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Summary: The Spirit World has been destroyed, the Human World and Demon world have both been enslaved. Our heroes have been seperated into encampments scattered across the two worlds. With hope almost completely lost, they must escape and find each other, bringing order back to the two worlds and saving the Spirit World. Hiei/Botan, Yusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina, Hinted Kurama/Shizuru.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or any of the characters in it.

The Big Bang: The Beginning

Botan hummed to herself, carrying out a tray of lemonade to the picnic table the boys had set up for their little get together. It was always nice to see her boys every once in a while. Hiei even accepted his invitation this time! Of course, that probably had to do with Kurama slyly getting Yukina to ask him. It was sweet how he could never deny his sister. Setting the tray down on the checkered table cloth, Botan sat next to Keiko on the table and looked over her shoulder at the cards she was holding.

"Go fish, I ain't got a five," Yusuke grunted from the other side of the table, his eyes shifting to the other five players. Botan smiled at how relaxed the day was. No demons, no missions, just good ol' fashion spending time together. Her favorite girls and her favorite boys! She'd even begun to think of them as her slightly dysfunctional un-related family. Of course, looking around the table, one of them was missing. As always.


Sighing, Botan grabbed a cup of the lemonade and walked over to the nearest tree. Tapping on the trunk with her knuckles as if it were a door, she announced in her favorite sing-song voice, "Knock, knock!"

Hiei glanced down at her, resisting the urge to roll his eyes, and shifted in his tree so that he was looking in the other direction. The ferry girl frowned at the obvious snub and summoned her oar, hopping onto it and floating up to his level.

"Now, Hiei, that was very rude of you! I just wanted to bring you some lemonade. Yukina and Keiko worked hard to make it from scratch and it really is quite good, I promise."

The fire demon glared at the persistent woman and snatched the cup. Her smile brightened considerably and it grated on his nerves even further. Why was she so happy all the time? Why couldn't she leave him alone? Why was she smiling at him? He just wanted to wipe that smile right off of her face. Didn't she know that?

Taking the hint when Hiei began to growl, Botan's eyes widened and she quickly scattered away back to the table, this time sitting next to Kuwabara. He was trying so hard to see Yusuke's cards, and she had to hide another smile behind her hand. So typical of the two. Looking around, she could see Yukina staring down at her cards in slight confusion, Kurama and Shizuru playing with their usual poker faces, and Keiko not so subtly kicking Yusuke from under the table for some thing or another that he'd done.

Could this day get any better? Everything was so perfe-.

Suddenly a wave of nausea came over the bluette and she was hit with the urge to gag. Pushing away from the table, she hunched and held her stomach, not being able to smother her coughing and tears. She could see her friends crowding around her, surely worried, but she could hardly make out their blurry faces from behind her tears. She could tell Yukina was rubbing her back, trying to be helpful, but she could hardly feel it. They were asking her questions but she couldn't understand what they were saying. All she could hear was a loud ringing in her ears. Shaking her head, she managed to cough out, "S-spirit World. It's destroyed."

She could hear the gasps from the girls and the exclamations from Kuwabara and Yusuke, and Kurama hushing them, of course being the voice of reason. The nearly painful ringing in her ears began to die down and she could finally understand what they were saying.

"Hn. How can we know what she's saying is the truth?"

Yusuke angrily grabbed Hiei by the collar, his other hand pointing at Botan, "Does this look fake to you, Hiei? Does it? Because it doesn't look fake to me."

Kurama laid his hand over Yusuke's arm, urging him to lower Hiei back to the ground. Looking down at Botan's still hunched form he spoke gravely, "The last time this happened and Botan absorbed the orb after the Spirit World was nearly destroyed and flooded by water, she got sick. And it makes sense that somebody who is so linked to the Spirit World and spirit energy would be effected like this. Her whole existence is a part of Spirit World."

Botan lifted her head and could see Kuwabara open his mouth to speak, but all sound was once again drowned out by a ringing in all of their ears and a bright white light began covering the horizon. In a matter of seconds it reached them, and everything became a blinding white, before everything turned to a black nothingness.

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