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There was a thing among the Cybertronians known as Imprinting. Even to the most atheist of them, it was tangible proof that at least something was there. Be it merely to screw with them and laugh as they fumbled around, or to actually help, that was still a mystery.

One Cybertronian imprinting on another wasn't a big thing at all. This meant their sparks were meant for each other, and they were called spark mates. Spark mates were a common thing on Cybertron, and it was the most widely known form of imprinting. Ironhide and Ratchet were spark mates.

Imprinting on a different species, while entirely possible, rarely if ever happened, and it was a bit different for the Cybertronian involved. It was so rare, in fact, that most believed it couldn't happen, though almost all had knowledge of it. There was little known about how or why a Cybertronian would imprint on a member of another species. The only thing it could be brought to was Primus, and that he had planned it.

The first recorded imprinting was between Starblast and Shafu of the planet Abno. It was Cybertron's first encounter with another race, and an important one. Only Primus knew that if Starblast hadn't imprinted on Shafu, the Abnonian would have died, causing all the Cybertronians on Abno to be blamed for her death and to be killed, and then for Cybertron to see other races as a threat, and declare war on Abno, destroying evidence of it's very existence. But Starblast did imprint on Shafu, giving the mech the incredible urge to protect the organic in anyway he could.

Imprinting, however, should not be mistaken as a Cybertronian deciding to be a Guardian over someone, though it is remarkably similar. The main difference is that when a Cybertronian imprints on that of another race, they want to be near them as much as possible, and would die for them. Guardians, while having to like and enjoy their Charge's, didn't actually need to want that. Imprinting meant that they would be whatever the other needed. A friend, a family member, or, if Primus thought it right, a lover.

Due to the possible inconsistencies between Cybertronians and another race, if it was to be the last option, then the Cybertronian could create a special bond between that other being and themselves. It would lengthen their life expectancy, make them healthier, and a bit tougher to kill. Like Spark mates, if the other being died, the Cybertronian would most likely follow.

Imprinting had been researched, of course. The research is what first led to also saying that Spark mates had imprinted on one another. Starblast would not be the first to imprint on one from another race. It did not go unnoticed that most of these imprintings seemed to hold some significance. Like when Fastwing imprinted on Nova, another from Abno, during the Golden Age of Cybertron, just a few years before the Great War started.

Nova was a prince, and after years of economic difficulties, Abno was on the brink of war. Fastwing protected Nova from anything he could, and eventually sacrificed himself to save Nova's entire kingdom from a bomb. This led to the rule of not giving another race more information on weaponry than they could handle.

The Great War, which had left Cybertron dead and a shell of what it once was, had put the research of imprinting on hold. The remaining Cybertronians thought little of it at all, until some arrived on Earth, and one of the Autobots imprinted on a young organic male.

Bumblebee, Autobot Scout, and one of the youngest of the Autobots, had imprinted on Sam Witwicky. It had given him extra strength, which he had used to kick Barricade's aft. This had given him a burst of speed when Sam and Mikaela had slipped and fallen under the bridge, while Optimus could do nothing to save them. This had fueled his belief in the fact that Sam could protect the Allspark through Mission City, even though it worried him to see the teen in such danger.

After, when the Scout had asked to stay with him, he had talked to his fellow Autobots, and they had all agreed that the humans need not know of imprinting yet. So Bumblebee slipped into the role of Guardian, which he would have tried to do, anyway. He was Sam's best friend, Autobot wise, and was content that way. Though when Ratchet asked if he would have more, he had been unsure, and the subject had been dropped.

Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and bearer of the Matrix, held a firm belief that Primus did have a say in how imprinting went. He could see why Bumblebee would imprint on Sam, and could only hope that the two might eventually blossom into something more than just friends. Sam was well liked by all the 'bots on Earth, and had done them a great deed by destroying Megatron. They would all be honored, and more than happy, to except Sam as a member of the family, should he except Bumblebee. The only one blocking that possibility was Mikaela, but they liked her too, and Sam seemed happy with her, so all was well. Otherwise even Ironhide could see it happening, and that was something.

