Bella's POV

The days that passed after Victoria had been killed were calm and peaceful, especially for me. I could relax now that I didn't have to worry about a crazed, revenge-seeking vampire coming after me.

Carlisle and the rest of my vampire family were now able to go through the day without being too concerned about my safety. They no longer had to guard our houses or the police station. I didn't have to call Carlisle so often to let him know that I was all right anymore either.

I still missed Coco, and I knew that I always would unless I forgot her after my transformation. She was such a cute, sweet little kitten. Perhaps I would ask Carlisle to buy me a new one after the pain had gone from remembering her.

Everything had also gone back to normal in Forks for the most part. Now that the attacks have stopped, the atmosphere in town was no longer as tense as it was.

"No more hikers had been killed during the week so far, Bella. Hopefully, the bear or bears have gone off somewhere," Charlie declared that Wednesday.

"Mm-hmm," I agreed quietly, even though I knew the real reason why nobody was turning up dead.

He peered at me through narrowed eyes. "You don't look stressed out anymore. Feeling better?"

I inclined my head with a smile. "I certainly am. You're not the only one who's happy that the attacks seemed to have stopped."

Grinning back, he wrapped his arms around me tightly. "Well, I'm mighty glad to hear that. I had been very worried about you."

"Yeah, I know," I mumbled as I hugged him in return. "Thank you for caring about me."

"I'm your father, honey. That's my job," he whispered, kissing my forehead.

Before I knew it, it was Friday and I was leaving school to go to work. Now that the "bear attacks" appeared to have stopped to the general public, it was a little more busier at Newton's. Some people were gaining the confidence to go hiking in the woods again, but they were still cautious.

The hours went by quickly. At eight o'clock, I was putting my apron under the counter.

"See you on Monday, guys," I said to Mike and his parents.

"Good-bye, Bella!" they returned.

I got in my truck and went home. The house was silent and empty. I knew that Charlie didn't have his night shift today. He must have been at Billy Black's or Harry Clearwater's house.

A note on the refrigerator told me that he was indeed at Harry's. They were going to have another fishing weekend with Billy. He asked me to call him as soon as I was in the house.

"Hey, Bells!" he greeted cheerfully. "Are you all right? How was work?"

"I'm fine, Dad. Work was okay. More people came than I thought would come," I stated.

"That's good, I suppose. Well, you know what I'm going to say next. Look after the house for me and take care of yourself."

"Okay, I will. Be careful out there while you're fishing."

"You don't worry about my safety too much. I brought my rifles with me."

I chortled. "All right. See you on Sunday, Dad. I'll call you later. I love you."

"Love you too, baby. Good-bye."


When I hung up, I called Carlisle and asked him to pick me up. He arrived eight minutes later.

He beamed at me as I stepped into his Mercedes. I smiled back as we said hello to each other and exchanged pleasantries.

"So...what's new?" I inquired as he raced down the street

Carlisle shook his head. "Nothing yet. Everything is going the way it normally does," he sighed.

I kissed his cheek. "I really missed you today."

He laughed gently. "You always miss me when I'm not with you. Then again, I cannot talk. I miss you when you are not around also. Where is Charlie? I didn't hear him."

"He's at his friend's house for a fishing weekend again. It's the first time he went this year."

"Oh, I see."

We were just getting out of the car in his garage when Alice popped up. She was looking very excited about something.

Carlisle noticed this as well. "What are you looking so happy for?" he asked with a grin.

She bounced up and down. "Eleazar called. He said that he and his family were going to visit us! They will be here a little after noon tomorrow and will be spending the next two weeks here!" she declared.

"That's wonderful, Alice, but what about Laurent? I don't know if he will be able to handle himself around Isabella. He has only been following our vegetarian diet for several months. What if he slips and unintentionally tries to hurt her?"

"Laurent isn't going to do that. I've seen it. I will admit that it is going to be difficult for him to be around her because of her scent. But it will all be fine. He will just have to hunt often during his stay."

He pursed his lips. It was obvious that he was still uncertain about that. Then he exhaled deeply. "Well, l hope that that he chooses to do that. However, if I see that he is going to attack Isabella, I will act accordingly."

We went inside then. Carlisle and I greeted everyone, who was busy cleaning and fixing up the house.

"I'll help you out after I finish eating dinner," I offered.

Esme smiled. "You don't need to, dear. We have it all under control. Besides, we will be done by the time you have eaten."

