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Chapter 1

The Greatest Gift of All

Christmas; the most wonderful time of the year. A time when family and friends get together in glorious harmony. It is a time when people give presents to the ones they love and admire. Carols are sung from door to door spreading good cheer to the people and mistletoe are hung for couples to show their love through a kiss. This type of occurrence happens in almost every single country in the world, even Japan.

This is where our story begins; the story about a boy and a nutcracker.

It was Christmas Eve in Tokyo, Japan, and the snow was falling gently down through the city. There were people running around for last minute shopping before all the stores closed for the night and carollers finishing their rounds so they could go back home to their families. Deep within the city, there was a fancy house filled with the most magnificent lights and decorations. This was the house of one of the richest men in Tokyo, Tohma Seguchi. This Christmas Eve he decided he was going to invite his company's top band to his Christmas party and let them stay the night so they could join their boss and his family for Christmas dinner. His top band, Bad Luck, agreed to this as they knew that this would help them get a good reputation with their boss. That, and the keyboardist of Bad Luck, Suguru Fujisaki, was Tohma's cousin.

That night, Bad Luck went to their boss's house and sat in the living room with the fireplace warming the room and the Christmas tree sparkled with radiance with the ornaments and tinsel on its branches. K, the band's manager, was polishing his new magnum while Sakano, the band's producer, was trying to convince the band to be on their best behaviour, his hands trembling as he spoke to them. Hiroshi Nakano or Hiro as his friends call him, the band's guitarist, was tuning his acoustic guitar as he brought it in case they were to perform anything but still nodded. Suguru Fujisaki, the band's keyboardist as was mentioned before, was fully focused on everything being said and nodded. The only person not paying attention was the band's leader and singer.

Shuichi Shindo was a wonder. The band wouldn't have gotten as far as they had without Shuichi's leadership and determination. He was a small 18 year old boy with pink hair and big violet eyes and he was often mistaken for a woman, but that just added to his beauty. He was staring at the window, watching the snow falling to the ground, dreaming about love. He always saw couples being lovey dovey with each other during Christmas. All he wanted was the same. He wasn't even listening to what was going on around him until he felt a hand on his shoulder gently shake him. He looked over to see Hiro standing there.

"Shuichi, didn't you hear what Mr. Sakano said?" he asked, "He asked for us to be on our best behaviour."

Shuichi smiled his infamous grin. "Come on," he chuckled, "When aren't I on my best behaviour?"

"Well, there was the time you ate all the pocky displayed for the NG party when it was supposed to be a present for the new employees." Hiro replied.

"And the time you got so drunk you threw up on Mr. Seguchi's best suit." Fujisaki added.

"And the time when you got so hyper you threw the microphone across the stage and set the clubhouse on fire," said Sakano, "Do you know how much it had cost to pay for the repairs?"

"And there was the time you blew up half of Tokyo!" K yelled.

Shuichi looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. "I admit that I've done all those other things but I'm sure I never blew up half of Tokyo."

K was confused for a bit until he remembered something and began laughing maniacally. "Oh, that's right!" he laughed, "That was me that blew up half of Tokyo! HAHAHA! Silly me!" Everyone stared at him asking themselves why he was hired to be the manager.

It was then that Tohma walked in on them with five boxes of presents and his usual smile; the smile that says 'Do anything to anger me and I'll kill you and throw you out to be buried in the snow'. He walked to them, putting the boxes down first, and greeted them.

"Hey everyone," he spoke to them, "I'm glad that you could make it. I hope I didn't have to break your plans with your family just to join me."

"No, not at all," Shuichi responded as he shook Tohma's hand, "I'm sure our families understand that this is something for business. It's no big deal."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that," Tohma replied, "My wife would've been here to feel the same but she's in Kyoto visiting her father and little brother. Even with the Christmas Eve party it can be a lonely Christmas. That's why I decided to invite you all to stay for Christmas."

Shuichi smiled. "Well, we are honoured Mr. Seguchi."

Tohma nodded before he walked over to where he put the boxes. "With all that you've done for NG, I did my best to get you all the best presents I could get for you."

The five men looked nervous and waved their hands in front of them. "You didn't have to do that Mr. Seguchi!" Shuichi cried.

