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It was time to say goodbye. My old life was disappearing behind me like shattered glass being cleaned up. Shattered. Broken. Pain. Those words became joy to me. Not that I was emo, but frankly those words sounded happy compared to my most recent mood. I didn't want to do this, but I didn't really have a choice in the matter.

When I say, "Not my choice?" I really mean not my choice. Actually, I kind of enjoyed being with my mom, Meghan- and it wasn't that I didn't, it was just... awkward now. Meghan and I used to be able to relate to similar things- things like movies, clothes, books, food, and even design- but it all changed once her fiancee, Joseph moved in. He changed Meghan, or "made her a teenager again." which was what she liked to say. As if! Meghan who used to dress in jeans and t-shirts now wore to-tight skirts and tank tops with heels. She only saw romance movies and rarely read books- unless of course you count Cosmopolitan as a book, which I, personally don't.

If Joe changing what she read and looked like wasn't enough, he definitely changed our relationship, too. We never talked anymore. Period. Not that I cared. I just feared that she would feel guilty- which she did, profusely. That was something I didn't need her to have. So, when life offers you lemons, make lemonade- or move out, whichever seems easier.

"Meghan? Meghan, hon, don't forget your keys!" Cried Joe from the front door.

"Course not, darling. See you in a few!" Meghan winked at Joe, and then closed the car door. We spent the twenty minutes in silence. I didn't care. We kept silently fighting over radio channels. She wasn't wanting to listen to country anymore- she only liked songs that normal kids my age would listen too. Whatever. I honestly was too sick of this to care anymore.

Meghan wanted to move to the sunny state of Texas- the opposite of my liking. Personally, I liked dark things- sun was too annoying, as it never gave into my tough, pale, skin.

I was dropped off at the airport at 2AM.

"Tessa, are you SURE you want to go?"

I sighed. Yes, I was. I was sick and tired of having to have to deal with Meghan or Joe every single stinking day. This was heaven. This was relief. Thank the flight! I wouldn't miss many people, I didn't have much of a social life here.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I'm tired of it here. Living with Dad is fine, I'll get used to it."

As I got onto the airplane, I fell asleep. The last thing I remembered was the flight attendant calling out safety instructions. As I slept, I dreamed happy dreams. Things like Joe and Meghan breaking up, and Meghan going to live in New Hampshire with us. Like that would ever happen. SIGH.


I stepped out to see my dad.


"Tessa! I'm so gad to see you home!"

My parents split up when I was five. I was used to seeing my dad for two weeks every summer.

"Yeah, me too… um, we should get going… it's starting to pour."

He brought me into the car and the rain started crashing down harder then I'd seen it ever before.

"Get used to New Hampshire- it rains an average of…" I cut him off.

"Dad, it doesn't matter how much it rains." I snapped.

There was an awkward silence that crept between us. I started to wonder if this was the right choice after all. Should I have stayed in sunny Jacksonville? It was so bright… inviting…fun… but was I even kidding myself? I had no friends or memories I had desire in keeping- I almost wanted to leave. Was… that even possible? Leave my mother, my step-dad, and my forever life? Could I really live like this?

I couldn't finish my entire thought, for we pulled into the driveway of my life for the next two years. 'Why don't you just play the sad music now,' I thought. 'It isn't going to get any better.'

It was 9PM. Gosh; I didn't know it would take so much time to go up east. I silently got up and slammed the door to my father's car. Looking around, some of these houses slightly resembled things I had seen before. However, there was one home… that wasn't even a home- that I hardly recognized. It had a long path that I assumed was a home… but who could be sure?

"Dad- is there a new family that lives on the block?" I asked.

My father sighed. He must have had told this story a lot- after all, he was one of the town's only real-estate agents.

"Yes, Tessa. This leads to the home of the Cullen family." He said, with a tone of sadness in his voice- but it also could have been because of my attitude in the car. I wasn't sure.

"The… Cullen's? Who are they?" The name sounded so unfamiliar.

