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Author's Note: I felt that one of my other stories, "Kids These Days", needed a prequel to explain why Jubilee, Bobby, Piotr, Saint-John, Rogue, and Kitty were stuck in detention. And so, here it is.

For a variety of reasons, field trips at the Xavier Institute didn't occur frequently. For one thing, it was difficult to disguise students with physical mutations. And it was even more arduous of a task to ensure that none of the students would utilize their abilities out in the open, for everyone to see and inadvertently reveal the school's true purpose, especially considering they would have to arrange for transportation from a public bus line.

Despite this, Scott Summers wanted to ascertain that the students of the Xavier Institute regularly interacted with outside world. It was important for them to remember that they, too, had a place in society, and it definitely wasn't as members of a socially downtrodden race.

So he was genuinely pleased to inform his ninth grade English class that they, along with grades sixth through twelfth, would be traveling to New York City to visit the American Museum of Natural History. The students, however, weren't quite as enthusiastic when they heard the news.

"But, like, if it's, like, history, why do, like, we have to, like, learn about it?" Sally Belvins questioned, adjusting her eyelashes with a mascara wand as she gazed into a compact mirror, entranced by her own reflection.

"Like," Shola Inkosi added sardonically.

"Actually, Sally, George Santayana once said, 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,'" Scott informed her, walking over and standing right in front of her desk. "Besides, the museum focuses on mammals, fossils, and minerals, not the battles and presidential elections you're thinking of."

Sally had been too focused on her own appearance to notice his approach, and so she started when she looked up and saw him there. In the process, she dropped her mascara wand and smudged Robert Pattinson's vampire face that was imprinted onto her "Team Edward" T-Shirt, giving the celebrity's visage a rather impressive mustache. Frantically, she began to attempt to rub away the mascara stain.

"New York City," Amara breathed. She turned to Rogue. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yes. Breaking into the New York Stock Exchange to manipulate the stock trades and make ourselves billionaires in the process is a great idea, but how are we going to get past security?" Rogue asked, looking at her blankly.

Amara stared. "I just wanted to go shopping."

Dani Moonstar crossed her arms over her own "Team Tyler's Van" T-Shirt. "Do we need to get permission slips signed by our parents?"

"That won't be necessary," Scott informed her. "Your parents or guardians already signed any required paperwork when you initially registered here for school."

"That's good," said Manuel de la Rocha. "Because even if I sent it by express, the permission slip would probably still take awhile to get to Spain and back."

"It would probably only take about a week each way," Doug Ramsey told him.

"What would we do at the museum?" Jubilee questioned.

"Look at exhibits," Amara replied condescendingly, a sneer on her pretty face. "Obviously."

"The museum offers forty-six exhibition halls," Scott told them.

"Sounds like a long day of staring at old stuff," Bobby Drake commented.

"I wouldn't mind that," Regan Wyngarde remarked, flipping her long, golden blonde hair over her shoulder and adjusting her ultra-miniskirt.

"Only if it was a reflective surface," Jubilee muttered under her breath.

Regan and Amara each sent nasty looks in Jubilee's direction, while Rogue, Regan's other follower- no, friend, Scott reminded himself- continued her habit of speaking only occasionally, instead focusing all of her energy into keeping her face perfectly blank. The boys in Regan's group, Manuel, Saint-John Allerdyce, and Jean-Paul Martin, didn't involve themselves, largely because Manuel was texting on the latest top-quality cell phone model, Saint-John, with his eyelids closed and his chin propped up by his hand, appeared to be in a semi-conscious state, and Jean-Paul rarely talked anyway and as usual, allowed his stony silence and expression of boredom and faint annoyance to speak for him instead.

While pacing up and down the rows of desks, Scott deliberated and prodded St. John's shoulder with a finger. "There's a time and a place for sleeping, Allerdyce. The classroom isn't either." He continued on his way around the classroom.

St. John stirred briefly, but his eyes soon glazed over once more.

"This is an opportunity for all of you," Scott walked by and confiscated Manuel's cell phone, despite his protests, "to expand your knowledge of the past, and examine how it affects the present."

"Let's do the time warp again," David Alleyne said jocularly.

An amused scoff emitted from Rogue's throat.

"Keep your feet off the desk, Ro- Anna Marie," Scott quickly corrected himself. Students at the Xavier Institute used her nickname so often that even the teaching staff used the odd moniker to refer to her. He frowned at her T-Shirt, which was, as always, black, but read, "Team Stephen King." Such a strange girl, but at least she had taken her motorcycle boots off the desk and put them on the floor where shoes belonged.

David raised his hand. "How will we be getting to the museum?"

"Coach bus," Scott responded promptly.

"When are we going?" Kitty Pryde queried.

"Two weeks from now. The twenty-sixth of November." Scott opened a desk drawer and dropped Manuel's cell phone inside, and then locked it.

"I'm not even sure I'm going to be here," Manuel said to Jean-Paul and Saint-John.

"That's a crying shame," Bobby muttered to Piotr Rasputin.

Scott sighed in exasperation. "Listen up, all of you. The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world's preeminent institutions for scientific research and you have the chance to see it. I want all of you to be on your best behavior. No petty arguments," he looked at Manuel, Bobby, Amara, and Jubilee, "no complaints about how 'boring' you find the subject matter," he looked at Sally, "no use of your mutant abilities unless there is a dire emergency." He looked at all of them.

"Define 'dire,' please, sir," Doug requested.

"Someone is in danger of dying," Scott returned immediately.

"Is Mr. Logan going to come with us to the museum?" Kitty wondered.

"Mr. Logan could be anexhibit at the museum," Jean-Paul said scornfully, breaking his constant silence for the first time in days.

Everyone in the room, including his friends (except for Rogue, who was sketching something in her notebook), turned to stare at Jean-Paul in surprise.

He glared back at all of them.

A/N: Several characters, such as Sally, Jean-Paul, Shola, Dani, Doug, Amara, Regan, and Manuel, are from the comics. Additionally, I have changed Pyro back to being Australian.

And Jean-Paul was always kind of grumpy as adult in the comics. Presumably, he was just as bad as a teenager, because back then he was a terrorist.

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