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Chapter 12

True Love


Shuichi ran over to Yuki, who took a huge impact after defending Shuichi with his sword from Taki's magic and was lying on the floor injured. The pink haired boy sat beside him as soon as he reached him and leaned close to him. The nutcracker's eyes were closed for a bit, but after he felt Shuichi close to him he opened them and looked deep into those big tearful violet eyes.

"Shuichi," he spoke in a hoarse whisper, "You didn't get hurt, did you?"

"Yuki, why?" Shuichi sobbed, "Why did you do that? I told you I didn't want to see you get hurt."

The nutcracker chuckled weakly. "If I had let that mouse have his way, who would I have beside me to annoy and worry me everyday?" His eyelids began to feel heavy and his voice was drifting. Shuichi could see what was going on and it was the very thing he feared the most.

His sobs became cries. "No Yuki! Keep your eyes open! You have to stay alive. You need to stay alive! Please Yuki stay alive! Stay alive for yourself, for the people here in front of you, for me. Please Yuki! Please!"

But Shuichi's pleas were not able to reach Yuki, for his eyes slowly closed and he lied there as the very thing he was meant to be; a lifeless doll only meant to be hold, to not move or speak, and to not feel anything for the person holding him. Shuichi sat there in silence, looking down at the one he loved more than anything, letting his tears fall and drop onto the cold wooden body.

"YUKI!" he cried as he swiftly wrapped his arms around the no longer animate nutcracker. He never dared to let him go, even if anyone tried to pull him away. But everyone else had been watching the scene played before them and hung their heads down in apology for Shuichi's lost. Some of them even started to cry. But none of them cried as hard as Shuichi, for his cries could be heard all throughout the castle.

"Please Yuki!" Shuichi cried in an almost whisper as his face was flushed pink and his eyes were red from the warm heavy tears, "Please don't leave me! Please!" He leaned closer until his soft warm pink lips touched Yuki's cold white wooden ones. He then pulled away and rested his head on the nutcracker's broad chest. "I love you."

The entire castle was silent as they mourned the death of the brave yet slightly cold nutcracker. Although many didn't know him very well, they felt like they had known him all their lives. They knew they would forever be living a life that was given to them from one who gave up everything.

But then, a miracle happened.

The nutcracker's body began to glow gold and his body was lifted up into the air. Shuichi pulled away and stared up at his beloved's body floating up there. It didn't stay up for long, for after Yuki was up the highest he could go, the golden light formed around him flashed and he was lowered back to the ground. As soon as he touched the hard surface and he stayed there supporting himself with his hands and knees, Shuichi slowly walked over to him. He was not sure of what had happened and he wasn't sure if the one in front of Yuki or not.

"Yuki?" Shuichi spoke up, moving closer to the figure in front of him.

The figure didn't answer, for he was staring at himself in shock through the reflection on the clear castle floor. He sat up so his was sitting on his legs and began roaming his hands over his face. He then stood up slowly and turned to everyone, revealing his face. Everyone managed to get a good look at him.

It was a tall man dressed in the same clothes as Yuki did without the hat with short perfectly trimmed golden hair and skin as white as snow. The villagers froze in shock before one of them spoke up.

"It's Prince Eiri!" said one of the villagers, "Prince Eiri has returned!"

The man, Prince Eiri, looked over at Shuichi who was staring at him in surprise. The golden haired prince slowly walked over to Shuichi. When he finally reached him, he grabbed his hands and held them tight.

"Shuichi," the prince responded in a familiar voice, "It's me."

The pink haired boy stared up into the prince's eyes and saw the truth. He had golden eyes similar to that of his nutcracker. He realized then that the prince was indeed his beloved nutcracker. Fresh tears began running down his face.

"Yuki!" he cried, jumping into Eiri's arms and holding him tightly. Eiri almost fell with the sudden movement and glared at the boy.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he growled.

Shuichi looked up at him. "I'm sorry Yuki. It's just… I thought… And now you're... Oh Yuki!"

