New Twilight

Chapter 42

Goodbyes & Isle Esme

"You are going to keep in touch right? I mean we didn't go too far coming out of the blue?" asked Troy, biting his lip as he regarded his brother slightly worried. It had been so fun yesterday, between arriving and finally getting to know him, watching that spectacular sight of Muggles performing beyond his wildest dreams. Seeing the changes in Harry after he'd had alcohol, he hadn't seen as reserved, and dare he say slightly more outgoing? Still this morning he'd been rather subdued, he tried not to worry. After all it could be one of many things, that he wasn't a morning person, he could have a hang over, hell even he and Edward could have had an argument. Was it wrong to hope it was one of those things just so he could keep in touch with his brother? Probably but what he hoped mattered little in the grand scheme of things. If Harry wasn't going to keep in touch, nothing he did or said would change that regretfully.

"Ya did actually, but I guess stubbornness is a family trait," replied Harry half resignedly half amused.

Edward chuckled in amusement finding that the understatement of the century. Harry wasn't just stubborn, he was bull headed determined. It had only been through his self perseverance and tenacity that he'd succeeded in getting through Harry's heart. Although he had to admit Harry had wanted to let him in, he'd just been too scared of getting close, of being hurt again. He still couldn't imagine what Harry had gone through, as absent as his own father had been…he'd still had his parents. Both sets, as he regarded Esme and Carlisle more 'mother' and 'father' now, they had been for such a long time. Harry turned to look at him his face blank, but at the last second his eyes twinkled.

Troy grinned in happiness, showing all his white teeth as he did so, inordinately pleased of his decision now. He'd always thought down upon the Muggle world. They had no magic, whereas he did, even if he wasn't vocal about it…in fact Troy would bet most wizards did feel that way secretly. Well he had to take back his own thoughts, they were so adventurous! So thrilling and entertaining and that's just what he'd seen, he wasn't sure he'd rate it above Quidditch, but it had single-handedly been the best single experience of his life. He could barely find the words to describe it, amazing just didn't quite cut it. "Maybe next time we can come to America to visit you? After our exams?" suggested the younger male Potter heir.

"Hasn't the school just started back up?" asked Harry, arching a curious eyebrow, sitting down grabbing his breakfast that had been delivered to the room. Still piping hot, with lots of coffee, something he really wanted right now. He didn't have a headache, but coffee was definitely needed to lift the fog that seemed to have permanently moved into his mind. Nabbing one of the cups, he made himself one, sitting back against the firm chest of his lover.

"No, in fact it's almost over, and if we are lucky Aunt Tonks will have her baby when we can go see it." said Violet, her voice wistful in only a way a woman can get when talking about babies.

"Aunt Tonks?" asked Harry frowning.

"She's married to my uncle Remus, erm…well we grew up calling them Aunt and Uncle they've always been close especially Sirius, Remus and da…James." said Troy, feeling extremely tongue tied at the moment, for reasons he didn't really get himself. He was beginning to realize he would have to chose, between the Muggle world, his brother and the magical world and his parents. Both of them couldn't co-exist could they? Not without upsetting everyone, he was so conflicted. As conflicted as he had been when the news first reached him about what his parents had done.

"It's impossible to please everyone, believe me I know." said Edward quietly, speaking solely to Troy, even Harry couldn't hear them. Thankfully Harry seemed to understand that he'd picked something troubling out of his thoughts, and so concentrated on his food and Violet. "You can have everyone in your life; it just takes some getting used to, learning when to keep quiet so nobody gets upset. You are doing admirably well so far, do not try to choose between family it won't end well for anyone if you do. There will come a time when you cannot always be torn in two, where you will have to be one and whole for many years, and accepting that you have everyone in your life is the best way to do that."

"What age are you?" asked Troy, he knew the vampire was picking through his mind, he seemed to be a Legilimens. Yeah not many students his age knew about it, but he was from a long standing Pureblood family. One who believed in protecting yourself from every possible threat. The books belonging to the family were extremely vast; he hadn't even made a dent in them either yet. From what he explained it seemed as though he had no control over the gift and the persons mind he ended up reading. He spoke words of wisdom far beyond his years, or rather looks. His mind drifting, how could accepting everyone in his life make him whole? As apposed to being torn in two? Conflicted? Oh he hated riddles, but he would work it out, he had to. It would annoy the hell out of him until he did figure it out.

"I am just saying that you'll be worn down trying to be who you think you should be, not who you are." said Edward seriously. "Life is in search of your identity, which should already lie square on your shoulders by this age. Don't let what your parents have done affect you by making you feel ashamed of who you are."

