All of the errant students sat on a bench outside the headmaster's office, with only Jean-Paul and Rogue -no, Anna Marie, standing. They leaned against opposite sides of the wood-paneled wall, arms folded, and one knee bent, with the corresponding foot resting back on the wood; their poses mirrored each other's, and they stood as still as statues.

Scott surveyed the faces of his students, a muscle in his jaw twitching. Kitty's face was white, and Bobby stared at the floor. Saint-John wore a grimace, while Amara was sulking, and Jean-Paul, as usual, simply scowled in silence. Piotr seemed distinctly uncomfortable, and Anna Marie's expression was carefully constructed to give no indication of whatever she might have been thinking.

"I am very disappointed in all of you," Scott said, his voice perilously tranquil. "What you did was extremely foolish and dangerous. Piotr, Bobby, Jubilee, and Kitty, I expected better from you."

They kept quiet, but he saw Saint-John and Jean-Paul exchange a glance.

"There's no use lecturing you and telling you not to do it again," Scott continued, "because I'm not going to give you the oppurtunity. From this day forward, you will remain behind from field trips and spend the entire school day in a classroom, completing worksheets that will later be graded by your respective teachers."

"For the next month, at seven o'clock on Saturday morning, you will meet me in the garage to receive a menial task that I will select for you and you will use the day to complete that task until I say you're finished. Lastly, I will be sending a letter to your parents about this incident. That is all." Scott strode past them down the hall, barely able to contain his fury at their reckless and idiotic behavior.

"It's quite a shame," he heard Saint-John remark to the others before he was out of earshot. "I never got my coffee."

"Hey, at least we got to meet Spider-Man," Bobby said.

Scott just continued walking, filling his mind with thoughts of the chores he would assign to them on Saturday, forcibly tuning out their words. He really didn't want to know.

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