Eiri just looked into Shuichi's eyes and wiped away the fresh tears welling up in those beautiful violet orbs with his thumb. They stared at each other, letting only their eyes convey what words wouldn't. They leaned closer and closer to each other until their lips touched and became a beautiful loving kiss.

The Land of Sweets seemed to have grown brighter from that one kiss then it did before. When the Mouse King took over, it became a world almost dark and sorrowful. But now, it glowed with the radiance that made it desirable in the first place. Magic swept across the land, ridding any depressing thoughts that could come.

But it wasn't just the land. After that kiss, Shuichi began to glow. When the glow disappeared he was no longer wearing the light pink ballerina outfit. At least, it wasn't a light pink one anymore. He was now wearing a sparkly light blue romantic tutu that exposed some white petticoats and a sparkly light blue bodice with thick poofy straps under his shoulders. Light blue slippers replaced the light pink ones he wore. But that wasn't all. The magic seemed to have given him hair extensions, making his hair look like it was all the way down his back, with a silver tiara on the top of his head. The entire ballerina outfit made him look more feminine looking than before. The only thing that didn't change from his appearance was the silver heart shaped pendant around his neck.

Eiri looked at everything in confusion, even Shuichi's clothes. "Okay, what the hell is going on?" He asked gruffly, "Why does Shuichi look more like a girl and why does the entire place feel warm and fuzzy a few minutes after the mouse was defeated?"

"Perhaps I can explain."

Everyone looked over to see Ryuichi standing there with his usual goofy grin. Shuichi gasped. "The Sugarplum Kuma!"

Ryuichi walked over to them. "You see Prince Eiri; you were turned into a nutcracker before Kitazawa's death. It was because of a curse he placed on you. The curse turned you into an old worn down and just plain ugly nutcracker, unable to speak, unable to move, unable to feel. The only cure was if you found someone and not just anyone. That someone would be able to see the you within; your inner beauty. But that would just grant you the ability to do the things you could as a human; to speak, move, and feel. The curse still made you unable to reveal your true self though. Only if the person that fell in love with you gave you true love's kiss would the spell be truly broken and return you into your old self; a handsome golden haired prince."

Eiri couldn't believe what he was hearing. "So you're saying that all I had to do was have Shuichi kiss me and I would've been back to normal."


Shuichi began to understand. "And if you did come when we called you, sent me home, and helped Yuki fight the Mouse King…!"

"Even after defeating the mouse he would still be an old worn down ugly nutcracker. Not to mention I just love good romance stories."

Eiri felt duped. He couldn't believe that the Sugarplum Kuma meant for everything that happened to happen. Well, there was a bright side to this. He had returned to his regular self, finally got respect from the people, and most of all, met and got to know his beautiful Shuichi. Oh, it was especially because of Shuichi that he was grateful. All his life he thought that he would forever live in a world of loneliness, that the only ones who would love him didn't really love him for him. But now, now he had Shuichi. That was enough for him.

The entire kingdom, in gratitude for Eiri and Shuichi, decided to dance for them. Riku was the first to dance, then Reiji, Marsh and Mallow danced one that made them laugh. One by one the villagers danced in front of them. Once their dances were over, Ryuichi stood before them.

"Now everyone!" he called out, "It seems like everyone has danced here. Well you are wrong. There is one more dance left!"

"Are you going to dance?" Shuichi asked.

"Well I would, but I feel like the last dance should feel more… inspiring. Kind of… romantic even. And well… I'm incapable with that. The closest I have to a relationship is which Kumagoro but that's just silly. No, I think that the last dance should be done by the prince and princess."

That didn't clear things up for Shuichi. "Prince and princess?"

"Yes," the Sugarplum Kuma replied as he walked towards Eiri and Shuichi. "Prince!" He gestured to Eiri. "Princess!" He gestured to Shuichi. Said couple looked at each other before pushed together by Ryuichi. Everyone cheered for the prince and 'princess' to dance. Shuichi blushed. He wasn't sure if Eiri would want to do anything like that. It was that way when they were in the Field of Flowers.