Their boss looked back at them and smiled. "But I wanted to," he replied, "It's the least I could do as your boss," He gave them each a box with different coloured wrapping and sat down in his chair after he was done. "Go ahead. Open them! I assure you that there's nothing that will kill you in them."

That's what they were worried about. Fujisaki was the first to open his as he knew that his cousin wouldn't do anything to him. He ripped off the dark blue paper with teddy bears on it and opened the box to see something that made his eyes widen with joy.

"OMIGOD!" he cried, "This is the collection of piano sheet music with all the pieces made by Chopin! This was the only one I needed to complete my collection of music from famous pianists! Thank you!"

This made the others curious of what might be inside theirs. K was the second to open his. He ripped off the plain red paper and opened the box only for his eyes to also widen. "WOW! This is the dart set I really wanted! Thanks Boss man!"

Everyone except for Tohma stared at K with raised eyebrows. "K, I didn't know you played darts." Hiro replied in awe.

K looked at them with an evil smirk. "Who said anything about using this for darts?"

Everyone decided to ignore K and continue opening presents. It was Sakano's turn. His hands were still trembling in worry that he might've been giving something awful from his boss. But he tried to open it anyway. If Fujisaki and K got good presents there shouldn't be any reason why he wouldn't. He ripped the green paper with candy canes on it and opened the box for his eyes to also widen with joy, except tears began to run down his cheeks.

"Mr. Seguchi," he cried, "This is the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me. I always wanted a new suit with a matching Christmas style tie. THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!" He ran into Tohma's arms and began pouring his tears onto his boss. Tohma wrapped his arms around Sakano and began patting him on the back.

"There there Mr. Sakano," he tried to calm his subordinate down, "It's nothing to cry about. I only wanted to make my employees happy. Now please go back to your seat." The normally nervous man did as he was told and sat back down to his chair.

Hiro began to open his present. He ripped off the white wrapping paper with red polka dots and opened the box, giving the same reaction as the others. "Nice! I really needed a new coffee maker after someone broke mine last week." He glared at Shuichi. Shuichi looked back at him before he started to avoid his glance and began whistling.

Tohma didn't pay any attention to Hiro's glare to Shuichi and just smiled. "I'm glad you like it Mr. Nakano," He looked over at Shuichi. "You're last Mr. Shindo."

Shuichi looked at his boss and nodded before looking down at the box. It was a beautiful box covered in gold wrapping paper with mistletoe on it but Shuichi didn't care about what was inside. There was only one thing he wanted the most for Christmas and that was to find true love. He knew that no nicely wrapped box could ever contain that. Still, he figured he could at least amuse his boss and open the present to see what he got him. His eyes widened at what he saw, but not in the same way as the others were.

There in the box was a nutcracker.

The nutcracker was in the form of a man and it was made of wood. His skin looked almost white as snow but his hair looked like it was actually made of snow. He wore a red soldier's outfit with white pants and black boots and golden trimmings and on his head was a blue soldier's cap. His golden eyes were staring up at Shuichi, causing Shuichi to gaze deeply into them. Shuichi was beginning to think that he was given a wonderful present.

Everyone looked at Shuichi as the pink haired boy pulled the nutcracker out of the box. Hiro stood up and glared at Tohma. "Hey, what's the meaning of this Mr. Seguchi?" he yelled, "Why did you give Shuichi a nutcracker of all things?"

"I only gave you presents you all really desire, that's all," Tohma replied, "Suguru wanted that book filled with sheet music, Mr. K wanted the dart set, Mr. Sakano wanted that suit, and you wanted the coffee maker. It's no different for Mr. Shindo. What I have given him is the very thing that will make all his dreams come true."

K took the nutcracker out of Shuichi's hands. "Still, just think of the humiliation Bad Luck would get if anyone found out Shuichi has a doll," he explained as he placed it on the table before stepping back and pulling out his magnum. Shuichi ran and grabbed the nutcracker before it was shot.

"How could you!" Shuichi cried, "You all say that Mr. Seguchi gave me an awful present for Christmas but you didn't even ask me if I really hated him or not. Well let me tell you something guys; I love it! I think he really is the greatest gift I've ever had."