The young Prime would never have guessed the next pair that Primus would cook up, or how much their creator would want his creations to all be at peace and on friendly terms with one another again.

After the annoying Autobot insect had beaten him, Barricade had retreated to lick his wounds. He had fought Bumblebee before, and the mech hadn't been that strong then. Something had changed, but the Decepticon wasn't given much time to ponder over it when Starscream had appeared.

Starscream and Barricade had never gotten along. In fact, they hated each other. It wasn't to the point where Barricade saw all Seekers as annoying little glitches that deserved to rust at the lowest of lows in the Pit, where the Unmaker saw it fit to laugh at them everyday and all day. No, that was just for Starscream.

Neither could even say where this hate had first came from. Maybe it was because Megatron had taken an actual liking to Barricade, despite the fact that amongst the Decepticons all he had going was strength, and a good processor on his shoulders. In a real battle Barricade probably wouldn't have actually been able to take on Starscream, but in every simulated battle the two had ever had, which was required among the Decepticons, he had always won. He had always beat the Second in Command, and that angered Starscream. On the other hand, after vorns of watching Starscream constantly try to back stab Megatron, he just couldn't understand why Megatron had him as SIC. At the least, if it was just wanting to keep an eye on the temperamental Seeker, he could have had Soundwave as SIC and the seeker as TIC, but no, that wasn't the way he did it.

Starscream had sought Barricade out, telling him three things he already knew. Frenzy was dead, which meant that not only was Barricade alone, but the likelihood of him getting any medical treatment besides his own self repair systems unless he was near immediate deactivation. Megatron was dead, which meant that Starscream was now leader of the Decepticons. And finally, that he, mighty Starscream, was now leader of the Decepticons, and that if Barricade was wise, he'd notice his superiority right away.

Barricade had snorted, made a few snide and sarcastic comments, and one that he would never change. He would never follow Starscream, even if that meant he'd have to turn into an Autobot.

Starscream hadn't liked that too well, and Barricade had found himself worse off than before. A fight with Bumblebee, and a fight with Starscream so close together with out good medical help compounded, and the Decepticon drifted off into a medically induced stasis caused by his own systems, somewhere tucked away in a little traveled area of Tranquility.

He remained in stasis for a few months. The school year ended, summer passed, and the next school year began. LadiesMan217, better known as Sam Witwicky, would be beginning his final year of high school with his girlfriend Mikaela, and his best human friend, Miles. Barricade, however, did not know this. He had no knowledge of the time passing.

Finally, he was woken up by a single, simple thing. A voice. And then there was something that pulled him out of stasis and into the real world so fast, it was almost a shock to his systems.

"No, Mason, we do not pee on the banged up copper car!" Miles exclaimed, tugging on the leash gently to pull the large Mastiff away from the car. It didn't work.

Miles walked Mason daily. Well, it would alternate between running, jogging, and walking. It was important for the dog to get a good amount of exercise, and it kept Miles in a somewhat decent shape, too. He always went the same way. Mason was friendly, and liked to jump on people, so Miles made it easier on himself by taking away few others did in the town of Tranquility.

Not long after Sam had returned after his sudden disappearance, with Mikaela Banes as a girlfriend and a brand spankin' new Camaro to boot, a saleen police cruiser had appeared along the route that Miles always took. He had inspected it the first day, and besides it being beat up, all he could find unusual was the fact it had 'to punish and enslave' written on it's side.

After that he pretty much ignored it. Every now and then Mason would show an unexpected interest in it, and Miles would notice that someone seemed to at least be taking care of some of the minor damage. Besides that, all he did was walk by it.

It was early September, and school hadn't started that long ago. Things were still a bit awkward between Miles and Mikaela, though Miles had never actually meant anything he said about her. Sam was his best friend, and had a crush on the Mikaeala Banes, one of the hottest girls in their school district. The last thing he wanted was for his friend to get hurt, and thought that by maybe making it seem that he hated and was disgusted by her, it would deter his own friend.