"Are you sure? I can help if you need me to..."

She lifted her hand. "Don't worry about us. At the speed we are going, we are more than halfway done, and we had just started ten minutes ago. But thank you. We really do appreciate your wanting to help."

I decide to let the matter drop. "Well...okay, then."

Once Carlisle had taken his customary after-work shower, he fixed me something to eat. Then he sat with me as I tucked into my meal.

Something was worrying me, and he could obviously tell because he asked, "What is the matter, Isabella?"

I picked at my food. " you think that your cousins will like me?"

He was taken aback. "I am certain that they will. How could they not like you? Besides, you are my mate. They have been wanted to meet you ever since I had told them about you. And anyway, I think that a lot of people would have a hard time of trying to dislike or even hate you."

"You'd be surprised," I muttered. "Jessica and Lauren Mallory don't like me, even though I never did anything for them for them to dislike me. I don't care, though. I never liked Jessica much, and I can't stand Lauren."

"Well, Jessica and Lauren are probably just envious of you. You are a very wonderful person. If anything, they may wish that they were you at times."

Blushing, I refocused my attention on my dinner. "Thanks. Maybe that's true."

"I am sure that it might be. And do not worry about my cousins disliking you. I am sure that you will enjoy spending time with them during their visit."

The house was in top shape when Carlisle and I left the dining room after I had finished eating. Esme was right about what she had told me.

"Your cousins won't have much to complain about when they get here," I declared, looking around me. "Everyone has really outdone themselves."

With a nod, he agreed. "They certainly have. Thank you, everybody! You could have waited until I came home to do this, however. I would have given you some assistance," he pointed out.

"It was no problem, Carlisle. We wanted to do this. Besides, there was not a lot to do. We just needed to wipe off some dust here and there, put fresh flowers in the vases. Tidy up a few of the rooms. It could all be done in minutes using vampire speed," Rosalie stated, who was watering plants down the hall.

He laughed gently. "Well, that's true."

Carlisle and I spent the rest of evening in our room making slow, passionate love. He told me that since we would be having guests for the next couple of weeks, there was no knowing when we would be able to have some alone time.

(Next day)

I woke up very early the following morning. I stretched and gave Carlisle a kiss before jumping in the shower. He washed up after me and came out of the bathroom a minute later.

"Don't you look beautiful," he announced, eyeing the ocean-blue sweater and dark-blue jeans that I was wearing.

"Thanks. You look good yourself," I commented while looking him over. He had put on a black sweater and black jeans.

He smiled. "Why, thank you, my dear."

After I had breakfast, I joined the others in the living room. Everybody had pretty much decided to watch TV since there wasn't anything else to do until noon.

That grew boring after a while. In fact, I began to wish that I stayed asleep until nine thirty, ten o'clock. I had woken up at eight.

I decided to take a little nap since I didn't get much sleep last night. Laying my head on Carlisle's shoulder, I yawned and dozed off.

It seemed as if only a minute had passed when I felt him tapping me. I turned to him.

"Wake up, love. Our cousins are nearly here," he murmured, placing a kiss on my cheek.

Nodding tiredly, I wiped my eyes before following him and the others downstairs. We stood by the front door.

I could hear the sound of engines not long after. Then two vehicles appeared. A dark-headed couple were in the first one while four people-three blondes and Laurent-were in the second car. They slowed to a stop in the driveway and got out of their cars.

Suddenly, I was nervous and shy. My cheeks reddened as I peered at the floor. I wanted to hide behind Carlisle, but I knew that he wouldn't let me do that.

He must have known how I felt because he rubbed my arm. "Don't worry, Isabella. Everything will be okay. They won't bite," he assured me, joking a little.

Then he opened the door to let our cousins in. I watched as everybody greeted them cheerfully.

Finally, Carlisle turned to me and held out his hand. I grasped it softly while standing next to him. After that, he shifted his attention back to our cousins.

"Everyone, I have someone very special for you to meet. This is Isabella, but she would prefer it if you call her Bella," he added.

He led me over to the brunette couple. "Isabella, this is Eleazar and Carmen."

I smiled timidly at them. "Hello. It's nice to meet you both."

Carmen beamed brightly. "Same here, Bella. You know, I did not expect you to look so beautiful. Esme showed me a picture of you once, but it doesn't do you justice."