"But Mr. Shindo," Fujisaki spoke up, "Look at it! It looks ugly. It doesn't look like a good present at all."

Shuichi glared at the younger boy. "Not 'it', Fujisaki. 'Him!' And I think he's beautiful."

"Shindo, please!" it was Sakano's turn to speak up, "It's a doll made of wood."

"Even so, he's perfect," Shuichi replied, keeping his gaze on the nutcracker, "Nothing you can say can change my mind." The rest of the members of Bad Luck began to worry about their leader. Why was Shuichi so infatuated by a doll? They began to wonder if Shuichi had become too obsessed over the doll with the small amount of time he had with it. They knew they had to destroy it.

It was a good thing that Shuichi left it somewhere when the Christmas Eve party began. The only problem was that Shuichi hid it somewhere really good. They each took turns on looking in the house for the nutcracker so they didn't arouse any suspicions with all of them gone, but everywhere they looked, the nutcracker could not be found.

Once the party was over, Shuichi pulled the nutcracker out from its hiding place and sat down by the fire. Hiro and Fujisaki walked over to him in frustration. Shuichi looked at them with an innocent look and smiled.

"Hey guys!" he greeted, "Did you enjoy the party?"

Hiro and Fujisaki just glared at him. "Shuichi, honestly," Hiro sighed, "Why are so obsessed over that nutcracker?"

"I'm not obsessed over him," said Shuichi, "I just feel like maybe I found someone I really love and that's Yuki."

The two instrumentalists stared in worry. "He even named it!" they muttered as they began to walk away. Shuichi didn't even pay attention. He was too busy looking at his nutcracker or Yuki as he called it. He looked deep into the nutcracker's eyes and smiled.

"I'm really sorry about them Yuki," he apologized, "They're actually really nice. They just don't get what I like about you. The truth is… when I look into your eyes, I don't see some nutcracker. Instead, I see someone great and wonderful, someone that would be admired by many. I see someone who's like a prince.

"I hope you aren't too angry at them Yuki. I bet that once you all get to know each other you might get along. I don't care what they say; I think you, with your love, are the greatest gift of all… … Hey! That's reminds me of a song. That's if you don't mind me singing. I don't want to sing if you don't want me to."

It was then that Shuichi saw something extraordinary. For a moment, he thought he saw the nutcracker's eye sparkle. And then he saw that it was smiling at him. Shuichi in return smiled softly back. "Okay!" he replied, "I'll sing to you." Shuichi stood up with the nutcracker in his arms and began to dance as he began to sing.


It's not the flowers wrapped in fancy paper

It's not the ring wrapped around my finger

There's nothing in the world I need

When you're here beside me, here beside me.

So you could give me wings to fly

And catch me if I fall

Or pull the stars down from the sky

So I could wish on them all

But I couldn't ask for more

'Cause your love is the greatest gift of all.

Shuichi looked deep into the nutcracker's eyes as he continued dancing. He felt like the nutcracker might be alive but was trying to hide it. He didn't care though. He loved the nutcracker too much to think that there was something wrong with it.


In your arms, I found a strength inside me

And in your eyes, there's a light to guide me

I would be lost without you

And all that my heart could ever want has come true.

So you could give me wings to fly

And catch me if I fall

Or pull the stars down from the sky

So I could wish on them all

But I couldn't ask for more

'Cause your love is the greatest gift of all.

Shuichi sat on the couch with the nutcracker still in his arms. He really believed that he was in love with the nutcracker. People may find him weird but he didn't care. Love was the only thing he could feel as he stared into the nutcracker's golden eyes.


You could offer me the sun, the moon

And I would still believe

You gave me everything

When you gave your heart to me.

But I couldn't ask for more

'Cause your love is the greatest gift of all.

You could give me wings to fly

And catch me if I fall

Or pull the stars down from the sky

So I could wish on them all

But I couldn't ask for more

'Cause your love is the greatest gift of all.

Your love is the greatest gift of all

The greatest gift of all.

Shuichi yawned before he laid his head on one of the pillows resting on one of the arms of the couch before falling into a deep sleep; his nutcracker still held in his arms.

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