He had no idea about the Autobots, or that giant alien robots from outer space could even exist. Sam had begged Mikaela and Bumblebee to say nothing, and neither had, leaving Miles alone in the dark.

Miles groaned, trying one more gentle tug. "Mason!"

It was no use. The Mastiff was already lifting one of his hind legs, and then peeing on one of the front wheels of the damaged saleen police cruiser.

When the engine suddenly roared to life, Mason ran behind Miles, barking and growling at the car in surprise. Miles was startled himself, and took a few steps back. Since when did engines start on their own?

Barricade let his engine roar to life and startle the two organics close to him. The smaller one had dared to lubricate all over his left front tire. He was disgusted. Who knew what was in that disgustingly organic fluid?

The thing that had peed on the Decepticon ran behind one of the fleshlings, one that was like LadiesMan217. Barricade could almost recognize the human, and it took a moment for his stasis addled processor to catch up with why. This was LadiesMan217's friend, or at least that's what his research about Archibald Witwicky's descendant had shown.

A holoform formed in an instant, opening his own door and stepping out with a glare that could kill if it was possible. A quick internet search informed him of just what the proper title was for the creature who had lubricated on him was called, and he growled.

"I suggest you keep your dog from lubricating anywhere it pleases."

Miles gaped at the man in a police uniform. He hadn't even noticed him, he had been certain no one was in the car! On top of that, the man who had stepped out was surprisingly intimidating. The teen was certainly happy that looks couldn't actually kill. Not to mention the man made him feel short, and he was about 5'7. The man had to be over 6'5, and while he wasn't all that buff, there was just this intimidating aura around him. Black hair with a pale complexion, and Miles could almost swear his eyes were red just before they turned into a dark brown.

Barricade, on the other hand, was confused by his own actions. He scowled at the dog and the teen before him. He had no problem with wanting to kill the dog, and he would have, but something stopped him. He should have been more than willing to kill the both of them, not activate a holoform and merely growl at the pathetic organics. He could think of killing the dog, that was easy. But when he tried to think of killing the boy, maybe leaving him on LadiesMan217's doorstep as a surprise present, he couldn't put any actual emotion behind it. Maybe it was odd that realizing he couldn't put any emotion behind thoughts of killing someone made him realize what had occured, maybe it wasn't. But he did.

Oh, Primus forbid. He had not.

Sam was outside in his driveway, just relaxing on Bumblebee's hood as the Scout's holoform lounged beside him. Both were just enjoying each other's company, talking about whatever came to mind, or processor, as music lightly played in the back ground from Bumblebee's radio.

When the call came, and Miles' ringtone blared from his pocket, the teen had jumped, causing Bumblebee to laugh at him. Glaring at the holoform, Sam answered.

"Miles, what's up?" He asked, continuing his mock glare of hurt at his Guardian, who just grinned back.

"Uhm... See, I'm not exactly sure." Miles said, and his friend sounded stuck between confused and not. "Since when did you get acquainted with cops?"

"I don't known any, dude. What's their name?" Sam asked, frowning.

"I don't know!" Now Miles sounded annoyed. "He won't tell me, he barely speaks at all. The most I got was to call you, to make sure Mason never comes anywhere near him, and to watch where Mason pees next time. He owns this piece of crap police car, and he's dressed as a cop, but really, what polic car has 'To Punish and Enslave' written on the side?"

Sam could hear a growl following his friends words, and then Miles muttering a soft apology. But his heart was already sinking down into his stomach, and Bumblebee's holoform had already disappeared, the engine starting almost immediately and the driver's side door opening for him. He scrambled off Bumblebee's hood.

"Miles, where are you?"

Miles sighed for what felt like the umpteenth time. He was waiting for Sam to arrive, and there was nothing to do besides that. He had tied Mason to a tree, in part to keep him away from the man who was so angry at his dog, and because the Mastiff would just not stop growling at him. The last thing Miles needed was for Mason to actually bite the police officer.