My face tingled as she hugged me. "Thank you," I whispered.

Next, Eleazar shook my hand. "Carmen is right, my dear Bella. You are very pretty. It turns out that you also have a mental shield." He gazed at Edward. "I can see that my theory was correct."

"Apparently so," Edward agreed.

Eleazar saw the bewilderment on my face and nodded as if he understood why I was confused. "I have the gift of seeing what special abilities vampires and humans possess. That is, if they possess any at all. I rarely see a human with a one, however, but things happen."

"Yeah, I suppose so."

Carlisle held his hand out to two of the blonde women. "This is Kate and Tanya," he went on.

They embraced me like Carmen did.

"Hi Bella. It is a pleasure you to finally meet you," Kate whispered.

"We have wanted to for months," Tanya added.

I nodded to them with grin before Carlisle gestured to Laurent and who I assumed was Irina.

"You already know Laurent, so I do not need to introduce you to him. Next to him is Irina. I am sure that you remember that she is his mate."

"Of course," I stated.

Irina (who was also blonde) hugged me. "Hello. It's good to meet you."

"You too."

Because I knew that my scent was likely causing Laurent a bit of discomfort, I just nodded to him. "Hi Laurent. It's wonderful to see you again. It's been a while."

He gave a tiny, slightly strained smile. "Same to you, Bella. And yes, it has been quite some time since our first meeting."

I laughed a little.

Esme caught our attention. "Why don't you put your belongings in one of the spare bedrooms? We can sit down in the living room and talk after that."

The Denalis bobbed their heads, and everyone chattered animatedly as we headed upstairs. Carlisle showed his cousins where to put their things while the rest of us waited in the family room. They joined us seconds later.

Kate sighed as she took in her surroundings. "It's so wonderful to be back here again. We had had so many fun times here. Remember all of the things that we did?" she inquired.

Almost everyone laughed except me and Laurent.

Rosalie nodded. "Of course. I don't think that I could ever forget any of the things that happened when you guys visited."

"I loved it when we did comedy roasts of each other and acted out TV shows the most. That is so much fun," Carmen chuckled.

"Yeah, it was. Especially Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Maury, and Jerry Springer. We had to go outside once to play that...Jerry Springer, I mean. It had gotten a bit too crazy," Jasper remarked.

"Wow! Really?" I queried in amazement.

Carlisle bobbed his head. "Yes, and I was the one who suggested that we did. I was not going to allow them to break anything in this house."

I snorted. If anyone knew Carlisle, they would know how much he was unable to stand it when something was destroyed or broken in his house. Esme did not like it either when she and Carlisle were together.

My thoughts were interrupted as Emmett spoke. "We should play Jerry Springer again sometime during your visit."

"Perhaps we will, but not now," Carlisle stated.

"Let us just sit here and talk for a bit. I am certain that our cousins have plenty of stories to tell us," Esme pointed out.

The Denalis agreed with her cheerfully. For a better part of the afternoon, they recounted all of the things that had happened since Esme, Edward, and the others had moved back here and then some.

As I listened to them, I started to visualize what their lives were like. Truthfully, they were not very different from ours. They spent a lot of time with each other and did things together as a family. Everybody was also trying to help Laurent with the animal-blood diet because he was having trouble adjusting to it.

In a way, Laurent was like Jasper. Jasper was still having problems with making sure that he fed on animals even after more than 50 or 60 years. He was too used to the human-blood diet. There was no knowing how long it would take Laurent to get used to feeding on animals. However, he had only been doing so for about five months. The situation would be easier for him as time passed.

The only differences between my family and the Denalis' were that none of their mates were human (so far). They also resided in a much colder climate and fed on different animals, like polar bears. They had a mansion that was larger than Carlisle's too.

I did not talk much at first, still feeling a bit shy. However, when they asked me questions about myself, I gradually started to feel less timid.

We finally had to put an end to our chat when Laurent told us that he sorely needed to hunt. I felt guilty for causing him discomfort, but he assured me that it was not my fault. That I had no need to feel this way.

I decided to make dinner while he and Eleazar, who had chosen to accompany him-were out. Truthfully, I was very hungry myself. I was so busy getting acquainted my new cousins that I had forgotten to eat lunch.

Once my food was prepared, I returned to the living room.

"...should go on a shopping spree early next week. Just us women," Alice was saying.

"That sounds like a good idea," Tanya remarked.