Troy frowned, the riddles it seemed were much deeper than he thought, this wasn't just about the situation…this vampire was seeing right deep into the heart of him. Edward had seen it, when he'd only been in denial, or just not acknowledging it would be a more accurate description. He was questioning his very identity, he's often thought how James could be related to him…after what he did, and then it had turned into 'was he capable of the same thing?' Merlin he'd forgotten about all that in the worry about Harry not accepting him. Yet he must have thought about it since then, otherwise he wouldn't be having this conversation with a mind reading vampire now would he? The words were easier said than done; maybe having a talk with Remus when he got back might help. He wished they didn't have to go back today, unfortunately they had to, and he wanted to get back to Hogwarts before it got dark and before he ended up busted. He didn't want his parents to find out he and Harry had been in touch, that Harry was back in the UK, at least not until he was well enough away from them.

"It won't be easy but you'll get there," said Edward, before returning to his original spot on the sofa, beside Harry who was admittedly curious but not overly so and wasn't trying to seek answers. His age, well it wasn't something he admitted unless he had to.

"So? Can we come on holiday to see your new home?" asked Violet, staring at her big brother curiously, peeking at her other brother Troy now and again, wondering what they had been talking about.

"How wid ya get there?" asked Harry curiously, he couldn't see them flying in a plane when they can fly on brooms.

"Magically, probably Portkey, instantaneous travel from one area to the next, no matter the distance." said Violet, Troy didn't seem like he was going to talk anytime soon so it was down to her.

"Ah, should huv guessed." said Harry shaking his head.

"I'd love to learn to highland dance on holiday if I can." admitted Violet, the way they danced was so beautiful to her, she didn't care if the others got it or not. The way they moved in synchronisation without even a single hair out of place. They must have practised for so long to get it right, they were artistic, grateful and even the uniforms they had on added to it all.

"I'm no sure there are many places in America that wid learn ti dance like that." said Harry, not that he'd ever seen but one never knew really. He wasn't exactly the epitome of a social butterfly now was he? He preferred to be a hermit and live alone secluded from everyone.

"Hogwarts should have classes for Muggle activities," said Violet adamantly.

"Oh Vi! Don't go on another crusade!" sighed Troy in exasperation rejoining the conversation.

"Maybe," said Violet giving nothing away, Harry smirked at her in amusement wondering what her previous campaign had been about, probably something he wouldn't understand no doubt.

"Will you get back before it's too dark?" asked Edward.

"We should, I know how to get back, it was following an owl that made it so long, Hedwig stopped to hunt twice which didn't help matters." said Troy grinning wryly, but he loved her so he didn't mind. "This time I don't have to wait for anything, so it will probably shave two maybe three hours off my commute." he added, using the word his dad used all the time without thinking. It made his heart clench, but he didn't dwell on it, once he was in the privacy of his dorm, without a mind reader he'd think more on it then, especially everything Edward had said.

"You didn't answer my question," said Violet observing Harry, was it because he didn't want them coming? Or was he just still unsure about it all? He hoped it wasn't them though, truly, he hadn't known his brother long, but she felt connected to him…even if the understanding wasn't there.

"Aye, I'd like it if ya visited mi o'er there." said Harry.

Violet beamed at that answer, but a small part of her worried he was just being nice to them. She didn't get the entire sentence thanks to his rather…broad accent but she got the gist really and that's all that mattered. Ironic really, she'd been technically living in Scotland for five years, she should understand him better, but she didn't. It wasn't the first time, she had trouble understanding anyone, Seamus still spoke too fast for her and he wasn't even her friend.

"Come on then Vi, let's get the show on the road!" said Troy, his cloak in one hand the broom in his other. The jumper he'd borrowed from Harry to see the show last night, was fastened to his chest, his heavy travel cloak also on his back. Violet had hers on, even if it drowned her slightly, in fact she hadn't taken it off yet, not even to sleep last night. Hopefully he would get back to Hogwarts before it got cold this time. "Did you remember our lunch?"

"Yes, yes, yes, now come on!" said Violet, patting at her pocket. They were Muggle sweets they'd never eaten before, but if it was anything like the food yesterday, she was all for them. It was just to tide them over until they got to Hogwarts again, hopefully in time for dinner. It was going to be so difficult keeping what she'd seen to herself, giving a small smile to Harry, "I'll miss you." she added honestly. She so badly wanted to hug him, but he obviously wasn't ready or comfortable about that yet.

"Ill miss ya tae," said Harry, and surprisingly it was a bit true, he would have liked to get to know them more for a longer period of time.

"Bye, Harry I'll write to you soon. Say goodbye to Edward, for me." said Troy, hopping onto the broom and once Violet was on; he covered the cloak over both of them, expanding it so none of their legs were sticking out - heaven forbid. They didn't want to end up breaking the international statue of secrecy, that would just be one way to get James and Lily arrested as well as their uncles Remus, Sirius and Peter as well as maybe their wives if they knew. Edward had left to hunt, both Violet and himself had seen his eyes darkening, it didn't take a genius to work it out.

