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'She's gone,' Sasha thought, tears forming in her eyes again. 'I should have been there for her, and I wasn't. Now she's gone. Just like Mom and Dad.' Silent tears followed the tracks of those shed previously.

Quick Breeze came up behind Sasha, resting a hand on her shoulder. "She'll be fine, Sash," the village boy told her gently. "She isn't a weakling or a coward. Heck, I bet those Vipers are regretting taking her right now. I bet they're wishing they had just left her here with us, she'll be giving them so much trouble."

Sasha shook his hand off, standing up and limping towards Peace, wanting the comfort of her horse. She was thankful that no one else had been badly hurt except for some cuts and bruises. Almost an hour had passed since the Vipers had departed with her sister. Since then, she and Quick Breeze had done their best to gather what remained of their things, including Griffin's backpack, which she had probably dropped after becoming unconscious. After that, they had done some light first-aid, cleaning wounds and bandaging them. Now, they just had to figure out what to do next. They had no idea where the Vipers would have taken Griffin, and Sasha knew that going to the building now would be pointless. They wouldn't find anything.

'Everything was a trap from a start,' Sasha realized bitterly, scrubbing a hand roughly across her cheeks. Peace nuzzled her chest gently, giving a soft nicker. Sasha slung an arm over her mare's neck, burying her face into her mane before sobbing quietly, not knowing what else to do.


Griffin gave a moan, her head pounding. The rocking motion she was experiencing wasn't helping. Nor was the fact that she was hanging upside down. Suddenly panicked and wide awake, she thrashed, feeling metal underneath her. A heavy hand crashed into the back of her head, causing her to yelp in pain. Once her head settled back down to a dull throb, she listened carefully, trying to make out what was going on around her, making a check list in her head:

Sasha's heartbeat absent . . . check.

Quick Breeze's heartbeat absent . . . check.

No familiar heartbeats around . . . check.

Weaponless . . . check.

Hanging upside down over someone's . . . shoulder possibly? . . . check.

A plan to escape . . . no check.

Any idea what to do next whatsoever . . . no check.

Giving a defeated sigh, Griffin relaxed against the man's shoulder, slowly regaining her senses and her strength.

'Everything will be alright,' she thought to herself, closing her eyes. 'I hope . . .'


Sasha finally finished with her sobbing and just rested her head against Peace's neck. A furry head shoved its way next to her leg, causing her to look down. Shadow plopped down next to his mistress, still looking a little dazed. She had done her best in clearing the blood from the black and grey wolf's ears, but she knew that he would probably still be dazed for a while. Heck, she was still dazed herself from that flash-bang.

She rested a hand on Shadow's head and managed a small smile when her wolf licked her hand before leaning against her leg. The wolf reminded her of Queen and she turned to look at the liger. Queen had refused to come close to either Sasha or Quick Breeze, snarling at either one of them should they come too close. Sasha knew better than to get any closer to Griffin's protector when she was in that sort of mood, not wanting to lose a limb for messing with the distraught liger.

'I want Mom. I want Dad. I want my sister. I want to be back at the Pit with the rest of the Joes,' Sasha thought, feeling extremely vulnerable in her young age of thirteen. 'I'm not a superhero. I can't do this alone.'

Shadow suddenly gave a growl towards Sasha, giving her a sharp nip to the hand. Suppressing a yelp, she looked down at the wolf, glaring angrily. The wolf stood his ground, glaring back at his mistress. 'You are a Joe,' he seemed to be telling her. 'And you most certainty aren't alone. So get your head out of your ass and do something to help your family instead of just sitting here and mopping like a lost puppy.'

"What if I am just a lost puppy?" Sasha grumbled, leaning against Peace's shoulder. "Besides, I don't even know how to find her. If you're so great, why don't you find her?"

Shadow gave the impression of being extremely annoyed with Sasha, his head lowered and his ears flicked back. 'Really? You've been trained by the greatest group of soldiers alive and you're just going to give up? That's not the Sasha I know and love, and I'm sure it's not the Sasha that Griffin knows either. So, what's it going to be?'

Sasha glared at the wolf. "You've learned too much sarcasm from me," she muttered under her breath. "And that is not something that I need." She suddenly gave a growl. "I'm talking to a wolf. I have officially lost it." She started to rub the teardrop shaped gemstone around her neck, biting her lower lip. She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn't hear Quick Breeze approaching until he was standing next to her.

"She'd want us to leave her, you know," he said, breaking the silence. "Your sister, I mean. She wouldn't want us putting ourselves in danger for her."

Startled, Sasha jumped slightly before turning to face Quick Breeze. He continued without looking at her.

"The reason I'm telling you, is because I know that you'd want to do the exact opposite of what she says. If she'd want you to stay, you'd go after her. And just so you know, I'm with you all the way."

Sasha gave a small smile before speaking. "One of the guys back at the Pit, an older soldier, told me something that I'll never forget. He told me that the smallest of things make the biggest of impacts. When he first told me that, I thought that he was just making fun of my size. But now I see what he means. We may be small, but we can make an impact on things. We will get my sister back, and we will get my parents back. And we will kick Cobra's butt while doing it." She could feel the smile on Quick Breeze's face without even having to turn.

"That's the Sasha I know," was all he said before he was off, throwing the rest of his things over Sparrow's back. They'd need to ride fast if they were to catch up and Sparrow would have to carry their things since he wasn't carrying Griffin. But the dark brown horse had another purpose as well. Sasha slid her backpack over her shoulders, feeling it settle easily against her back, as she walked over to Sparrow, forcing him to look her in the eye.

"I want you to go back to the village, Sparrow. Go to the village. Do you understand? Village," Sasha said, staring deep into the stallion's black eyes. She watched him for an extra moment before she released his bridle, slipping a note into one of the packs, somewhere where it wouldn't fall out. "Make Griffin proud," she whispered before giving him a light tap on his rump. And the stallion galloped off.

"Are you sure that he knows what he's doing?" Quick Breeze asked, already on top of Arrow.

Sasha nodded, not taking her eyes off of the fading form of her sister's stallion. "I would bet my life on it," she said simply before mounting Peace. She turned the mare to look at Quick Breeze, her bicolored eyes swirling dangerously. "Now, let's go wreck some havoc."


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