"Yes, it does," Kate agreed. "I look forward to it."

As I plopped down on the sofa next to Carlisle, I had to keep myself from groaning in irritation. I knew without a doubt that I would have to join them. Alice would bully me into going. She was still determined to make me love shopping as much as she did. Which, of course, would never happen.

However, I probably would not mind going this time. It would be nice to just spend time with my family. Buying something did not have to be included. I didn't need anything anyway.

I noticed that Alice was giving me a knowing look out of the corner of my eye. She obviously had an idea of what I had been thinking. With a mischievous smile, I continued to eat my food.

Eleazar and Laurent came back after a while. Laurent did not look thirsty anymore, which I knew was a relief to Carlisle. I was happy about that too. Like him, I did not want Laurent to accidentally harm me or worse.

Nothing major happened during the remainder of the evening. Everybody had pretty much devoted it solely to catching up with each other. Or in my case, getting acquainted with one another.

I had to admit that I liked my cousins. The only one who I was not too sure about was Tanya, however. I noticed that she kept sneaking peeks at Edward. He had told me once when we were dating that she had wanted to be with him. In fact, she had actually asked him once if she could be his mate, but he politely turned her down.

Remembering this, I knew that her constant glances were irritating him. But this did not bother me as much as it would have if Edward was my mate instead of Carlisle. This was really his and Esme's problem now.

The hours passed by quickly. Before I knew it, I was getting sleepy. I decided to turn in for the night.

I stood up with a sigh. "I think that I'm gonna go to bed now. I'm exhausted," I remarked.

"All right, dear. I will be up there soon," Carlisle murmured.


We kissed each other briefly, and then I went upstairs. I climbed into bed after putting on my nightclothes. I was asleep before my head even landed on the pillow.

Carlisle's POV

Eleazar turned to me as Isabella's footsteps faded.

"Bella is a very kind and interesting young woman. I suppose that I have no need to tell you that you are fortunate that she is your mate," he added pointedly.

I let out a quiet chuckle. "That's true. I am told that I am all of the time," I stated.

Carmen leaned forward. "Nevertheless, he's right. I like Bella very much. I know that we are going to get along fine."

"Me too," Irina agreed.

Tanya nodded. "So do I."

Kate smiled. "I can definitely see Bella and I as good friends."

It filled me with pleasure to see that all of my cousins took to Isabella so well. Even though I had never mentioned it to her, I also had an inner fear that perhaps they would come to dislike her. I was glad to know that I was wrong about that. Then again, Isabella was my other half. If they did not like her, that would mean that they didn't like me either.

"Well, I am happy that you feel that way towards her," I remarked, voicing my thoughts.

After a while, I bid everyone good-night and headed upstairs to join Isabella. She was already in a deep slumber when I entered our bedroom. This did not surprise me, however. She had acquired only a few hours of sleep last night.

I took off my shoes and laid next to her with a sigh. The edges of her lips curled up when I pecked her forehead.

"Love you," I hissed in her ear.

She grinned once more and whispered something incoherent. But I knew that she responded that she loved me too. I kissed her again.

For the rest of the night, I watched TV. I made sure that the volume was low; I did not want to wake Isabella up. She needed her rest. Without it, she was just plain monstrous. So much so that she could nearly give us vampires a run for our money, and that was saying something.

I shook my head as I recalled the last time that Isabella did not get any sleep. She snapped at everyone all day and had almost gotten into a fight with Lauren Mallory at school. Charlie was not happy about that at all. Not only did he threatened to ground her, not caring if was 18, he also told her that he would put her on house arrest. I was glad not to be in her shoes.


Isabella did not wake up until after eleven in the morning. At that time, I was in the kitchen making her favorite breakfast: eggs, scrapple, and home fries.

My female cousins thought that it was "just sweet" of me to prepare it for her. They also wondered how I could stand the vile odor of human food.

I laughed in understanding. "Well, I'm used to it by now. But I will not be doing this for very long. There will be no need for me to cook anything after I change Isabella into a vampire," I remarked.

They snickered.

"You are right about that. I bet that you won't miss it," Kate chortled.

Making a face, I pursed my lips. "I think that I will miss it in a way. I love to do things for her whenever I can, even if it is something simple."

Carmen and Irina bobbed their heads in agreement. They knew what I meant better than Kate and Tanya did.

