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This is War!


Bella POV

Edward and I were enjoying the rainy day by sitting on the couch and watching a movie when suddenly Alice was in front of us with a amused and nervous expression on her face.

Nervous? Alice is never nervous!

"What is it Alice?" I asked and as soon as the words left my mouth I felt Edward stiffen beside me.

"The Denali are coming for a visit to meet our newest Cullen!" she said simply.

Even thought I was not married to Edward yet, they still considered me part of their family...



The Denali Coven?

But that means...

Tanya's coming.

"I just thought I should warn you in case she tries something." Alice continued.

"Thanks." I gave her a smile.

"They'll arrive later tonight, but you will meet tomorrow."

"Thanks." I said again. I would make sure Tanya would keep her hands of my man.

Alice POV.

I was so excited. I couldn't wait.

The Denali coven are coming. I got a vision this morning and until earlier this evening I was trying to determine if it would be best if I tell Bella or don't tell her.

If I wouldn't have told her she would've caught Tanya stealing a kiss from Edward and ran away crying.

If I told her, which I did...

Bella POV.

"Emmett!" I yelled as I walked into the Cullen Mansion the next day, wearing the tightest skinny jeans on the planet with red heels and an oversized shirt I borrowed from my dad. "What the hell happened to my clothes?"

He looked at me and started whistling as my face flushed, both with embarrassment and anger.

I heard a gasp behind me and I turned around to see what was going on when I caught Edward staring at my butt.

"Edward seems to like it." He said casually as if it was no big deal to steal someone's clothes and replace them with a slutty style that someone would never wear.

"Ugh!" I huffed as I walked out the door and bumped into something hard.

I raised my eyes and found out I was staring at my worst enemy.

"Um." I stuttered nervously. "Hi! I'm Edward's fiance. You must be Tanya?"

"Hello." Tanya said in a beautiful voice. "Yes I'm Tanya. I'm surprised you know me, Edward must talk about me a lot."

"No." I said and pretended to think. "I've never heard Edward say anything about you. Alice told me you were coming."

She didn't even give me a second glance, she just walked into the living room looking like she owned the place, she walked straight to Edward embracing him and talking in a completely squeaky voice.

"Eddie! I missed you."

I tore my eyes away from them confident that Edward wouldn't do anything, because he looked just as annoyed as I was.

I looked at the door where four other vampires were staring curiously at me.

"Hi." I waved. "I'm Bella, it's soo nice to meet you, I wish I could stay and chat but I have to go. Bye"

And before I walked out of the room I spoke:

"Emmett? Can I talk to you for a minute?" I didn't wait for a response. I walked out to my truck to see Emmett leaning against it.

"You have a choice." I said in a calm deadly voice.

"I'm listening." he spoke as he looked at me with what I figured must be his serious expression. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud.

"Either I tell Rosalie about the prank, and you get to spend some more time with the couch-"

"No. Please, don't." he interrupted me pleading. "I'll stop I swear. Just don't tell her! I'll-"

I held my hand up to stop him talking. And it worked.

"Or you help me prank Tanya." I whispered so low, I was sure no body in the house would hear me.

"Hell yeah."

And so the War began.

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