New Twilight

Chapter 50

Edward and Harry had come to an agreement to use the honeymoon period to turn him, Harry realized it was just stupid delaying the inevitable, and Edward was on edge constantly due to the threat that James Potter was especially to his still very human mate. As much as it scared Edward in turning Harry (he had never turned anyone before after all) the threat of James Potter was even worse, and so it was that Edward didn't protest as much as he would have at any other given time when Harry suggested it a mere few hours after eating the food he'd cooked up.

They were also hoping that James Potter couldn't track Harry after he was turned, a futile hope they believed, but one nonetheless. Alice had been unusually silent despite the fact they were making a decision about something that affected the future. She would have seen something her silence did daunt Edward a little, but he knew Alice, if it turned bad she would have gotten in touch immediately.

And so it was the reason Edward was trying futilely to comfort his mate who was in agony as he began to go through the change. Harry was curled up on his bed, face squashed into the duvet as he tried to ride through the agonising dilapidating pain. Edward didn't even bother trying to distract Harry or try and get him to talk; he knew intimately how it felt. Nothing helped, in fact for the three days he turned Edward had only heard Carlisle's thoughts on the third day of his turning, when it was tapering off.

He could remember Carlisle's thoughts, his fears that the turning hadn't worked due to his illness, the worry that he had put someone through the pain for nothing. The silent apologies for the agony he'd suffered, then of course when he answered questions Carlisle had not voiced, and him coming to the conclusion he had a gift, the ability to read peoples minds. Along the way getting thoughts of the Volturi and their gifts from him and a hell of all of other information in the process over the years. More information than he cared to think about or had any desire to know.

Harry would be just fine, he was healthy, and there was absolutely no threat to him turning, nothing that could cause him to die before the change occurred. Nevertheless despite the screaming his mate was going through, Edward kept his ears and eyes peeled in every direction of the cabin. He was not going to let his guard down and end up regretting it for however long he lived after (which wouldn't be long, he never wanted to go back to that cold colourless existence) James Potter wasn't the only threat out there after all.

Using his speed without fear due to their seclusion and his ability to know if anyone came near, he quickly grabbed a face cloth and wet it before wringing it so it wasn't sopping wet. He went over to Harry and began to wipe his face and neck, getting rid of the build up of sweat that was accumulating all over him. His clothes were drenched as well, but there was no point to changing him, not until his heart stopped only then would he cease sweating - stop everything really, including breathing.

Not only that but any freckles, birthmarks, tattoos (not that Harry had birthmarks or tattoos) or scars he had accumulated in his life would disappear as well. Which meant the scar from his broken arm would disappear. He was going to be breathtaking, Edward just knew it, and he'd been stunning as a human, which would transfer over to his immortal life.

He did for a moment wonder if Harry would receive a gift, and part of him hoped that Harry did. Harry had always ended up with the shit end of a stick; if anyone deserved to be special it was him. It wouldn't bother him the slightest if Harry didn't get a gift, but for Harry's sake he did wish it would happen. Although Harry seemed content and happy with the thought of just continuing to be able to shield his mind from him.

His ears picked up the sound of an engine miles away, above all the normal noise surrounding the area mostly animals actually. It was the first car he'd heard, scratch that it was two. They were going quite fast, James Potter had appeared in a taxi when he went to Harry's home so he shook it off, obviously James Potter couldn't drive.

Standing up again, he opened the windows as far as they would go, letting in a cool breeze to help Harry a little before going back to the bathroom to re wring the face cloth with cool water to start the process all over again. Trying not to jolt Harry too much, as it hurt a great deal to be moved and jolted around while in so much pain.

The cars continued in the direction of the cabin, inhaling sharply in that direction, a smile broke out on his face; he wasn't going to have to do this alone after all. His family had come to be with him, with them, their family he corrected himself as Harry continued to writhe in agony as the change went through him unaware of anything let alone their family.

Not even five minutes later the cars rolled to a stop beside Edward's own rental, as they piled into the cabin, Emmett for once unusually quiet. Alice must have told them about their decision to go through the change instead of waiting a fortnight.

