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Takano was speechless. He'd used Ritsu's spare (Aka his new key) to get back into Ritsu's apartment after he'd gotten his lazy mangaka back to work. When he walked in, he saw Ritsu on the couch. He was curled on his side, brown hair framing his angelic face. Angelic? Really? When did I become a sap? And he may look angelic now, but he can be quite the smartass while he's awake. Takano snorted at that. He was about to wake him up, but something made him freeze. Ritsu was hugging a picture in his sleep. A picture of him. As he looked closer, he realized it was drawn. Did he draw it? I didn't know he could draw… He smiled and leaned down to kiss him, not noticing that he'd knocked the other papers on the floor.

"GAH! You pervert!" Ritsu yelled, surprised, pushing him away.

"Well well, now Sleeping Beauty's up!"

"Sh-shut up! I was tired, so I just took a nap!" Takano chuckled. He's so defensive. Some things never change. He decided to have some fun with this.

"You know, I missed you, Onodera." Ritsu stopped his pushing and looked at him, dumbstruck at what he'd said. His face also went a little bit red. It was too cute.

"Wh-what?" He doesn't even try!

"I was going to give you a break and let you sleep, but since I came back and found you hugging this," He held up the picture, and Ritsu's eyes widened in shock. "It looks like you missed me too, and I can't ignore that, now can I?" Before Ritsu could reply, Takano captured his lips in a passionate kiss. Takano moved so he was straddling Ritsu's waist, still not breaking the kiss.

-Knock Knock! Door opens-

Takano was about to get off of him, but when he saw who it was; he decided he didn't want to move. It was Ishikaru.

"Hey, Ri-chan I—"

Ishikaru took in the scene before him. At first he was shocked. Then he just went on with his business like this was normal. Ritsu squirmed beneath Takano, but soon gave up, he knew Takano wasn't about to move.

"I was coming over to tell you that we're leaving at six o'clock tomorrow morning. Since it's already almost nine o'clock I was going to say you should go to bed…" Takano smirked at that. Ishikaru didn't really know what to say, but this whole scene felt a bit awkward. So he decided to leave. He was almost to the door when he heard Ritsu's bedroom door shut. He also heard something in the living room hit the ground. He went to see what it was, praying it was something they didn't need for Onodera-mama's gathering. It was just Takano's bag. He sighed and sat it back on the couch. When he turned around he noticed two papers on the floor. Did these fall out of his bag? He picked them up and smirked. If these were under the coffee table, that probably means Takano didn't see them. He edited one slightly, and when he was done, he smiled again. Slipping the two 'bad' drawings into the bag, he makes his leave.

-The next day-

That morning passed in a blur for Ritsu. He remembers waking up in his own bed, but with an all-to-familiar presence. He didn't want to wake Takano, he looked tired. So he just left. He did leave a note though.

Went to my mother's gathering thing. Be back in a couple of hours

-Onodera Ritsu

He slept most of the car ride. He woke up as they were pulling in the gate. The Onodera Manor was no small feat, it was a very large mansion. During their arrival His mother had scolded him about not coming home enough, An-chan had welcomed him warmly (her father did not), and his little cousins had squealed and tackled him. His mother's dog was nowhere to be found. He knew she had one, but he was afraid that something had happened to it. If he asked about it and it was dead….


"Yes, Ishikaru-chan?"

"Where is Rara-chan?" Who's Rara-chan? Ritsu racked his brain but came up blank.

"Oh! Did I forget to mention it? Rara-chan had her puppies!" Oh… "Ritsu, honey, can you help me in the kitchen, please? I'm making doughnuts!"

"Ah, yes mother!" He scurried into the kitchen and Ishikaru followed.

"Ritsu, do you like your doughnut with cream?" His mother asked. Ishikaru grinned and before he could answer, Ishikaru said,

"Oh, Ritsu loves his doughnut stuffed with cream!" Onodera-mama nodded and went back to work while Ritsu shot Ishikaru a murderous glare.

"Why are you following me anyways? Don't you have someone else to annoy?"

"Nope. Since my mother divorced your uncle, and is no longer an Onodera, I'm no longer actually related to any of these people." Ouch. He'd said it smiling, but his eyes were a bit sad. Ritsu's uncle wasn't Ishikaru's real father. He'd forgotten. He had only been Nonagaru's father, Ishikaru's father wasn't… he was… he killed himself before Ritsu had ever met him. His mother had married Ritsu's uncle when Ishikaru was about ten years old. For some reason they divorced when he was eighteen. Nobody knew why. It was obvious they still loved each other…

"—are you even listening to me?" He snapped out of his thought and continued to get scolded for his inattention. Onodera-mama brushed a few stray mahogany strands of hair out of her face before turning back to the oven to check the doughnuts. I look more like father than I do mother… He let his mind wander a bit more. His mother was a bit on the short side. She had slight wrinkles, but other than those very small blemishes, she looked about thirty. About the only thing they had in common were their eyes. They both had startling emerald eyes. There were a few other features that were kind of similar, but not as obvious. One the other hand, his father had a light brown color of hair, a bit lighter than Ritsu's. He had some laugh-lines and a kind face. He was also on the tall side. He had light tawny/brown eyes. Yes, the only thing I really got from mother are my eyes…

The rest of the day was still a blur. He played with his cousins, Ishikaru made more innuendos, some things were said about Nonagaru.

When it was time to leave, his mother packed the car full with leftovers, she mumbled something about him not eating enough and hugged him goodbye. They got in the car and drove home; it was around eight o'clock at night. He didn't wake up until Ishikaru told him they were home. He and Ishikaru managed to carry all the leftovers in one trip, splitting them evenly, they parted ways. Ritsu all but passed out on his couch. His last thought was, I wonder when Takano will be home.


Takano was at work, it was like any normal day. He yelled at authors, he yelled at his co-workers, and he went over storyboards. The only thing missing was Ritsu. He sighed and went to pull out the next slide for his mangaka's storyboard, but instead his hand touched two loose papers. Alarmed and thinking that the binder that held the slides must of spilled, he quickly pulled them up. He froze completely.

It was a picture of him and Ritsu. In bed. Not sleeping. It was very detailed. Their lower halves were covered by the sheets, which were wrinkled in the 'movements' they were making. Ritsu's head was thrown back in ecstasy, lips parted in a silent moan. Takano was above him, it looked like he was panting as he kissed Ritsu's neck. It was so realistic you could even see the sweat!

"Um…Takano-san?" He looked up to see Kisa standing there, and he quickly hid the papaers. He cleared his throat.

"Ahem, is there a problem?"

"Ah, no sir, I mean Takano-san….It's just that I was wondering if you were sick or something… Your face is all red, and you're sweating. Do you have a fever?"

"No, I…. GET BACK TO WORK!" Kisa obeyed the Demon editor and went back to fetching copies. Takano turned back to his desk. If that was on the first one, the second one couldn't possibly be any worse, could it? He thought, taking the papers back out. It could. The second one was of Ritsu, striking an 'innocent' pose. He was wearing short black shorts and a tight green V-neck T-shirt. (After the changes Ishikaru made ) He had on an almost innocent expression, but the eyes were a bit sultry. And he was… a neko(cat)-boy)? His tail curled at the end, and one of his ears was pointed slightly downward. His hand was in a 'come hither' motion. On the bottom it said, "Come home quick, Takano-san."

"Ahem…I…Um, I have some urgent business to take care of, I leave Hatori in charge!"

The end

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