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"Dat's mi car!" shooted Draco angrily. (SUCKS!) But suddenly it was revealied who was in da car. It wuz….Snape! (We knoooow.)

"I shall free you Loopin but first you must help me kill these idiotic donderheads." he said cruelly from the car as it flew circumamcizing above us. (What does that even MEAN?) "Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way must be killed. (I agree! GET HER!) Den the Dork Lord shall never die!" (I don't care, just get on with this!)

"You fucking prep!" (No, all he wants is for Ebony to die! SO DO I!) yelled Draco. Then he loked at me sadly."I forgot to tell u, Ebony. (That you regained your memory and I'm the one you truly want?)(Heh, I wish.) Snape made me do it with him. I didn't really have sexx him but he's a ropeist!" (He ropes people! Good, make it a noose and end Ebony already! Then I can finally go to sleep without having to check under my bed for her…)

We all put our clothes on quickly except Satan. We were so scarred!1 But Satan didn't change Instead he changed (But you JUST said he didn't change—ugh.) into a man with gren (I thought they were red...) eyes, no nose, a gray robe and white skin. He had changed into… (Invader Zim.) Voldemont!111 (Aww, phooey!)

"I knew who thou were all along." (Yer a prep Ebony!)(Ebony: A what?)(A prep!)(Ebony: *slits wrists*) he cackled evilly and sarcastically at me."Now I shall kill thee all (If she MUST make him speak like that, the correct way to say that sentence would be "Now I shall kill all of thee". I think that's how it should be, anyway.)!" Thunder came in da room. (Thunder just like walked into the room? Dude, that's awesome.)

"No plz don't kill us!" pleaded Vampire. (Deal with it. Everyone's gotta die eventually! Especially you *points at Ebony*) Suddenly Willow, B'loody Mary, Diabolo, Ginny, Drocula, Fred and Gorge, Hargrid, McGonagall, Dumblydore, Serious and Lucian all ran in. (O_O She kept Fred and George? .)

"What is da meaning of dis?" (*shrug* I don't know. I'm just the commentator. I'm about as confused as you.) Dumblydore asked all angrily and Voldimort lookd away (bcos dumblydore is da only whizard he is scared of.) (…That doesn't mean he would look away all shy and scared!) He did a spell and suddenly his broomstick came to him sexily. (BROOMS CAN BE SEXY NOW? HOLY SHIT!) Volxemort flew above the roof evilly on his broomstik.


"The Dark Lord shall kill all of you. Then you must submit to him!" Snape ejaculated (O_O Ejaculated is definitely not the right word…then again this is Tara and she would be that sick and weird.) menacingly.

"You fucking preppy fags!" Serious shouted angrily. (I really hate when people use the word fag.)

"I know a four-letter word 4 dirt, CRUCIATUS!" screamed Harry (…Tara…if this was supposed to be some kind of epic plot twist, it's not. Why? CUZ WE CAN COUNT! Besides, since when was that another word for dirt? And I thought it was supposed to be sand! Which isn't dirt either, but it's what Ebony said.) but da sparks from his wand only hit Draco's car. It fell down (Aw damn it.) Snap quickly crowled out of it and picked up the cideo camera. (Cideo, video, GAH!)

"Oh my fucking god!1" I cried becoze the video of me in da bathrum, the video of me dong it wif Drako and the video of Satan doing it with (with the owl? I assume that's what she wanted to finish with.)

"If you kill me then deze cideos will be shown to everyone in the skull. (This is just like Pretty Little Liars with the blackmailing…so…all this time A was Snape?) Then u can be just like that goffik girl Paris Hillton (I am gonna piss myself from laughing xD Paris Hilton is the TOTAL opposite of a Goth! BWHAHAHAHA! I CAN'T BREATH!)." He laughed meanly.

"No!" I scremed. "FYI I hav da picter of u doing it with Loopin (*shudders* Eww.)!11"

"Whats she talking abott?" Lupin slurped (a chocolate milkshake) as he sat in chains. (That must be uncomfortable.)

"I saw 2 she's gunna show evry1 da picter!111" Harry shouted angrily. (You're not exactly in the position to be making threats. Because they can just kill you.)

"Shut up!111'" Lumpkin roared. (Excuse me I gotta go find the Peanuts gang and tell Linus that the Great Pumpkin exists and he won't be giving out gifts anytime soon.)

"Foolish ignoramuses!" (…Big word. But I'm NOT looking it up.) yielded Voldemort from his broomstick. "Thou shall all dye (their hair pink.) soon."

"Think again you fucking muggle poser (He's posing as a muggle?)!1" Harry yelled and then he and Diablo and Navel both took out blak guns! But Voldimort took out his own one. (Sure, screw the wands. They're useless anyway. *facepalm*)

"U guyz are in a Latin stand-of!111" I shouted despariedrly.(…What the hell is a Latin stand-of?)

"Acco Nevel's wand!11" cried Voldrimort nd suddenly Nevil's wind was in his hands. (Hm she got a spell right. Though it wasn't spelled right. Wait, what happened to the guns?) "Now I shall kill thee all and Evony u will die!11111" (YAY!)

He maid lighting come all over da place. ('Cuz he can control weather like a boss.)

"Save us Ebony!" Dumbledark cried. (Dumbledark? That his new Goth name?)

I cried sexily I just wanted 2 go 2 the commen room and slit my wrists with mi friends (…normally when I'm somewhere I don't wanna be, I wanna be at home, sipping tea, and watching movies. But slitting wrists sounds like a GREAT activity.) while we watched Shark Attak 3 and Saw 2 and do it with Draco (So you want to slit your wrists, while you watched two movies at the same time, while having sex with Draco…seems legit.) but I knew I had 2 do somefing more impotent (Jump off a cliff.).

"ABRA KEDABRA!11111" I shooted. (…The famous last words of Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.)

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