"How is he?" Carlisle asked before he was even in the room. Observing his calm son with a nod of approval and pride, he wished he could say the same of his first turning. He'd been a mess, three full days of self doubt and bitter disgust at his own weakness, his own need for companionship. He regretted nothing, he had a family, and for all Rosalie's complaints he knew deep down she'd never actually say no to her only chance of revenge and her continued existence.

"He's in pain," Edward said resignedly, a grimace crossing his face, each scream that left Harry's lips was hurting him too.

"It is only temporarily son," Carlisle said in comfort, squeezing Edward's arm before moving over to Harry, Edward had chosen to bite Harry's shoulder he observed.

"He's going to be beautiful!" Alice squealed as she entered the room.

"How long do we have?" Edward questioned Alice, a smile twitching at his lips, as he saw Harry in Alice's mind, she was right, he was right, Harry was utterly stunning.

"Harry will have completed his transformation before James gets here," Alice said grimly, "He will wish he hadn't."

"What do you mean, Alice?" Esme asked, her caramel curls tied up today, her light gold/amber eyes filled with worry solely for Harry - James Potter she couldn't care less about.

"Are we going to need to get out of here fast?" Rosalie questioned, thinking the worst, and honestly she couldn't blame Harry if he did end James Potter where he stood, the bastard deserved it. The thought of the wrath of the magical world coming down upon them was quite concerning really.

"Harry's gift," Alice explained, causing Edward to perk up in delight, so he would have an ability. His mind immediately began to go through all the abilities he'd come across, trying to decide which one Harry would be the most likely to receive.

Rosalie groaned the thought of another gifted vampire in their coven; the Volturi was scared of them as it was, although they would deny it. Nobody deserved to be special more than Harry, especially given what they knew about his disgusting parents, the fact they'd abandoned him for his lack of magic.

Emmett whooped in excitement, ignoring the glare Carlisle and Edward gave him and feeling only slightly contrite at the disappointed look on Esme's face from where she sat on the bed, soothingly running her hands through Harry's hair in a bid to just comfort him. "What is it then?" Emmett asked Alice hyperly.

"He has a combination between Alec and Jane's gift from what I've observed," Alice replied thoughtfully, having not had Edward around her visions had been her own. The vision she'd had come to the forefront of her mind to let Edward see it himself.

Then Edward (the second person to know what Harry would look like as a vampire) was blessed with the sight of his mate, strong, powerful, and mesmerising to see. Alice was right though, from the vision he was seeing, Harry gets angry and uses his unknown ability on James, temporarily blinding them when they tried to calm him down. It was curious, it looked to him as if Harry had more than one gift, or perhaps he was just stronger than Alec and Jane…or less so…they wouldn't know until Harry began to learn controlling his new gift. He couldn't deny he was ecstatic that Harry had such a powerful gift; he'd never doubt himself now.

"How is that possible?" Emmett frowned, "Don't those gifted usually just get the one gift?"

"An argument could be made that it is the same gift," Carlisle explained thoughtfully standing near his wife, "Jane and Alec were twins, they shared everything, the moment they were conceived, they shared a womb, they were both killed the same way, they both became immortal, the gift they have is the opposite ends of a coin, Harry has, it seems, been blessed with the entirety of the gift as apposed to sharing it with another."

"It does seem as though we might be wrong, they say our biggest traits were carried across to our immortal life," Emmett mused, Harry wasn't exactly one to cause anyone pain but he had endured a long life of it. Perhaps that was enough, and then again the twins had died in pain as well so many he was wrong.

"I can only imagine how the Volturi will feel about that," Jasper said cautiously, impressed with Harry's newfound gift.

"Hopefully they won't have a reason to find out," Carlisle said dismissively, he very rarely saw the Aro or his brothers, and saw no reason that would change any time soon. Plus, Harry didn't have a gift new to them, they already had Alec and Jane, he saw no reason why Aro would try to acquire Harry for his collection.

"Hardly true, Aro can read minds like I can and he still wants me," Edward pointed out quietly, it wasn't very often he intruded and answered peoples thoughts, especially when they weren't directed aimed at him.