But then he felt Eiri's hand gently grabbed his own and leading him to the middle of the room. And now we cue in the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy and her Cavalier. Eiri and Shuichi danced ballet across the floor, keeping their movements light and their eyes locked to each other. They twirled and leapt together. Their dance was truly a dance of love.

As he watched them dance, Ryuichi began feeling tears welling up in his eyes. He kept telling himself not to cry, but that couldn't stop him from sobbing with how beautiful the scene was in front of him. Kumagoro randomly pulled out a tissue and lent it to the Sugarplum Kuma to use. Ryuichi thanked him before blowing on it.

The dance ended with Shuichi and Eiri holding each other close. Never once did they look away from each other's eyes, as they didn't want to ruin the beauty they felt by looking into them. After a while, Eiri held Shuichi's gentle hands into his own and began to speak.

"Shuichi," he spoke up, "You… you know… you're different from anyone I've ever seen and… well… someone like you would really be needed here in the Land of Sweets. And also… well, you did help change me back by loving me. What I'm trying to say is… um…"

During the time Eiri had been talking, or more like mumbling, Riku walked over to them. He tugged on Shuichi's tutu to get his attention. "He's asking you to stay here in the Land of Sweets and be his queen!" he replied in joy.

Eiri glared at Riku, his face as red as Santa's hat. "W-What made you think that was what I was I was going to say? I could've been thinking of something completely different."

Shuichi giggled. He could tell that it was what Eiri wanted to say. "Yuki," he spoke up, "All my life, I've always been alone, and not because I didn't have any family or friends. I had a lot of love on that end. However, until now, there was never anyone really important to me nor was there anyone that felt that way about me.

"But then I came here and I met you and saw all the wonderful things of this world. I met lots of people, some that made me smile, some that depressed me. If I want to stay with you I will need to endure it, and that's all I want, to be with you. So yes, yes I will stay here and be your queen."

The people cheered with seeing their new queen form before their eyes. They cheered as Eiri and Shuichi stared into each other's eyes with love. Surely that was a perfect moment in front of them.

But all perfect moments get ruined somehow.

The ceiling above them shattered above them and broke into a million pieces. The people were able to escape getting squashed by the hard surface, but they didn't realize that there was a reason why it broke. Upon hearing familiar laughing, they looked up in the sky to see something they never thought they would see.

Above them on a giant flying bird was Taki.

"Hey!" Riku cried, "I thought you were supposed to be dead. You fell off the cliff."

"Correction!" Taki replied, "You thought I fell off the cliff. But I was saved by this big guy here! If I'm not allowed to have the rule of the kingdom, no one can!"

The bird began attacking everything in the castle, trying to smash the people into pancakes. Eiri held Shuichi in his arms and ran to Ryuichi. "How do we defeat him?" he yelled, "No matter what happens he finds some way to get control."

"This is only one way to get rid of him," the Sugarplum Kuma replied, "He must be sent to another world. Only then can the Land of Sweets be saved. Luckily I can create a portal to send him to any other world you like."

"I don't care what world! Just get him away from the kingdom!"

Without another word, Ryuichi made a portal on the ground to send Taki away. The villagers ran over to some catapults that stood beside the castle and threw ammunition to the bird. After a few tries, they got him, causing him to drop the mouse down into the portal. It seemed like the mouse was gone for good. Out of curiosity, Shuichi slowly walked over to the portal and looked inside of it. It seemed like Taki was really gone for good.

But he couldn't have been more wrong.

When the pink haired boy wasn't looking, he felt something grab his leg and pull him into the portal. Eiri ran over in worry to see Shuichi hanging on with Taki holding onto his leg. The mouse was smirking.

"You really want to get rid of me that bad huh?" he asked, "If that's the case I'm taking her with me."

"You… will… NOT!" Shuichi screamed as he kept kicking the mouse with his foot. Eventually, the mouse managed to let go. But Shuichi's grip was loosening and he was about to fall with him until his hand was caught by Eiri.