He sat in the driver's seat of the police officer's car, while the officer himself leaned against the hood, arms crossed and glaring off into the distance. He had barely said anything, and hadn't even given Miles his name. Miles had introduced himself, and tried to make small talk, but all the officer did was glare at him. Eventually he had just shut up.

Now the officer was straightening, "They're coming."

They're? Who else was coming besides Sam? And besides that, how could the officer possibly know? Miles couldn't even hear anything.

Not even a minute later the officer was proven to be right. Miles could see the bright yellow Camaro that was Sam's car as it sped towards them at a fast pace, and Miles wondered if the police officer would bother giving his friend a ticket. Miles watched as his friend practically shot out of the driver's side door.

"Miles, you're alive!"

Miles blinked, and then looked down at himself. He then looked at the officer, who didn't do more than raise an eyebrow in return.

"Damn, I guess I'm not going to die today, then." He replied sarcastically, not sure what else to do.

Sam gaped at him, before looking at Barricade. A person stepped out of the Camaro behind Sam, someone Miles hadn't seen in there, and had never seen before. He was almost as tall as the police officer, though he was tan, and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

"What do you want, Barricade?" The man asked, narrowing his eyes at the police officer. "Why have you let him live?"

Miles looked at the officer, the new guy, Sam, and then back to the officer. "Why are they both surprised I'm alive? Aren't officers supposed to protect lives?"

"Same reason you could beat me so easily, insect." Barricade sneered, ignoring the human beside him completely.

"No, you did not!" Disbelief was heavy in Bumblebee's voice. Sam looked at his Guardian with worry.

"Bee? What did he do?" He was ignored.

"You did it to LadiesMan217."

"Yes, but I- You? You imprinted on Miles."

"It's not like I had a choice!" Barricade growled, his engine revving angrily and startling Miles. The teen was quick to scramble out of the driver's seat, instead standing next to the growling police officer, apparently named Barricade. He closed the driver's side door and leaned against it instead.

"Could someone please explain to me what's going on? Sam? Barry? Guy I don't know?" Miles asked, looking to Sam, then Barricade, and then Bumblebee.

Sam gave his friend a wide eyed look, and both Bumblebee and Barricade stared at him.

"Barry?" Barricade practically spat, glaring at the teen. Miles, however, had been glared at a good deal already, and it was beginning to lose it's affects on him.

Miles rolled his eyes, "Yes, Barry. Now, could someone explain to me what's going on? What the hell is imprinting, and how do you all know each other?"

"He doesn't know." It was a statement, and Barricade turned his attentions back on Bumblebee. Miles groaned.

"No, Sam didn't want to tell him."

"Bee!" Sam was shocked over several different things. Barricade had apparently imprinted on his best friend, whatever the hell that was, Barricade hadn't killed his best friend, and Barricade and Bumblebee weren't doing anymore than talking. There was no fighting going on.

"Tell me what?" Miles asked, hoping to at least get an answer out of this Bee person.

"This." He heard Barricade say, turning his head to look at the officer, but the officer wasn't there anymore. And suddenly he was falling backwards because the door he was leaning against wasn't there anymore, either, and instead he was watching the damaged saleen police cruiser transform into some giant robot creature that had claws, red eyes, and looked entirely too pointy to be safe.

Then he could hear the sounds of another transformation, and lifted his head to see Sam's yellow Camaro transforming just as the Bee person disappeared. Another giant robot creature appeared where the yellow camaro had been, but this one looked a lot less pointy, and Sam didn't even look scared, hardly even awed, by the transformation.

He wasn't sure how he should feel about this sudden devolepment, and he only realized he was half lying on the pointy one's foot when it moved it slightly, and he stood up instead. Mason was barking madly in the background, but he couldn't go over to comfort his dog. Not yet.