Carlisle hummed in agreement, "I think we should give Harry some space," every one of them were ensconced in Harry and Edward's bedroom.

Edward grinned at his family as they all patted his back in congratulations as they passed to go downstairs. A frown quickly replaced it once they were all out; he didn't understand why it would take James three days to find them. Unless Harry was going to complete the change quicker…but he scoffed at that absurd notion, it always took three days.

"Jasper?" Edward questioned, staring out the window.

"Yes?" the soldier questioned, from where he sat in the living room flicking through the channels while Emmett plugged in his phone to charge it and play it at the same time.

"Did it take Peter three days to turn?" Edward knew Jasper would know he had been there himself after all.

"Yes," Jasper replied immediately, his tone grim. He hadn't been the one to change Peter, and if he hadn't gone through the turning for three days then he definitely would have known, he had been told to get rid of him once the human blood disappeared from his bloodstream a year later. He had gotten to know Peter very well, and he hadn't been able to bring himself to kill him…or any of the others. The existence he'd endured with Maria had almost killed him, the feelings he'd experienced, the betrayal, hell he'd felt their actual deaths and he understood what it was life for a vampire when they died. It was that reason he'd told Peter to run, he'd nearly ruined it by going back for Charlotte, not that he blamed him, and he would have gone to hell and back for Alice. Eventually Peter had come back for him, convincing him to leave the only Immortal life he knew and he didn't regret it a bit.

If Peter had been a wizard before his turning and took three days then it stood to reason that Harry would as well. According to Severus Snape, Harry did have a magical core; he just couldn't use it, not for spells, but potions he'd have no trouble with. Truthfully he had forgotten about Harry's potion lessons, perhaps they would be returning to America when they could after all. Harry had enjoyed the lessons, even if he had felt bitter and disgusted at the beginning, probably due to his parents. Did it mean that after his turning that he wouldn't be able to brew either? He hoped that this wasn't the case.

He felt very on edge just waiting on James Potter turning up, surely it wasn't ethical or right that the wizard would just track whoever he liked and stalk them. He was stalking them; he knew Harry didn't want anything to do with him that had been made abundantly clear. It was even more annoying that he would turn up just after Harry wakens up, that time belonged to him, to reconnect with his mate, to show him how to hunt. Magical people's blood didn't entice, so he supposed he should be thankful for that at least since Harry wouldn't drain the idiot dry within seconds. Harry was going to be stronger than any of them for a while.

Letting out a very human sigh, Edward moved away from the window, climbing onto the bed, and curling himself around his mate. He was safe, which settled the vampire side of him. His family would help him make sure nothing happened to his mate. Which stopped him going feral, and that was something he couldn't afford to happen right now.

Harry needed him.

"Everything will be fine, Edward, you'll see," Alice said, in her soft melodic voice, from where she sat perched on her own mate. Content to wait Harry turning, their family had always been complete…but now…now it was more so. Harry would be hunting with them, able to keep up with them, play baseball, and Emmett would be able to fight him without needing to worry. Although considering the knowledge of his gift…perhaps he didn't want to anymore. A tinkering laugh left Alice as she thought about it.

The Cullen family was safer than it could have ever imagined. From any and all threats that may come there way.

Together they would face anything and everything and come out the victors.

The Volturi had better watch out, with Harry's gift added to their motley collection, they were unbeatable.

The vision she'd seen of the Volturi coming to kill them, she knew it wouldn't happen now, not anymore.

With that Alice snuggled into her mate, closing her eyes, feigning sleep, but even now it was impossible, she could faintly hear cars going back and forth miles away, animals scurrying around avoiding the area, animals that had burrowed under the earth, she could even hear ants. None of those noises came close to the un-rhythmic beat of Harry's heart; even now she could hear it strain to work, every time he moved she could hear the springs in the bed twang. There was truly nowhere they could go and be on the receiving end of complete and total silence.

Soon Harry's heart would stop though, and he would hear things louder than all of them combined. They all knew the feeling for they had experienced it themselves.

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