Summary: Cobra Commander is back and he's not alone. With him, he has brought forth a new technology called Ghost Runner, which he plans to go after the Joes with, especially his "rouge" daughter Whisper and her new husband, Snake Eyes, along with their twin daughters, Sasha and Griffin. How will the twins fare when their parents suddenly disappear into thin air on a mission? And what secrets has their mother and father been keeping from them all this time?

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Whisper looked at herself in the mirror, smiling happily. The creamy white dress went down to her ankles, spreading out slightly to give her some leg room. The dress didn't have any sleeves, coming up just enough to cover her breasts. Small embroidery jewels moved down the dress in a beautiful patten of fireworks. Her tanned skin shone with health and radiance, while her chocolate brown hair was pulled up into an elegant bun, two pieces hanging down on either side of her face in a ringlet. Her sterling silver eyes were bright, outlined with a smokey color of eye shadow and eyeliner, making the color all the more mysterious. All-in-all, she looked like a goddess.

Scarlett beamed happily from behind Whisper, wearing a beautiful hazel bridesmaids dress.

"You look gorgeous, Whisper," she told her friend.

Whisper smiled again and turned to face Scarlett. Her friend and teammate had never looked as beautiful as she did right now. Her fiery red hair had been braided on the left side, coming around her head before stopping at her right shoulder and joining with the rest of her hair. Scarlett's eyes were also outlined

"So do you, Scarlett. Ripcord is going to pass out when he sees you," Whisper told her seriously.

Scarlett laughed at that scenario. "I would hope not. He is keeping an eye on the twins, remember?"

Whisper laughed with her. "Then, I hope he passes them to Duke or Hawk before he passes out."

Both women laughed again. Once they had settled down, Whisper gave a nervous sigh.

"Well, I'm ready whenever you are," she said to Scarlett.

Scarlett nodded and handed Whisper the bouquet of hybrid tiger lilies. The lilies were white until they reached the center. There, they were the most breathtaking shade of blue and black spots covered the petals. They matched the one that had also been tucked behind her ear, curtsey of Duke.

Whisper took the bouquet of the precious flowers and stood steadily on her bare feet. She took one deep breath before walking out of the tent and into the warm Australian sun.

Snake Eyes looked over at his bride to-be. He grinned happily under his mask, listening to the sounds of the drum as the tribal people danced around them and praised the spirits for the bonding of the two soldiers. Whisper stood in front of Snake Eyes, flashing him a quick smile before turning to face the tribe's new chief, Jungle Cat. Her old friend smiled down at them. He winked to Whisper before raising his arms for silence. The last two beats were played on the drums before everything and everyone was quiet.

"Friends and family of Whisper and Snake Eyes. We are here today to bind the souls of these two people. They have gone through hardships together and have fought together. Their offspring already stands upon this earth," Jungle Cat said, glancing over at the sleeping babes that Ripcord and Scarlett were now holding before continuing. "Let those who object to this binding or forever hold their peace."

No one spoke. Jungle Cat nodded his head before motioning to a small girl standing off to the side. She hurried forward with a large bowl filled with different colored paints. Jungle Cat placed his hand in the red dye before touching Whisper's forehead.

"Let this woman be strong in mind and independence. She will be great in battle and be forever strong," Jungle Cat proclaimed before turning to Snake Eyes and placing his whole hand against the ninja's chest. "And allow her partner to be strong in heart and power. He will be great with choosing what it right for his family and will be forever truthful."

Then, Jungle Cat placed his hand in the blue dye and placed them in marks under Whisper's eyes. She looked up at her friend, silver eyes bright. "She will be Snake Eyes's light and will guide them all through hard times," he said before placing a yellow dot on her chest. "May happy times be forever with you both."

He turned to Snake Eyes and did as he had to Whisper, but instead of using yellow dye, he used black. Jungle Cat stepped back and held his hands up into the air once more.

"Let us rejoice this happy time for husband and wife!" he cried, and Whisper pulled up Snake Eyes's mask slightly and kissed him.

Cheers and hollers echoed all around, and Whisper smiled, pulling Snake Eyes's mask back down to cover his face.

"I love you," she whispered to him.

Snake Eyes hugged her tight before they turned and started walking back down the aisle. Drums made the ground vibrate and Whisper walked alongside Snake as the crowd threw rose petals at them. Whisper laughed with delight and even twirled in the petals. Everyone else laughed with them.