"Shuichi! Hang on!" Eiri cried. He was not going to lose Shuichi now.

"Yuki I'm slipping!" Shuichi sobbed, and indeed his hand was slipping out of Eiri's grasp. The prince tried to grab something else of Shuichi to help him up but the only thing he could grab was Shuichi's pendant. Shuichi ended up falling through the portal, hearing only one last thing before everything turned black.


Shuichi opened his eyes and found himself looking up at a fancy ceiling. He knew he saw it somewhere before, but where? He sat back up and realized where he was.

He was back at Tokyo, at Tohma Seguchi's house.

Shuichi looked down at himself. He was no longer wearing any kind of ballerina outfit. He was back in the clothes he wore before everything started. Had everything been a dream the entire time; that he never shrunk to the size of a mouse and went to the Land of Sweets? He then looked around and noticed that his nutcracker was gone. He swore that he was there in his arms when he went to sleep. He got up and began looking all over for the nutcracker, mostly near the couch. But his beloved doll was nowhere to be found.

"I see you finally woke up!" a familiar voice called out to Shuichi, making him jump. He turned around to see Hiro standing there. "Hey hurry up and get dressed! I heard that Mr. Seguchi's family will be here soon and I'm sure Mr. K will literally kill you if you're not ready."

Shuichi didn't really have a lot to say as Hiro and pulling him and helping him get dressed as he seemed reluctant to do it himself. When he finally got the chance, he asked Hiro if he had seen Yuki around. The auburn haired guitarist stared at the pink haired boy with a raised eyebrow. He was sure that the nutcracker was still with Shuichi so it was a shock to hear that Shuichi didn't know where he was. The pink haired singer then began telling him what happened to him last night, how he had shrunk to the size of a mouse and forced into a ballerina tutu and the adventures he had in the Land of Sweets.

"It sounds like quite a dream you had Shuichi," he replied, "There's obviously no such thing."

"But there is Hiro!" Shuichi cried, "There really was a Land of Sweets and Yuki was supposed to be the ruler of it. But then there was this evil mouse that took over and Yuki had to try to get his kingdom back."

"So this land was ruled by a nutcracker?" Hiro did not believe every word his friend was saying. He was sure it was all just a wild dream he had.

"But that's the thing! Yuki wasn't originally a nutcracker. He was actually a tall handsome golden haired prince that was cursed by this guy and turned into a nutcracker. He was able to come to life because of my love for him and my kiss turned him back into a prince. We then danced together with millions of people watching and then he asked if I would stay and be his queen. But then the mouse came back, there was this portal and the mouse was sucked in but he dragged me with him!" Shuichi then began to realize something. "Maybe he's not here because he didn't want to waste spending time to find me." A tear rolled down his cheek.

Hiro sighed. "Shuichi, why don't you come down and we'll try to get your mind off that dream of yours?"

Shuichi shook his head and turned away so his back was facing the other. "I just want some time alone," Shuichi spoke in a whisper, "Can you please give me some time to myself?"

The auburn haired male didn't say another word. He stood there for a bit in silence before he walked out and left Shuichi to himself.

Shuichi didn't know how long he stayed in that room nor did he really care. He didn't even pay any attention to any of the noise from everywhere else in the house. It was only after he felt a hand on his shoulder did he wake up from his thoughts. He turned around and looked up to see Tohma standing there.

Shuichi sniffed as he tried to stop his tears. "Mr. Seguchi," he sobbed, "I'm so sorry."

"I'm perfectly used to it," Tohma replied, "You always get really emotional at times. A part of me wonders why you have gone to the extreme yet."

"It's not that Mr. Seguchi… I lost Yuki!"


"The nutcracker you gave me."

"Oh!" The room became silent once again until Tohma walked to the door. He paused and turned back to the pink haired boy. "By the way Mr. Shindo," he continued, "There's someone down stairs I'd like you to meet."

Shuichi swiftly turned to the blond. "Oh no! Mr. Seguchi, I can't!"