And then Bumblebee explained a lot of it. What they were, who they were, some of the others that were there, the war, why they had come to Earth, what they had done on the planet, how Sam was connected to it all, what had happened to Sam, to Lennox and his soldiers, what had happened in Mission City, and the death of Megatron. It left Miles' mind reeling, but he had no reason not to believe it. Sam wasn't fighting anything his Guardian, Bumblebee, was saying.

He looked up at Barricade, the one he was standing closest to, and then at Bumblebee.

"Okay, so what does imprinting mean?"

Bumblebee cycled in air, before venting it out in a sigh. "It is difficult to explain to one who is not Cybertronian. Most of us believe that whoever we imprint on is planned long before by our god, Primus. One type is Spark mates, but that is between Cybertronians. Between a Cybertronian and a member of a different race, it would obviously be different." He went to say more, but was interrupted by Barricade.

"All you really need to know is this: we will die for whoever we imprint on, we want to be close to them, and a whole bunch of other disgusting slag." The 'con said in a disgusted manner.

"WHAT?" They were all surprised by Sam's suddenly loud voice, and all looked at him. He, however, was only looking at Bumblebee. "Barricade said you imprinted on me. Is this true?"

"Of course it is." Barricade sneered again, "The pathetic Autodolts wouldn't want to possibly insult such a tiny pathetic organic in anyway, it's no wonder they didn't tell you."

Sam scowled, "Yeah, well you imprinted on one of us tiny pathetic organics!"

Barricade just growled in reply, and Miles just looked in between all of them, still trying to catch up on exactly what was happening. Giant alien robots? Got that. Two seperate factions? Got that. His best friend involved? Got that. This imprinting business? He was so lost that he was practically to China. He turned to Bumblebee.

"I'm so sorry I threw up in you that one time. I had no idea." He said, and then paused. "And when I spilled my coffee in you."

Barricade snorted, "That's almost worse than your dog lubricating on me." He said dog as if it was the most horrible thing on Earth, which it might have been for him.

"Oh, get over it already, you big baby. All he did was pee on you!" Miles said in exasperation. Mason using the bathroom seemed to be the start of this whole confusing mess, which he was beginning to hope was some strange dream.

Sam found himself gaping at his best friend once more, and Bumblebee was trying not to laugh. Barricade was staring down at Miles, and it looked like he had no idea what to do or how to respond to that, which was true.

"Miles, he could kill you!" Sam hissed, going over to his fellow teen while eyeing Barricade carefully.

"According to that imprenting thing, I highly doubt it." Miles shrugged. He had decided to just go with whatever the hell was happening and be shocked later.

"Shouldn't you be in shock or something?" Sam desperately wished his friend would be. It would be so much easier than this.

"Shouldn't you be, too? Oh, wait, nevermind, you knew about them and never told me!"

Sam tried not to let the truth of the words sink in, because he didn't really want to deal with the fact Miles might be angry about the lie when there was a Decepticon standing not even twenty feet away from them. It would probably hurt more than he wanted it to, because he knew it was wrong to have lied in the first place. He just hadn't wanted Miles involved.

Bumblebee watched his Charge, and then looked back at Barricade. "Why did you call us?"

"Starscream." The 'con spat the name out with as much hate as he could put behind it. "We never got along, and if he comes back he'll have it out for Sam, and most likely me as well if realizes I'm alive."

"And Sam and Miles are friends." That told Bumblebee everything he needed to know. He vented softly, "Sam, I will be contacting Optimus and informing him of the situation. Hopefully Barricade will be allowed to stay at the base, though possibly forced to become a Decepticon Neutral, meaning he still supports the Decepticon cause, but will not harm an Autobot."

"What, but he can't! And he's not allowed anywhere near Miles!"

"I think I can decide who is and isn't allowed near me on my own, Sam."

Barricade watched the on going conversation. It wasn't hard to tell Miles was upset with Sam, and with the entire situation. The 'con tried to identify the feeling in his own spark, and found that he couldn't put a name to it. He couldn't decide what type of turn things were taking, but he wanted to say it was a bad one. Nothing that stuck him with a pathetic little organic could be good.