Isabella came downstairs fully dressed a ten minutes later. I had just finished cooking her meal as she ambled into the kitchen.

Tanya glanced at me. "We will be in the living room."

I nodded. She and the others exchanged greetings with Isabella before they left the room.

"Good morning, sweetheart," I declared as she walked up to me. We shared a kiss.

"Good morning. I noticed that you had cooked my favorite breakfast," she observed, looking at the plate of food on the island.

I beamed at her. "Yes, I certainly have. I hope that you enjoy it."

"Don't worry. I know that I will."

"How are you feeling this morning?"

Isabella grinned. "More rested than I did yesterday."

"That's good."

We talked as she ate her food, but only about lighthearted subjects. It was not long before her plate was clear. After I washed her dishes, Isabella and I headed to the family room.

Everybody was there waiting for us. They were all chatting with each other, but turned to us as we came in.

"There you are! We were beginning to wonder what was taking you so long!" Rosalie announced.

"Well, we're here now," I chuckled, sitting down on a loveseat with Isabella. "So what were you all talking about before Isabella and I joined you?"

Alice spoke up. "We have decided that we are going to have fun today since we have caught up with each other. So far, everyone has agreed to act out a show. We are trying to choose between Maury and Whose Line. Which one do you want to play?"

"I am up for playing either one of them. It doesn't matter."

"Okay. What about you, Bella?" she inquired, turning to her.

Isabella thought it over. "I guess that I wouldn't mind playing Whose Line. But if you decide to play Maury, then that will be okay too."

She nodded and stood up. "How about we put it to a vote? Would that be better?"

We shrugged, conveying that we were not opposed her to her idea.

"All right. Those in favor of playing Maury?"

Esme and Rosalie held up their hands. Kate, Laurent, and Eleazar did too.

"So, the rest of you want to play Whose Line?"

"Yes," the rest of us replied.

Alice inclined her head again. "That's what we will play, then. We can play Maury afterwards," she proclaimed.

"That is more than fair," I commented. "Let's get going."

Everybody agreed with a smile.

Bella's POV

Now that we were going to play Whose Line, we just had figure out which one of the segments to do.

It turned out that we all liked Scenes from a Hat, Props, Hoedown, Three-Headed Broadway Star, Song Styles, and the Irish Drinking Song. So, it does not have to be said that we chose to play one or two of those games.

As for who would, it was decided that everybody would have a turn. Esme volunteered to be the host of the "show." Laurent asked to record it. Carlisle gave him my video camera.

The first thing we had to do was find a buzzer. We also needed a hat to put our suggestions in. Once we had, everybody had to think of two suggestions to write. Esme collected them after we were finished and we started the game.

Laurent put my camera on the tripod that went with it, then focused it on Esme, who was sitting behind a table. He motioned for her to start.

Esme smiled widely. "Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to Whose Line Is It, Anyway?. Let's have some fun!" she announced.

We clapped and cheered. Laurent filmed us before turning the camera back to her.

"Okay! Welcome to the show where everything is made up and the points do not matter. First up is our game, Scenes From A Hat!" she continued.

Everybody cheered again as she pulled the hat towards her.

"So what we do is we ask the audience to write suggestions and put them in the hat. Then I draw them and see what they can act out. Starting with..." She took a piece of paper out of the hat and read it. "Oh goodness. 'Why Rosalie just can't seem to keep her mouth shut.'"

We snickered. Rosalie just nodded slowly, grinning wickedly.

Emmett went to stand in front of us. However, just as he was about to speak, Rosalie ghosted up to the desk and pushed the buzzer. I chortled along with the others as he made to sit down with a sheepish smile.

That gave me an idea. I got up next.

Rosalie narrowed her eyes, then crossed her arms. "I know that I can trust you, Bella. Go ahead," she remarked.

Bad idea.

I faced the audience and said, "Because Emmett stretched it too wide."

"Fuck you!"


Everybody howled with laughter. Rosalie slumped onto the desk, her face buried in her arms as she quaked.

It took time for us to calm down. When we did, Rosalie flipped me off playfully. I responded by sticking my tongue at her as we sat down. Emmett gave me a thumbs-up and I smirked.

Esme was chuckling as she pulled out another paper. "All righty...'Home videos that definitely won't become famous, or shouldn't.'"

Jasper stood up this time. "Hi guys. I'm Emmett Cullen, and for the next two hours, you are goin' to see various ways of me actin' like a complete ass!"