Whisper went over to Ripcord and Scarlett, reclaiming her one month old children from them. She kissed both of their foreheads.

"Hey girls. You enjoy the wedding?" she asked with a chuckle. Snake Eyes took Sasha from her, holding his daughter close.

Griffin reached up to touch her mother's face and gave a happy gurgle. Whisper nibbled on Griffin's hand playfully, smiling.

"You are such a funny one," she said and looked up at Snake Eyes. This was her family.

A scream caught her attention and Whisper was instantly on alert. Snake Eyes handed Sasha back to her and unsheathed his katanas. Whisper moved behind her husband, clutching her daughters close. Scarlett took Griffin so that both women would be able to run if any harm would come to either child.

There was a flash of bright white light and, once the light died down, Whisper found herself staring at her father. Her ears caught the sounds of multiple guns being cocked as Duke, Ripcord, Hawk, and many others brought out their weapons that had been hidden inside their tuxes. Whisper took a step back.

"Well well well. I see that you are not dead, my daughter. The nanomites didn't kill you and neither did the gunshot. I am surprised, Viper. And what's this? My my, you have been busy while I was gone. Twins, my dear? And you haven't told them about me, I'm guessing. Such a shame. What are their names?" he asked casually, like crashing his daughter's wedding was a normal everyday thing.

Whisper's good eye flashed angrily and she growled. "Don't you dare come any closer," she warned.

Cobra Commander chuckled in his raspy voice. "Why shouldn't I? After all, I am a grandfather who hasn't even met his grandchildren."

"And it'll stay that way!" Whisper shouted to him.

CC shook his head sadly. "I was hoping that it wouldn't come down to this," he said and was gone in another flash of light.

Whisper tensed and took a few steps back, right into her father's arms. Reacting on instinct, she kicked backwards and felt her heel smash into his knee. He howled in pain and Whisper darted forward, holding Sasha close to her chest. She stood by Snake Eyes, her eyes flashing with rage. Apparently, her father knew nothing about the bond between a mother and her child.

CC chuckled, wincing slightly in pain. Whisper now noted the contraption that was strapped to his chest.

"Ah, I can see that you've seen my new friend. I call it Ghost Runner. You see, it allows me to travel, more or less, like a ghost. It rearranges my atoms to break them apart and then brings them back together in the spot that I want them. An amazing piece of technology, I might say. That's what I've been working on all this time and decided to pop by and see my precious daughter. And my grandchildren," he said.

Whisper growled again. "You will never touch them," she told him, her voice cold.

"Oh, I think that I will. You see, when I injected you with the nanomites, your daughters would have been affected by it as well, should you have been pregnant with them at the time. It would make a very interesting experiment. You're daughters will be mine, Viper. They will be mine," her father promised her.

Whisper whipped around, grabbing a shuriken from Snake Eyes's belt. She threw it at her father, the throwing star smashing into Ghost Runner. The Cobra Commander swore angrily as Ghost Runner started to malfunction and glared up at Whisper.

"They will be mine," he repeated before disappearing in a swirl of bright lights.

Whisper stood shaking, watching the spot where her father had been. Snake Eyes wrapped his arms around Whisper, comforting her. Whisper pressed her face into his chest.

"I don't want him to take my daughters, Snake. He can't have them," she said, soft sobs causing her body to shake slightly.

Snake Eyes rested his chin on Whisper's head. The rest of the Alpha Team surrounded the duo.

"He will never get them," General Hawk said. "They are Joes, just like the rest of us. No harm will come to them."

Whisper nodded and kissed Sasha's forehead. No harm would come to her daughters.

~Twelve years later~

"Come on Sasha! We've been at this for hours. Just find me already," Griffin's voice rang out.

Her twin sister growled in frustration, ready to just pull the bandana off from around her bicolored eyes.

"I know! Jeez. I still don't see how you can do this so much better than I can," Sasha grumbled.

Griffin chuckled. "Because I have to live with it a lot more than you have to, sis. Besides, once you find me, we can go eat. And I'm hungry, so please hurry it up."

Sasha started cursing under her breath and tried locking onto her sister's voice and heartbeat. She closed her eyes, as not to strain them against the darkness that the bandana brought, before slowly moving forward.

"Stop cursing," Griffin scolded. "Mom told us that we aren't allowed to curse until we're older."

