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I've Got Your Back



At first she thought the warehouse would've been difficult to find, even with Alfred telling her the exact coordinates. Gotham was full of abandoned warehouses, but warehouse 17 was easy to spot.

For starters it had a massive hole in the wall. That kind of gave it away. Either Dick's team had made that hole, or whatever bad guys they were up against needed lessons on covert. Plus, there were four guards walking around the perimeter of the building. They were just asking for someone to take them out.

Because she was a good person, that's exactly what she did.

Her location on warehouse 13's roof was perfect. Even though she had no idea why warehouses 17 and 13 would be right next to each other. She would have to ask Batman about that next time she saw him.

Batgirl grabbed her gas mask off her utility belt, careful not to grab Dick's mask by accident. It was strange wearing two utility belts at once, but it was probable that Dick needed his spare, so she brought it.

She secured the mask around her face, and without a second hesitation she jumped off the roof. To her delight, she landed gracefully on her feet. A very impressive achievement if she said so herself. She just jumped off a two story building and stuck the landing. A trick she picked up from Catwoman, and she smiled as she thought of that particular night on the town. Bruce still hasn't forgiven her for it.

She ran at the guards as they were leaving the lit area of the main door way and she pulled out her canister of knockout gas. As soon as she was close enough she threw it at them and was satisfied when it landed in the middle of their group. Apparently they really did need a lesson on covert. Rule one. When you're on guard duty, it's best of you split up, so stuff like that doesn't happen.

Three of the four guards were caught in the smoke and all that could be heard was their coughing. The fourth, however, was backing away from the scene and he was reaching for his radio. Batgirl ran at him and delivered a swift kick to his stomach before grabbing him in a choke hold. The man thrashed in her grip, but she didn't loosen her hold. If he radioed in, more guys would show up, and being dragged into the warehouse wouldn't work with the dramatic entrance she was going for.

The man's thrashing lessened when his oxygen supply ran out. The man was probably about to lose consciousness, she guessed. She was right too, because not three seconds later the man slumped against her. She dropped him to the ground and dragged him over to the other guards, removing her gas mask as she went.

That was easier than she thought it be. The red head clipped her mask back on her utility belt. All she needed to do was find Dick, find a way to kill the power, and find some money so she could get coffee in the morning. If she fell asleep in History again her dad would kill her.

"Alfred, can you hook me up to the power grid for the warehouse district?" She said quickly as she made her way to the side entrance of the warehouse. They would expect someone to come in through the gaping hole in the wall, not the poorly locked door that was almost always partially hidden behind some sort of manufacturing equipment.

"Can I safely assume that the warehouse district will be experiencing a black out this morning?" Alfred's voice sounded through her ear bud, making her roll her eyes at the sarcastic butler.

"It'll only be till I get Robin and his team out." She said as she bent down to pick the lock on the side entrance door.

"It's rude to roll your eyes, Miss Gordan, and you are aware that the power plant will alert the authorities once the electricity is down?" Barbara bit back a curse. She knew that the power plant would call the cops, but Alfred wasn't even in the area, how did he do that?

"It'll take them about ten minutes before anyone gets here." She said and she heard a click coming from the lock she had been working on. With a small grin she pushed the door open and her grin widened when she saw the forklift that blocked the doorway from the rest of the warehouse.

"I'm in, just give the signal, and please be careful Miss Gordan."

"Thanks Alfie." She said quietly. Everything was in place for part one of her plan, now for part two.

She climbed atop the forklift and used it's height to get a head start at the rafters. She pulled out her grappling gun and fired it at the roof. When she felt it hook on something, she pushed the recoil button and with a small tug, she was speeding towards the roof, and once she close enough, she swung herself onto the rafters. Happy with her quite ascend upwards, she unattached her grappling gun from the roof and turned to observe the scene below her.

"Damn." Batgirl swore as she examined Robin's predicament. What kind of team was Batman running? The entire warehouse looked like a disaster zone. Two members of Dick's team were trapped under what looked like to be part of the wall. From the way the wall was setting on them, their legs weren't being squished. That meant, that those two were exceedingly lucky. That thing looked ridiculously heavy.