He sat down as Emmett took the floor again amidst loud laughter. A few of us applauded, including me.

"Howdy, folks. I'm Jasper Hale Cullen, and I will be performin' every single guitar solo I've ever composed over the last fifty-six years," Emmett declared, mimicking Jasper's voice perfectly.


Alice went up next. "Hello. I am Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Welcome to my all-night special of me giving Isabella Swan an entire full-body examination. I do not mean while she is clothed either."


"Truthfully, that movie probably would have a chance at fame," Carlisle pointed out.

I hit him with a pillow. "Oh, shut up. Great job, Alice. Now you've given him ideas."

The game went on for several more minutes. Each joke was more funnier than the last. We traded lighthearted insults and made fun other each other at times. I couldn't even remember when I had laughed so much. Everybody was too hilarious.

We played Props after that, followed by Song Styles. But at the end of the day, everybody agreed that nothing was funnier than the Irish Drinking Song that was made.

Besides me, Carlisle, Eleazar, and Irina volunteered to do it. Edward was going to play the music on his piano for us. Carlisle was on my right, Eleazar on my left, and Irina stood on Carlisle's other side.

"Okay, this is the Irish Drinking Song. Our contestants will make up a song on a certain topic. Audience? Would you like to help us out with one?" Esme asked the others.

"Hearing somebody make an odd noise as soon as you open the door when you get home!" Kate yelled.

We chuckled and nodded thoughtfully.

Esme did too. "Hearing a someone make an odd noise as soon as you get home, it is! Contestants, take it away!" she announced.

Edward played the first several notes of the song, and Carlisle, Eleazar, Irina and I began. Everybody else clapped as we did.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...aye dee di dee di dee di dee di dee di dee di..." we sang.

Irina went first. "I had just finished hunting."

"I ran straight home," Carlisle added.

"I opened the door," I said.

"And then ughhhh-hohhhhhhh oooh-wee!" Eleazar moaned.

I was the only one who did not crack up, although I laughed a good bit.

I screeched like a cat. "OW! Cookie, what are you doing here?!" I demanded, referring to one of my kittens.

At this, the music stopped. Edward was laying on the piano, laughing his head off.

Some time later, they were able to get a hold of themselves. Edward began to play the song once, and Eleazar picked up from where I left off.

"I looked for the source of the noise," he proclaimed.

"I looked in the bedrooms," Irina continued.

"I looked in the bathrooms," Carlisle remarked.

"I found them in a closet," I sang.

"I saw him eating her out," Eleazar went on, making the audience chortle again.

"My breath caught in my lungs," Irina stated.

"I was rendered speechless," Carlisle declared.

I smirked. "Well, no shit. My cat had your tongue!"

There was a loud, musical BOOM as Edward slammed his head onto the piano. Irina walked over to the armchair and sat down, her hands over her face. Alice covered her mouth, slid off of the couch, and rolled around on the floor. Jasper's face was hidden in the armrest. Emmett was huddled against the wall, banging on it with his fist. Kate, Tanya, and Laurent's heads were thrown back. Esme was leaning over the table. Next to me, Eleazar was doubled over, his hands on his knees. Carlisle was behind me, hunched over a drawer. They were all helpless with laughter.

Although Edward was too indisposed to play music, I finished singing the song. I was the only one who could.

When I was done, everybody applauded and cheered. Carlisle embraced me, still snickering.

"Good one, my dear," he whispered.

"Thanks," I replied with another grin.

Rosalie offered me money after that. I tried to refuse it, but she insisted that I take it. I decided to a minute later, thanking her politely.

Esme was finally managed to speak. "Let's give a hand to our wonderful contestants! 1,000 points to all of them, and an extra 2,000 to Bella!" she proclaimed.

All four of us took each other's hands and bowed low together. I was even given a standing ovation, which made me feel pleased and proud.

I believed that Carlisle was right. Perhaps this family visit will turn out great after all.

(A/N: PLEASE REVIEW! I'm sorry that I haven't worked on this story much. I am so busy with my EMT classes that I don't have much time to write. But I will try to as often as possible. The Irish Drinking Song is partly based on one that I saw on Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, but I changed the topic. The only part that is mostly the same is when everybody was cracking up, and the lady that played that piano had to stop because she was also laughing too hard. I hope that you liked the chapter. I'll try to have the next one posted ASAP. See you later!)