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Background: After the "ReVamped" incident, Jesse kidnapped Sarah in the middle of the night. He has been traveling the world with her as his hostage. About twelve years later, Jesse dies in a freak accident involving a wooden stake and Sarah returns to Whitechapel.

I walk the streets that I know so well from my childhood. I've missed this town so much. I remember every little detail... my home, my school, my friends, Ethan... Oh, Ethan I wonder what he is up to these days.

"Thinking about your nerd, like always"

I spin around, "Erica" I exclaim.

She pulls me into a tight embrace. "You've been gone a long time."

"Jesse kidnapped me" I tell her matter-of-factly. I shift uncomfortably back and forth as the blonde stares me down. "How's Ethan been?"

She chuckles. "You haven't changed a bit. Most likely, he has settled down and is married to some geeky girl. I don't know, I stopped talking to those dorks after you left. I believe he lives down the road from his parents."

I thank her and scurry off into the night. I pass houses and houses until I come upon the one I seek. The Morgan residence, all the memories flood back to me when I knock on the door. Footsteps come near, and the door opens slowly.

"Sarah" she questions "is that really you?"

"Yes Mrs. Morgan it is," I say quietly.

"How have you been? You look amazing, haven't changed at all." She smiles at me.

"I'm doing well. So, is it just you and Mr. Morgan here now?"

"Well, yes, but Ethan lives in that blue house down there" she points down the road about three houses "and Jane in an apartment closer to the center of town."

"That's nice. I must be going," I tell her "It was so nice to see you again." I hug her quickly before heading down the porch steps.

I wonder if Ethan is really married. I mean I loved the little geek, though I would never admit to that. He was my nerd, everyone said that and it was true. Even so, I wish nothing but the best for him. I beg to God that he hasn't forgotten me.

The blue house comes into view and my breath catches in my throat. Should I show up out of the blue, uninvited? I can't stay away and definitely can't hide my feelings. Why does being in love have to be so hard?

I find myself at his doorstep. A shaky finger outstretched to my fate. The button illuminates my face as I lean closer. Here goes nothing...

Ding dong.

I hear the scurry of feet towards the door. The lock clicks and the door opens, revealing... Ethan. He has grown some since the last time I saw him and he has become surprisingly paler. His face and overall structure hasn't changed a lot since I last saw him.

We lock eyes. It takes my breathe away.

I open my mouth to speak, but before I can mutter a word a little girl pops her head out from the door. Ethan pushes her back inside. Closing the door he smiles at me. Tears threaten to break, and he can tell. He reaches out, but I dash down his porch steps.

I near the park that I loved when I was a little girl. Tears cascade down my cheeks as I run. My vision is blurred by my tears so I flop on to a nearby bench. Hanging my head I continue to cry. The bench rattles slightly and I lift my head. Ethan is next to me.

"What's wrong Sarah?"

"It's nothing," I try to get up but his hand clamps down on my wrist.

"I know that's not true," he says as he stares into my eyes; the concern is evident.

"I return home after being kidnapped and being held hostage by Jesse and the guy I love ends up being married and he has a daughter," I tell him, finally cracking under his gaze.

"I'm sorry Sarah, whoever he is, he's missing out." Good old clueless Ethan.

Standing from the bench I yell at him, "I'm talking about you, Ethan! I thought I would come back here, you would see my face and it would remind you that I still love you, that the feeling isn't over!"

He stands too, "What?"

"Never mind, just go live with whatever lucky girl you're with now. I guess she gave you things that I never gave to you."

"But Sarah"

I cut him off, "I said never mind!" I bite my lip before continuing, "I'll just find someone like you." I turn to run, but strong arms wrap around me. I flail, "Let me go Ethan! Let me go!"

"Sarah, hear me out! I'm not married and I don't have a daughter. I'm just watching my neighbor's little girl. They're having date night just like what my parents used to do!"

I stop, "but Erica said..."

"How would Erica know anything?" He chuckles, "she stopped talking to me and Benny as soon as you disappeared. Besides Sarah, that would never happen," using his thumbs he wipes away some of my ruined mascara. "I changed for you" he whispers.


"I'm a full vampire Sarah. Erica bit me before she started to ignore me and Benny. She had also given me one of those pints of blood she had stolen from the blood drive."

"Why would you let her do that to you?" I scream, as I try to break away from his grip.

"Because, I wanted to be with you forever Sarah. I knew Jesse had gotten you, and I wanted to get you back. Benny never let me go after you both, but I stayed here so if you ever came back, you would find me again."

Tears swell in my eyes. Ethan had always told me 'sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.' I never understood what he meant, but from everything I heard today I finally figured it out.

"I love you Sarah," he wraps his arms around my waist before leaning down to kiss me. This will last for all of eternity.

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