One of them was definitely Wally, but she had never seen the blonde girl before. They appeared to be arguing. It was more like flirting in her opinion, but at least she knew where that missing part of the wall was now.

Another member of Junior Justice League seemed to be slowly bleeding out on the floor. He was probably Atlantean from the design of his tattoos, but other than that he was a mystery. The only thing interesting about him was the person he was unconscious next to. A boy who looked like Superman. A son perhaps? No, that couldn't be right. That big blue doofus couldn't even find the nerve to ask out Lois Lane, besides the kid had to be about sixteen. So, that only left a clone.

Then, there was another girl who looked green a few yards away from the clone. She wasn't the sick kind of green, but her skin was actually green. She was a Martian, she had to be.

But... Where was Dick? She didn't see her little bat brother anywhere, and she was positive that she looked everywhere. Her vantage point in the rafters gave her a pretty good view too. She could see everything from the downed sidekicks to the arms dealers moving their products onto a semi, but still no Robin.

"Have you found him yet?" Alfred's voice cut in, and her hand instantly went to her ear bud. She quickly tapped it in rapid fire to send him a message in Morse code. She couldn't afford to be heard, and she had already slipped up with her comment earlier. The message, if she did it right, should have come out like 'No, and I've looked everywhere.'

"Have you tried looking down?" Was her instant reply and she could feel embarrassment creep up her neck. Whoops. Without wasting another second, Batgirl looked down and tied to a pole directly beneath her was Robin. Dried blood covered part of his forehead, and his bindings looked like the were about to cut into him. A wave of protectiveness came over her, but the female vigilante fought them back. She needed a level head.

It didn't help that the guy who looked like the man in charge was walking over to Dick's subdued form.

"I warned you that you were going to get hurt." The man said, and Batgirl raised an eyebrow. Cliche much?

"Not as much as you're about to be." Robin replied with a grin, which looked down right evil with the dried blood on his face.

"It's over for you and your team. If you hadn't noticed you've all been beaten. Two of your members are unconscious, one is dying of a stab wound, two are being crushed by a rock, and your not much better off than they are." The man said smugly.

"At least I still have my looks, I can't say the same for you, gramps."

"Ah, youth. You don't need to keep acting brave." The man said in fake fondness and he grinned at Robin, "There's no one here to help you. The Justice League are no where to be found. Face it. You're all alone." The man smirked making Batgirl grit her teeth.

"Not as alone as you might think." Robin said happily and Batgirl grinned as she realized that Dick had seen her. That little genius just set her up for one the best entrances in Bat Family history. She would have to thank him for that later.

Taking her cue, she sent a message to Alfred, telling him to kill the lights in the warehouse. The lights shut off instantly and her efforts were reward by furious yells sounding throughout the warehouse. A smile made its way onto her face and she let out a creepy giggle that the Joker would've been jealous of. Things were about to get fun.


"Come on, Babs" Robin prayed silently. His headache had dulled down quite nicely leaving him fully aware of his other injuries. Which was not a good thing. If he hadn't been wearing heavy duty gloves, his wrists would've been bleeding. Not to mention that he was starting to lose the feeling in the lower half of his body. Plus, from what he could tell, the thugs were almost done loading the truck. As soon as they were finished they had to take care of their intruders, and that normally meant killing them. They needed help pronto.

He knew that he couldn't rush Batgirl, even though he called her an hour ago. He was just grumpy about his situation. It was kind of hard not be when he was being forced to listen various conversations echoing around the warehouse for an hour and a half. He did learn a lot, however. He learned things ranging from the location of where the guns were headed to Jimmy has a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. He honestly only cared about the former, but Jimmy was sick damn it!

Normally he wouldn't care about Jimmy and for the most part he would tune everything that didn't concern him out, but anything was better than listen to KF and Artemis bicker from under part of the wall.

"This is all your fault!" KF yelled.

"How is this my fault Kid Idiot?" Artemis retorted.

"It just is!"

"Is that the best you got, Baywatch?"

"Watch it Blondey!"

"Gladly! Because anything would be better than watching you!"