Sasha rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Let's just get this over with," she said grumpily.

"Hallelujah!" Griffen exclaimed just before her sister bowled into her.

"Found you!" she said in triumph, pulling the bandana off. Sasha smiled at her sister and helped her up. Griffin laughed and gave her sister a small hug.

"Now let's go!" Griffin urged her, turning around and jogging towards the wall.

Sasha resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "Wrong way, Grif!" she called to her.

Griffin's cheeks became pink. "I knew that," she said, turning around and heading towards the door.

Sasha ran after her, heading towards the cafeteria.

Whisper sat next to Snake Eyes, munching an apple. The rest of the Alpha Team was there as well, eating their lunches. Whisper looked down when Macy lifted her head, tail tapping the floor. She smiled and five seconds later, her two daughters bursted into the cafeteria.

"Sorry we're late," Griffin said. "Sasha couldn't get the blind test down."

Sasha glared at her sister before mimicking her, "Sorry we're late. Griffin was being a pain in my ass."

Whisper raised an eyebrow. "Sasha, what have I told you about cursing?" she asked.

"We are to young to be cursing and shouldn't be cursing until we are older," Sasha said in her mother's voice.

Whisper gave a nod. "That's correct. Now, go get yourselves something to eat," she said.

Both girls gave a nod before Sasha took Griffin's hand, leading her towards the line.

Snake Eyes watched his daughters go before looking over at his wife and signing, You know, that still gives me the creeps when she does that.

"What? Mimicking?" Whisper asked.

Snake Eyes gave a nod and Whisper laughed. "It's just a talent of hers," she said. "And Hawk said that it might come in use."

Like prank calling Ripcord in Hawk's voice saying that he was giving him a promotion? Snake Eyes asked.

Everyone laughed, remembering the day. The twins had been seven when they had called Ripcord and Sasha, using General Hawk's voice, told Ripcord that he was promoted, but only if he started dancing. Sasha had given herself away when she started laughing in her feminine voice as she watched Ripcord start breakdancing in the training room.

True, she had gotten in trouble, but it had given everyone a good laugh at the time. And it still did when they flashed back to it.

The team continued to look back on old memories of the twins before they came up with their food.

Sasha sat down next to her father and Griffin sat down next to her. While they ate, Whisper watched her children.

They had grown up so much in the past few years. She was still terrified of the prospect of her father getting ahold of them, pushing them past their limits in training. Snake Eyes had been training them in martial arts since they had been able to walk and they learned quickly. Though twins, they still had their differences. While both stood at a full height of 4 feet, 4 inches, had dark brown hair, and were both closely similar in their lean muscular build, Sasha had two different colored eyes. One was sterling silver, like her mother's, and the other was a chilling, icy blue, like her father's. Griffin had inherited her mother's silver eyes. But, Griffin hadn't inherited the glassiness of her eyes from anyone.

Griffin had been born blind, something Whisper thought had been caused by the nanomites. Either that or it was just something that had been meant to happen. However, her youngest daughter was able to feel vibrations in the ground and find her way around pretty easily. That and she had extraordinary hearing. When she was eight, she had been able to detect a spider crawling across the ground during a training session with Snake Eyes.

Still, that didn't stop Whisper from worrying about her daughters' safety. In fact, on their fifth birthdays, Whisper had given them both three things: a protector, a steed, and a necklace.

And speaking of their protectors, Whisper thought, watching as the doors opened and a large cat entered the room, bounding over to Griffin. Actually, large was too small of a term. The liger, offspring of Shaba and Eve, was roughly the size of a baby elephant, weighing just over six hundred pounds, even though she was only seven years old. Griffin had named the liger Queen, stating that "if a lion is King of the Jungle, then a liger is Queen of the Jungle".

Griffin looked over in the direction where Queen was, having felt the heavy pawsteps. She smiled.

"Queen!" she exclaimed, feeling the large head that shoved its way into her arms. Griffin kissed her head, feeling the large purrs vibrate her entire body.

A smaller, leaner form followed after Queen, approaching Sasha. Sasha, like Griffin, smiled when she saw her protector. Sasha's protector was a black wolf with a smokey grey muzzle named Shadow. Like his name suggested, Shadow was able to melt in and out of shadows at his pleasure.

Whisper was happy that her daughters had protection, but she didn't know how long it would last. They had been lucky so far, but one never knew when their luck would run out.

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