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She sat back in the rocking chair, listening to the distant sounds of James playing with Harry and grinned with contentment. Her gaze shifted about the nursery, the walls painted a light green, the crib a stark contrast with it's almost black wood.

Tonight they were safe.

Her muscles started relaxing, the tension draining away as she lifted a hand and gently rubbed one side of her neck. Her other hand held tight to the small journal she'd been writing in and she thought about what to write tonight. These entries were for her little boy one day, if he even cared about reading such a thing. Her bright green eyes wrinkled at the corners as she smiled again, and looked over at the things sent from various members of the Order for Harry's first birthday. There were lollipops from Hagrid (like she'd let Harry ruin his teeth on them!), a picture book from Minerva, a toy broomstick from Sirius, and even a poster with the Hogwarts crest on it from Albus. She decided to hold off on the writing and hang the poster, so she left the journal on the rocking chair and found some mismatched tacks to pin it up over Harry's crib.

She giggled a little to herself as the badger ruffled his fur and the lion roared, and she trailed her fingers over the emblem, sighing as they touched the emerald and black of Slytherin.

Maybe she'd start at the beginning for Harry.

She withdrew from the newly hung poster and returned to the chair, picking up her journal as she did so. It all seemed so long ago...

I was nine when I was first fully aware of what I was. The notion that I could make things happen when I just thought the was absolutely life altering! It'd be small things like turning a light on and off or making a glass shatter, but I admit, it was scary for a girl my age! Luckily, we'll be here to guide you through all of that, my son.

Your Aunt Petunia and I had been at the playground a block from your grandparents' house and we were just swinging like any other pair of girls. I was the more reckless of Tuney and I so I was unafraid to swing higher and higher and she was frightened for me. I was enjoying the wind in my air as I carelessly jumped off my swing and she was screeching at me, "Lily, don't do it!". Of course I still did and I remember thinking to myself, land safely, land safely and it felt like I was flying for a few magical moments.

Honestly, I knew it had to be magic...I landed light as a feather, if you can believe it, Harry! Tuney was on the edge of tears as she ran up to me and I dusted my hands on my little pink skirt. She was always so fussy and she kept yelling at me, "Mummy told you not to!" and "Mummy said you weren't allowed, Lily!" I always laughed off her concerns and I remember trying to show her that what I could do wasn't dangerous so I picked up a tiny little blossom off the ground and showed her the flower in my palm, willing each petal to open and close like some kind of weird flower hand. Of course, anything unusual frightened poor, sweet Tuney, so she kept yelling at me to stop so I grudgingly did so. I ended up letting it fall to the ground and we stood next to each other for a moment. She whispered to me,"how did you do it?" and I didn't know how to answer her.

Lily stopped her entry there as she felt that jolt of electricity run through her, as it did each time she thought of him. She shouldn't feel guilty about omitting some of it from her son, but some of it wasn't important to these kinds of stories. Hmm, or maybe they were too important to share. She lay her head back on the chair, red hair falling from behind her ear and she gently closed her eyes, remembering. A gangly boy had come out of the bushes then, hair askew and full of eagerness. He was the one who told her she was a witch as his pale cheeks turned pink with a blushing excitement. He'd leaned toward her 9 year old self and whispered it softly and she'd reacted in a negative manner as she hadn't shared her powers with anyone but Tuney and this boy knew all about it. She'd wanted to talk to him about it but Tuney opened her big mouth. Lily had glanced back at the boy, glaring. He should have known better than to bring it up with Tuney around!

The next day she had gone back to the playground alone but he never showed up.

She had felt abandoned that day in the playground.