"You're on to talk!"

"What's that supposed-"

"SHUT UP!" One of the thugs that was loading the truck yelled, and if Dick wasn't tied up, he might have hugged him. He just got rid of his headache, he didn't need another one.

Luckily, his friends took the man's words into consideration, because they continued the arguing on a much quieter scale. Leaving him able to lose himself in his thoughts.

"I warned you that you were going to get hurt." Greg said from close by. Robin resisted the urge to jump. He really should have been paying better attention to his surroundings. When did Greg get there, but more importantly, why did he have the feeling that someone was watching him? He knew Greg was watching him, but it didn't feel like the same thing. He knew that more than one pair of eyes was starring holes in his back.

"Not as much as you're about to be." Robin replied with a small grin, he was going for creepy, and hopefully it worked. He had to buy Batgirl some time to get there. Unless... Someone was watching him, and that someone happened to be the police commissioner's daughter.

"It's over for you and your team. If you hadn't noticed you've all been beaten. Two of your members are unconscious, one is dying of a stab wound, two are being crushed by a rock, and your not much better off than they are." The man said, but Robin tuned him out. He wasn't really in the mood to listen to Greg's gloating.

"At least I still have my looks, I can't say the same for you, gramps." He snapped, and an idea struck him. Batgirl was always one for making an entrance, maybe he could help her out a little.

"Ah, youth. You don't need to keep acting brave." The man taunted, "There's no one here to help you. The Justice League are no where to be found. Face it. You're all alone." Robin just smirked.

"Not as alone as you might think." Robin said cheerfully and his smile only grew as the lights flickered out. His mask adjusted itself to the darkness and Robin found himself watching Greg stumble around looking for some sort of light. A creepy giggle echoed through the warehouse and he found himself answering it with his own terrifying cackle.

Their drama teacher would've been so proud.

"Hiya Boy Blunder!" A voice said right next to his ear, and he felt the voice's owner hacking at the bindings on his hands.

"What took you so long?" He asks wearily.

"Hey a little gratitude would be nice." Batgirl huffed, but he could tell she was joking, "Holy crap, whoever tied this must be a boy scout." She said angrily and she kept working on getting his hands untied. Robin held back his laughter at her statement.

"That's exactly what I said." He replied and to his relief, he felt the cords fall of his hands. Batgirl backed up and let his circus training take it from there. He contorted his body just like the escape artist had taught him, and he was free in record time.

"Ha! Take that Batgirl. Circus training- 12, Gymnastics- 9!" He proclaimed and he stuck his tongue out at her.

"You've got to teach me how to do that, and I still say gymnastics is better" Barbara said in an equally childish manner. He was just about to make his own witty remark, but was cut off guard when she threw a utility belt at him. He caught it before it hit his face, but how could she have known that his had been taken.


"Alfred." She said simply.

"I have to help my team." He informed her.

"Go, I've got your back." She promised and the two of them rushed into action.

As he sped over to the downed Superboy, he could hear screams of pain and gunfire as Batgirl took out some of the thugs in the distance. If only they knew that they were getting their asses kicked by a sixteen year old girl, they would never live it down.

As quick as he could, he snatched the kryptonite off the ground and shoved it in the lead laced pocket of his utility belt. It was almost as if Superboy had just drank four cups of coffee, because he was almost up as fast as he was down.

"Where's M'gann?" He asked panicked, but Robin would have none of that.

" Listen to me!" He snapped, "You need to get the wall off of KF and Artemis." He ordered and he must have been dishing out some serious bat-glare, because Superboy did exactly what he told him to. Almost four seconds later he heard Superboy yell as he picked up the wall and threw it. Robin knew that the clone had no idea where he had thrown the wall, but after hearing a massive bang, shortly followed by the crunching of metal, he knew.

He smiled, Superboy had just crushed the the truck loaded down with hundreds of guns with hundreds of pounds of stone. Oh sweet irony.

"What's the plan Rob?" Wally asked as the speedster raced up behind him. Not long after he got there, Artemis and Superboy followed. It was time for him to step up and take command. He should've found the pressure intense, but he didn't. He knew exactly what needed to be done.