"They are the foster children of Mr. Carlisle Cullen and Mrs. Esme Cullen. I believe that there are nine of them. The girls are Alice, Rosalie, Bella, and Reneseme. The boys? I'm not even sure at this point… I believe they are Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Liam. I also know they are all paired up, aside for Reneseme, and Liam. Alice and Jasper, Edward and Bella, Rosalie and Emmett… but Reneseme and Liam never worked out. I believe Reneseme even has a boyfriend."

That was probably the longest rant I had ever seen my father go into. My eyes opened wide as I saw a car pull into the long path. I waved, and a window rolled down.

Right then and there, a petite yet jumpy girl who looked about my age jumped out the door and walked forward to meet me.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen! I guess you are a new neighbor here, since I've never seen you before. Did you live around here or in the state?" She questioned.

"Um… no, I lived in… Florida. Um, I'm Tessa. Tessa Darin."

I stared at this mysterious girl. Alice had pale skin, paler then mine- and mine was pale. My mom was half albino, and it skipped her and went to me. Alice had short, spikey brown hair, and gold, interesting, eyes. She looked like she could model- she was so pretty, so perfect.

The next three girls stepped out. One of them was breath-takingly beautiful. She was also pale, and had long, blond hair- but gold eyes, instead of the expected blue. The second, who was also pale, had long, dark, mahogany hair with lighter, more butterscotch eyes. The third had a slightly more tan complexion, though she easily was still considered pale. Her eyes were a deep, chocolate, brown, and her hair was long bronze ringlets that cascaded all the way down her back. I almost fell backwards at their beauty.

"This is Bella," Alice said, pointing to the dark brown haired girl. "This is Rosalie," she continued, pointing at the blonde one, "And this is Renesmee." She finished; gesturing towards the brown eyed one.

"The boys are in the car." Four teenage boys peaked their heads out the window. One was tall, lean, and blonde. Another was muscular and big-almost terrifying- and had dark, curly brown hair. The Third one was lean, yet muscular, and had bronze colored hair, which appeared to be identical to Renesmee. I wondered silently if they were related, and as I did, the third one stiffened. The fourth boy had straight dark brown hair and pale yellow eyes as well. He looked like he worked out a lot, but he wasn't as muscular as the second one. He looked... empty. Like he was missing something. Not to mention he was so dreamy...

"Tess...Tessa... Tessa!"

"Oh... I'm sorry... my bad... just... um... getting used to my surroundings, I guess!" The bronze haired boy chuckled. I was normally a good liar... what was wrong with him? Cheater.

"Its okay, with a family as big as mine, you get used to it!" laughed Alice. It was a silvery bell sound- a sound you hear in movies when the voice was edited. I nodded for her to continue. "My brothers are Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Liam." She said, with a sound of delight as she said Jaspers name. That was odd. Were they... brothers?

The bronze haired boy pushed the big muscular one out of his way and proceeded forward to end the craziness, I supposed. "I'm Edward Cullen." He said with a velvet, perfect, voice. "I'll clarify with the information Alice has given you. You see, my father and mother died a long time ago- most of our parents, did, anyway- and I live with my foster parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen. They adopted Jasper, Rosalie, Liam, and I twelve years ago. Alice, Emmett, and Bella are our... well, you could call it.. soul mates. Renesmee is Bella's cousin, who's mother and father died in a car crash when she was only two. She barely remembers them."

I nodded. That was a lot of information to take in.

Alice probably sensed my uneasiness, because I probably looked green by now. But before she could say something, my father stepped in. "Can we invite you for dinner tonight?" Renesmee stepped forward. "Guys? I know you all have a big party to go to tonight... but can I skip it? I want to meet Tessa..." Renesmee said with satisfaction.

"Sure thing. I'll tell Carlisle. Oh... and... you know... be careful." Bella said. Then she muttered something too low for me to hear.

Then Renesmee hopped out of the car, into my driveway, and the big black car started up again and left.

This was going to be a LONG day.