"I will, take care of yourselves." said Harry, watching them leave slightly worried. He hated that, he barely knew them yet he was worrying about them against his own wishes! Getting to know them might be a bad idea, he was getting too attached. Before long, the breathing and noise had faded away leaving him alone in the hotel room. He'd always thought he'd hate them for having magic when he didn't. They were nothing like Lily and James; they didn't use magic and mention it all the time. Although they sure mentioned Hogwarts a lot, but other than that they'd been amazed by what the Muggle world had to offer. He wouldn't be surprised if they investigated the world themselves later, maybe after Hogwarts.

Sitting down he thought about everything he'd learned about them in just one short day. They didn't care he was a squib, that much was obvious. Sighing softly, he had to wonder why Lily and James had been so dead set against it if his own siblings didn't care. It was kind of scary how much Troy looked like him, or what he had looked like before he began working out at the gym. He was much broader than Troy, and he probably would remain that way. Although there was a chance he would get taller, match him in height. Violet had changed from the still photo he had of her, but considering she's been really young it wasn't surprising. She didn't look much like James or Lily anymore, so it was easier with her on some point, despite the fact she was so…innocent, pure, untouched and untainted by the world around her. In the letter it had baffled him, now he didn't want to see it leave her.

"How are you feeling?" asked Edward jumping through the window like Spiderman without being seen by the Muggles (as Severus would say) around him by going so fast.

"Conflicted, part o' me wishes I hud just sent em away…" admitted Harry. "Much easier that way, ya know?"

"You liked them," said Edward, it's why Harry felt so defensive. When he felt happiness he ran, he just couldn't cope with the emotions. Or rather he hadn't been able to; he rather liked to think he was helping Harry overcome that constant desire. That day in the hotel room had been a turning point for both of them, and not just because it's where their relationship had truly started. It was because they'd been honest with each other, told each other their hopes and dreams, even their desires and everything in between.

"Aye," admitted Harry, even if he denied it Edward would still know how he really felt.

"They were very happy to get to meet you too," said Edward honestly, sitting down next to Harry, his eyes now gold. "Their lives have been blown to pieces by the knowledge their parents kept something like this from them. Making it worse that they had to find out on their own. Its worse for Violet I think, she looked up to her mother more than most children do. She definitely enjoyed the Tattoo and the dancing." but that was obvious, she hadn't stopped talking about it or trying to imitate them.

"Is it wrong that I hope James and Lily lose them?" wondered Harry; he'd always been rather vindictive as well as brooding and angry. Although he wasn't quite so bad these days, the Cullen's had helped him see what a real family was like. It was probably for that reason, and his conversations with Rosalie that helped him most when it came to his siblings.

"No, it's not wrong to want them to pay." replied Edward wryly, before trying to distract him, he didn't want Harry to be dwelling on the Potter's they weren't part of his life now. "Is there anything else you'd like to do here before leaving? The plane isn't set to leave for five hours, I put a reservation in at the hotel restaurant for dinner, the taxi will be here an hour later." then he would have Harry to himself properly for the first time in…ever. He wanted to spoil Harry since he'd bought him tickets to see the Tattoo, and he had loved it he must admit. Still he wasn't used to people spending money on him, although he had just bought Harry a brand new car.

"Nah, there's nothing else really," said Harry shaking his head.

"What about your flat and school?" suggested Edward.

"It's no ma home, plus its probably rented oot again," said Harry honestly, "And it will take o'er an hour to get to the school and back."

"How about we cancel the reservations and get the plane here now if it's possible?" asked Edward, it would mean they'd get there earlier. There was so much of Esme Island that he wanted to show Harry, he could hardly wait to start.

"Aye, sounds gid." Harry replied all for it.

"Alright." said Edward, already on the phone to reschedule everything earlier, having so much money - people were always willing to do as he asked.

For some reason i'm finding it difficult to write the chapters out! I think its time for the end to be coming, perhaps five or six more chapters. Is there anything you'd like to see? before it finished that is. Such as how you want the siblings relationship to turn out - good or just once a year meeting sort of thing? I suppose I could do a sequel of Harry's life after he becomes a vampire...but just a short one but no it would make more sense to just write a few chapters about it...maybe the muse will pick back up! will Sirius and Remus meet Harry? will James ever get any sort of relationship with him or will he accept he'd destroyed his sons life and leave him alone or will it take the vampires threatening him to make him back off? what will Tonks have? a boy or girl for Sirius? R&R PLEASE!