"Superboy, Aqualad is down. Find him and take him to Gotham Medical. Ask for Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Tell her I sent you." He ordered and Superboy left to find their fallen leader, "Kid, Artemis, Miss M is unconscious. You need to find her. Get her out of here, and to the bioship. The ship should help her. Once she wakes up, head back to the mountain. We got this."

"Robin, who exactly is 'we'?" Artemis asked carefully as more gun fire and screams came from the back of the warehouse.

"A friend, now go!" He yelled. He could have sworn he heard Wally say that he had some scary friends, but he couldn't be sure. He needed to help Batgirl.

He let out another cackle to her know where he was, and jumped into the fight. The men were running chaotically, with no actual fight pattern, other than to fight off the people coming at them. Amateur hour.

Robin's attacks became one large blur, he attacked using everything his training had taught him. He ducked, dodged, flipped, punched, kicked, and eventually he felt that that's all he had been doing for hours. At one point he sensed Batgirl joining him and they fought side by side. Using each other for moves that one couldn't have accomplished on their own. Like how Batgirl used him as a spring board after he ducked from an incoming punch, or how she tripped an incoming attacker, only for him to fall on Robin's fist. There was a reason that they were the protectors of Gotham, they knew what they were doing.

Then, the action just stopped. There were no more guys to fight. The lights flickered on, and his mask, once again, instantly switched to accommodate the change in lighting. He stood up straight to face the newest threat, and he heard Batgirl do the same beside him. Most of the thugs were lying on the ground in pain, and out of the corner of his eye, he could see a few fleeing the warehouse.

A slow clapping came from behind them and they spun around to face Greg. He was smiling. It obvious that he was underestimating them, again.

"Good job. I didn't know you had it in you." He falsely praised.

"Care to give up now, or do we get to kick your butt?" Batgirl asked. Greg frowned at her.

"You're the one who caused this." He accused.

"Guilty as charged." She smiled and she didn't give him a chance to respond because she rushed him. Robin quickly understood what she was doing, and went to help. She delivered a quick punch to his stomach followed by an uppercut, and she ducked allowing Dick to finish him off. He jumped as high as his legs would allow and came down with a powerful punch to Greg's face. A crack filled the air as his fist made contact, and as soon as Greg was down, Batgirl rose from her crouch and rolled Greg over. She whipped out a pair of cuffs and slapped them on him, it was almost as if Greg's fat wrists gave her no trouble at all.

A comfortable silence passed between that was only broken by the approaching sirens of Gotham's finest. The sirens effectively cleared out the rest of the occupants in the warehouse.

"You know you could always join us." He informed her. He likes his team, but having Batgirl there would make it even better. The two them were an unstoppable force when they were together, and she could read his mind almost as well as Batman could. It would also be awesome seeing her reject Wally's attempts to flirt with her. She would give him a new kind of lesson in pain.

"Nah. I've never been good at following orders." She replied with a smile, and Dick thought that was a gross understatement. She was a head strong female superhero running around on Batman's turf. Who had made it clear that he didn't like other heroes in his city, but she constantly asked him to challenge her right to be a vigilante. He never did, and Dick didn't think he could get her to stop if he tried.

"You know you want to go on missions." He said, half pleading with her to join. He missed their sibling rivalry.

"I never said I didn't, I said I didn't want to be ordered around." She corrected with a wink.

"Are you implying that I should become a snitch?"

"Now you're getting it, Grayson."

"Text you the mission details?"

"Please and thank you." She replied, and before he could react, she reached over and ruffled his hair. He yelped back in surprise and he started to yell at her, but she was gone. She had just vanished into the Gotham night.

He finally understood why his friends always complained about him disappearing, but he didn't let it bother him too bad. It looked like he was going to see her more often now, not just in school or around Gotham. Yep, that left him plenty of time to plan his revenge. She was, after all, and informal teammate.

He hadn't been thrilled when they where given the mission at warehouse 17, but now he was happy for it. Now he had his sister back, even if he didn't know how to explain this mess to Batman, it was still worth it.


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