"I did not call you and your band here for Christmas just for you to mope and not interact. Would you rather I put your job on the line if you don't come down?"

The pink haired boy knew he couldn't win. He ended up following Tohma out of the bedroom and into the living room. He kept his head down the entire time and stopped when Tohma stopped. He didn't really want to meet whoever it was. He couldn't keep his mind off of his beloved nutcracker who turned into his handsome prince. Tohma spoke up.

"Mr. Shindo?" said the pink haired boy's boss, "I'd like you to meet my brother in law and famous romance novelist, Eiri Yuki."

Eiri Yuki? Both those names were the ones…! Shuichi looked up and couldn't believe what he saw. Standing in from of him was a tall handsome man with perfectly trimmed hair and skin as white as snow. He wore a buttoned up purple shirt with dress pants and black socks since he couldn't wear shoes inside. But what captivated Shuichi the most was the man's beautiful sharp golden eyes.

"Eiri," Tohma continued, "This is Shuichi Shindo, lead singer of my million dollar band. I trust him to leading Bad Luck to the millions they had become.

The man, Eiri, took Shuichi's hand and shook it. "It's nice to meet you!" he replied in a deep sexy voice.

Shuichi just stared at him in disbelief. Was he…? Yet he responded to the golden haired man with a soft: "Ditto!"

Tohma smiled as he saw what was going on. "I'll leave you two alone to chat," he told them before leaving them alone. Shuichi continued to stare into Eiri's golden eyes, asking if the man in front of him was who he thought he was. Eiri replied with a small smile and pulled out something from his pocket. Shuichi took a close look to see the very thing to prove the entire thing had not been a dream.

In Eiri's hand was Shuichi's sliver heart shaped pendant.

The pink haired boy's eyes began to sparkle with joy. "Yuki!" he breathed.

The golden haired male just lifted the pendant up and smirked. "Let's try getting this onto your neck properly," he said, "I'm sure it couldn't stay on if it was done by wooden hands."

Tears began to form in Shuichi's eyes before he nodded with a smile and turned around. Eiri put the pendant onto Shuichi's neck before turning him around and holding him in his arms. So many questions came to the pink haired boy. "Yuki, but how?"

"The Sugarplum Kuma said that the portal took you back to where you were born," he replied, "I wanted to follow you back to this world but I was given two options. Lose you or lose my crown."

"And what did you choose?"

"Well if I'm here then I must've chosen to lose my crown, you think?"

"So you gave up your crown just to be with me?"

"Don't get any ideas!" he growled, "It's not going to happen everyday you know."

"But then who will take over the Land of Sweets with you gone?"

"The very person who should've ruled it in the first place. The Sugarplum Kuma."

"Would that be okay?"

"The Sugarplum Kuma acts like an idiot, but it would be a lie to say he's not wise. He can take care of the kingdom by himself. Besides, he has that pink rabbit thing with him. I'm sure the Land of Sweets would be taken care of him fine."

"But what would happen to you?"

"Didn't you hear Seguchi? When I was sent to this world, my entire past had been written to fit what I would become. To everyone, I am a famous romance novelist who had been writing love stories for six years."

"And my boss's brother in law?"

"He actually is my brother in law. I won't go into any detail but you get the picture."

Shuichi was so happy. Eiri was back with him again. They were going to be together. Suddenly, they began to hear music playing around them. Eiri pulled Shuichi close to him and they slowly began to sway, letting only their eyes do the rest of talking. Their swaying eventually became actual dancing and glided all over, making sure not to bump into any furniture. When their dance was done, they stared into each other's eyes and brought themselves into a sweet romantic kiss.

In the end, there was truth in Tohma Seguchi's words when he said that his gift to Shuichi was the very thing that would make all his dreams come true, for his gift ended up giving him the very thing he had wanted more than anything; true love, to feel another's warmth and to rid his heart of loneliness. This also benefited Eiri too, for that was also what he wanted. Eiri and Shuichi got everything that they wanted and more, and that, they believed, was the greatest gift of all.

The End