's many wars. The castle became a national monument in 1814 after a mass prison break proved that the castle could not hold prisoners. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, the castle was slowly restored. Military ceremonies began to be held there and, in 1927, part of the castle was turned into the Scottish National War Memorial. The Castle is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland. The more than one million people who visit the castle each year witness military ceremonies, historical re-enactments, and can visit sites such as St. Margaret's Chapel and the Great Hall of King James IV." added Harry, he'd always loved his classes.

"Edinburgh Castle was turned into a prison but it wasn't just to hold anyone, but rather held thousands of military prisoners from the Seven Years War, the American Revolution, and the Napoleonic Wars." said Edward adding his own piece.

"1757," agreed Harry.

"What about Morgan le Fay?" asked Violet.

"What about her?" asked Harry blankly.

"Well she was a witch," said Violet.

"Hmm," was all Harry had to say, still deeply uncomfortable about how they were casually bringing up magic. He'd spent his entire life hating it; it would take longer than a few months for Harry to accept it completely, if he ever could. Before long they were at the Castle and being escorted to their room with a spectacular view of where the Military Tattoo would take place.

Once they got to the Castle, they were given welcoming drinks and Harry was the only one given alcohol the others were all given juice since they didn't look older than sixteen. Which Harry found amusing, Edward just shook his head slightly indignant. He was nearly one hundred years old, and he couldn't even get a drink, well, it was a good job vampires couldn't drink anyway. They then had the most exceptional meal they'd ever had in their life, Edward's food even disappeared it was just that brilliant.

"This is fantastic! Even the food at Hogwarts cannot compare!" cried Violet as she cleared off her plate.

"It was," agreed Troy, "Can I try the wine?" he asked Harry hopeful.

Harry snorted, "You ante old enough,"

"I've had alcohol before," protested Troy.

"Butterbeer isn't really alcohol," said Violet wryly.

"I had fire whiskey!" exclaimed Troy.

"You puked for hours afterwards," Edward said feeling amused. He hadn't done anything like that in his youth; things were so different, well slightly different peer pressure was the same but with different ways.

"Well…that's only because I drank too much," said Troy sheepishly.

Harry laughed deeply amused.

After their three course meal they were introduced to a Tattoo senior member of staff. Troy and Violet remained quiet, unsure what to say they weren't used to being around Muggles. Yet they adored the small performance by the Tattoo cast. Then they were escorted through the castle to their seating area, where they would enjoy the delights of the performances.

And what a performance it was, Troy and Violet were agape the entire two hours watching it. They never once wavered from the sights in front of them, gasping ridiculously when the motorbikes were out, and Muggles were doing all those tricks and without magic! It was a sight to behold for the two half blood's who'd never seen a thing like it in their life. Even Edward was impressed; you couldn't get a vampire to change their expression unless it was a genuine one.

"The dancing was divine, I'd love to do that!" said Violet trying to imitate them and failing badly, but she didn't seem to care she had enjoyed herself so much. It was better than watching Quidditch which was all she really got to see in the Magical world. She couldn't understand why her mother hadn't taken them places like this.

"Highland dancing," Harry pointed out just as Troy began speaking.

"They were crazy! What if they got hurt riding those bikes?" exclaimed Troy.

"Like its completely safe playing Quidditch," said Violet rolling her eyes at her brother.

"Quidditch?" asked Harry curiously, why was it dangerous?

"The game is played by two teams of seven people three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper, and one Seeker and involves four balls a Quaffle, two Bludgers, and a Golden Snitch. The Keeper guards the goal posts that are hoops way up high, while the three Chasers score goals with the Quaffle by tossing it into one of the opposing team's three goal posts its a big ball. The two Beaters keep the Bludgers away from their team and hit the Bludgers towards the opposing team those are really tough hard balls that can break your bones, and the Seeker catches the Golden Snitch to end the game. The snitch is a tiny golden ball and it flies extremely hard to catch. The team whose Seeker catches the Snitch is awarded 150 points, but this does not necessarily mean they will win if the other team still has more points after the Snitch is caught." explained Troy passionately.

"Huh, alrighty then," said Harry, sounded like a mixture of basketball and football to him, with some things added in to make it completely different not wanting to be assossiated with a 'Muggle sport'.

"Emmett has the information about your aunt." said Edward passing over his phone, letting Harry see what it said.

"Cool," said Harry, reading the information, Petunia Dursley Nee Evans, married to Vernon Dursley they had three child named Dudley Dursley who was actually the same age as him, older since his birthday was before his. Daisy Dursley who was actually the same age as Violet. Delilah Dursley was thirteen years old. They lived in number Four Privet Drive Surrey, all attended (or HAD attended) high schools so they weren't magical. He had three cousins, who were like him and he was very curious about them now. Although if this Petunia and Lily hadn't gotten on, he doubted she'd be very happy to see them.

"So who is she?" asked Violet curiously, wondering how any information could be found on such a tiny device.

"Petunia Dursley nee Evans." said Harry grimly.

"That's right, Sirius did say her name was Petunia!" cried Troy remembering what Sirius had said.

"She has a husband named Vernon and three kids, Dudley, Delilah and Daisy." added Harry.

"Three cousins? I wonder what they are like!" said Violet perking up, two girls, exactly the opposite from them. It would be really nice to know family, do girly things with them...but did they even know about the magical world?

Will they go see the Dursley's? and actually get along or will Petunia still be as bitter? or will Harry and Edward leave for Isle Esme promising to get in touch with Troy and Violet? will Harry finally be at peace and want to know his siblings without the hatred? will they be caught in Edinburgh or only be reprimanded after they get back to Hogwarts? after worrying the headmaster and their parents? R&R PLEASE! oh and if you are curious about the Edinburgh Military tattoo they have entire performances avilable on youtube for you all to watch...if you cant find them let me know and I'll send you a link!